Who or what are CD Tenerife?
A football team in Tenerife, Spain. The team plays in the main Spanish leagues. This year in the second division which is called Segunda A or the Liga Adelante. They play in Santa Cruz the capital of the island which is easily reached from all points of the island.

What's so special about CD Tenerife?
Now, that's something which is hard to put in words. In spite of the fact that many islanders are strong FCB or Real fans there is a good fan base who go to games every two weeks how ever the team plays. In the beginning of the 10/11 season the team had a run of 6 losses and still for the next home game managed a crowd of almost 16,000 fans in the stadium. There is a big fan club in the south with mostly foreign fans called Armada Sur, they manage to run 2 buses to the games.
One of the wonderful things about Spanish football is the stadiums are full of families and older people. The range of season ticket holders is amazing. from the smallest baby to the oldest fan who is almost 100 years old. They fill the stadium with enthusiasm

How did you become a CDT fan?
Although I have lived in Tenerife many years and if asked I would have said I was a fan some years ago I took my children to see a game on a Day Out. I fell in love, with the team, the stadium which has a magical feel and the whole atmosphere. We try to get to several away games a season which is not so easy as it would be for other teams. Our away games always need a boat (Las Palmas) or a plane journey (everywhere else).

How can I see a CD Tenerife game?
Get yourself to Tenerife and for most games just turn up at the stadium. If you are staying in the south in one of the main resorts you can take the 110 or the 111 to the capital and then walk with everyone else dressed in blue and white to the stadium. Tickets this season vary between 15 and 38 euros depending on where you want to sit. Exact kick-off times depend largely on the demands of television companies and tend not to be announced until a maximum of 25 days beforehand and sometimes as late as the week of the game itself. Currently, in the Segunda, games can be any time between Friday night and Monday night. If you need any more information/advice/help, email me at soydeltete@hotmail.com