I am not usually one to write how I feel about the game or the team. Sometimes I will write a little about how an away weekend went but thats about it.
But right now I feel I have to speak. I am scared. This last game reminded me so much of the last season that I am left with a great big space full of worry.
I talk to fans all day and in the last three days all I have heard are phrases like. "We can't do this again", " The players need to understand", "What can we do".
The fans seem to be at the edge of the abyss. Two relegations in two years have left them nervoous and insecure.
No one seems clear what is going to happen. The players had two days off and tomorrow go back to work at which time things may come a little clearer. The radio stations talked today that Ändres Garcia Tebar will have a job until the weekend but after that no one can tell. He may at times have been a little unsubtle and have spoken without thinking but I am sure he doesn't deserve to be treated this way.
And the fans certainly don't deserve this.
The club has apparently said Andres Tebar has this game to prove that he can work with the team.


Making beds

Funny title for a football post more usual for housekeeping or housewives. There is a saying in Spain that players can make a bed for their coach.(Trying to get him sacked) I am not sure if that is what happened yesterday but there was talk in the stands in Leganes that this is what the players were doing. It was a terrible game and was televised and the highlights can be seen here. I don't really want to talk any more about the match itself.

Foto gracias a Paccuco
One of the things I love about following CDT is the friendships I have made. People I would never have met without the team. Leaving the hotel in the company of four lads from the Irish Clan the newest formed CDT fan Club, walking along the road being joined but a Brit from Armada Sur. A little further down the road we were joined by Paccuco from Barcelona and when we reached the grounds there were two more from Madrid itself and a couple from the UK. Football is not just hooligans it is great people who travel out of their way to see their team.

The lads from the Irish Clan Tenerife

The fans me included were very down after the game and we left the grounds with the plan to go strainght to the airport to wait for our flight when a message came in on the phone saying why don't we have lunch. This was the best part of the day and we spent the time with Antonio and the three other lads from the Irish Clan talking about CDT and various other clubs, the island and other away games we had been at. Four nicer lads I haven't met and I look forward to seeing them on other trips. They are above us in Herradura by the big screen and I think they will grow as a fan club as they have some great ideas.

Game Notes

CD LEGANÉS         2 (1)
CD TENERIFE        0 (0)

Rubén Falcón; Alcántara, Mario, Biel Medina, David López, Vicente, Rubén Navarro (Ballesteros, 81’), De Lerma (Navas, 69’), Tonino, Víctor (Chupe, 76’) & Pedro.

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino; Marcos Rodríguez (Víctor Bravo, 68’), Zazo, Kike López, Ferrán Tacón (Aridane, 55’); Lusimi Loro & Kiko Ratón.

Juan Manuel López Amaya, from Andalucia.Sent off Luismi Loro (76’), with a second yellow card for hand ball. Yelow crds for local players De Lerma & Biel; and for visitors Kiko Ratón, Raúl Llorente, Zazo, Kike López & Pablo Sicilia.

1-0: (17’) Tonino, over the keeers head. 2-0: (47’) Víctor, with a header.


Played in the Butarque stadium with the grounds in bad condition on a cold morning with 2,000 spectators of which at least 150 were CD Tenerife fans.


I am not sure why it is every time the game looks easy we struggle and when it is hard the team steps up their game. La Roda came to Tenerife with clear ideas, to defend and try for a point and they managed this very well. CD Tenerife had 15 corners and not a single ball went in but there will always be games like this.Looking forward during the playoffs every team will be looking to win so this sort of play shouldn't happen.

The fans were outstanding and yet again showed up in force to watch and support the team. Almost 11,400 were there to cheer yet again and push the team on.

A point was better than nothing although we are again third after Albacete managed a win in the afternoon and Castilla won at home which moved the gap back to 6 points. That said Lugo drew and Oviedo took a pasting in Gran Canaria.
Game notes

LA RODA CF  0 (0)

 Razak; Cristóbal, Sicilia, Tarantino, Llorente; Chechu (Aridane, 71’), Marcos Rodríguez, Luismi Loro (Álvaro Zazo, 67’), Víctor Bravo (Ferrán Tacón, 53’); Kike López & Perona.

 Bocanegra; Patuso, Héctor, Chupi, Pereira; Espínola, Jesús; Pablo (Pierrick, 80’), Ortiz (Polo, 89’), Berni; & Megías (Iker Torre, 84’).
 Íñigo Azkue Otegi, fromthe Basque region. Yellow cards for local players Marcos Rodríguez (35’) & Kike López and for visitors Jesús (58’), Pablo (66’), Pereira (79’), Pierrick (88’) & Iker Torre (92’). 


The match was played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, with 11.360 spectators. The ground was in good condition and the morning was sunny. Pablo Sicilia, CD Tenerife, captain gave the La Roda captain a comemerative gift, as it was the first time they had visited CD Tenerife to play.


Agenda for the week 5 - 12 March 2012

Agenda for the week 5 - 12 March 2012
El Mundialito
Tuesday - -  Rest day
Wednesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Friday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Firday - El Mundialito Press conference with Andrés García Tébar
Saturday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Sunday 12.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-La Roda CF


Dammed island

Although it was 20 years ago, Real Madrid fans never forget the two leagues they lost here. Both leagues were then won by FC Barcelona which hurts even more. Although the match was played against their second team last Sunday there was still that uncomfortable feeling.
The fans turned out in force for a match which was the game of the season. 13.400 fans turned out to see their team win, and win they did. In a game which for me was the best the team have played this season. They controlled the field and never at any moment looked inferior to Castilla. This could be the start of the run up to the playffs. The next game is at home against La Roda this Sunday at 12.00.

Game notes

CD TENERIFE 3 (1) REAL MADRID CASTILLA 1 (1) CD TENERIFE Razak; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino, Pablo Sicilia; Marcos Rodríguez, Álvaro Zazo (Medina, 85’), Chechu (Rosquete, 77’), Kike López; Perona & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 61’). REAL MADRID CASTILLA Tomás Mejías; Carvajal, Mendes, Nacho, Casado; Juanfran (Lucas, 83’), Mosquera, Mandi (Sobrino, 68’), Denis (Omar, 66’); Jesé & Joselu. REFEREE Jorge Figueroa Vázquez, from Andalucia. Sent off Manolo Sánchez, assistant trainer for CDT. Yellow cards for local players Pablo Sicilia, Kiko Ratón, Raúl Llorente, Perona, Razak & Tarantino; and for visitor Joselu. GOALS 0-1: (19’) Juanfran with a counter attack. 1-1: (34’) Perona, with a header. 2-1: (68’) Perona, with a header. 3-1: (93’) Kike López, from a counter attack. INCIDENTS Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium. Ground in good condition on a sunny morning with 13.400 fans in the stands. A minutes silence was held for Pepe Arias, ex CD Tenerife player.