Draw against Oviedo leaves CD Tenerife top

Sundays result could have been better but still the team is group leader and one point ahead of rival Aviles.
Coach Cervera said it was the best second half we have played this season and to some degree I have to say I think he was right. There were moments where they fought really hard. And Oviedos goal was a series of errors. 2B is a very hard race and we need to hang in there.
Latest news on the games over Xmas implies that we will play Alcala on the Friday night and Salamanca on the Sunday Morning. I am not very sure how the stadiums will be cleared but if they play at 12 on Kings day I am not sure how many fans will attend.


Point by point and Marino lends a hand

Zamora came for a point and achieved their aim. Although they are fairly far down the table they have what looks like a fairly good squad. Their keeper worked hard and CD Tenerife frequently looked like they were about to score. Zamora in their only shot at goal after a terrible mistake by Yeray one of the blue and white defenders managed a goal.
CD Tenerife stepped up their game and with the entrance of Suso Santana looked much more aggressive. A centre from him and Aridane pushed the ball in the goal
Yeray then managed to get sent off the field from the bench for laughing. No mean feat. This brings the total of red cards to three for three in the last games. The last two sending offs were for being mouthy which is really to high a price to pay.
Marino managed a draw away against Oviedo which puts Willy Barroso's team on the way with a second point and the draw deprived Oviedo of two extra points which helps CD Tenerife.


Still leaders

In Leganes we managed a draw. It was not as good as we would have liked but certainly better than last season wher we had an abismal loss. Last season that was the game where I who am positive to the end began to wonder if we would make the play offs.
This was something else, the team looked solid. Leganes never really looked like they were going to score and without the penalty for me they didn't have a chance.
In the final minutes we were robbed of a penalty when the referee ignored a handball in the Leganes area. But this season our refereeing has been exceptionally bad. So much so the club president is talking about complaining to the school of referees.
We had a great trip, although we were not treated very well in the stadium. The fans were overcharged on the gate. The sector we were in should have been 10€ and finally we were charged 17€ when fans tried to complain club officials and police ignored them. A flag with 7 green stars was removed and the owner was told leave it behind or go home.
Still we had a great day and a point.


Busy week

Almost a week in Santa Cruz has seen a win against Ourense and now the team travel on to Alcoy for the cup match on Wednesday.

CD Tenerife had their first trip off the island for a league match last weekend. They left Santa Cruz on a long trip. Their first port of call was Ourense where they played their league game with a win making them three out of three so far this season. Today they train in Galicia and instead of returning home as is standard for the blue and white players they travel across Spain for the cup game Wednesday night.
It is hard to say which is easier to stay four nights on the mainland or as CD Marino did two weeks ago travel to the mainland Wednesday stay one night come home and repeat the whole process  again on Saturday. Cup games on the Canary Isles are hard.

Yesterdays game the Blanquiazules always looked like theywere going to win though there were a few hairy minutes at the end. Perhaps these will serve the coach Alvaro Cervera. as a way to keep the team on their toes. The first goal was Lusmi Loro's, and it was outstanding. Worthy in fact of any of the great footballers.

CD Tenerife had control of the game except the last minutes when they relaxed their guard. New in the line up was Yeray instead of David Medina.


CD OURENSE: Pato, Josu, Claudio, Campillo, Capi, Yebra, Pillado (Jona, 46’), Alex, Quintairos (Adil, 67’), Noguerol & Sanginés (Iván, 46’).

CD TENERIFE Sergio Aragoneses; Moyano, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino, Bruno; Íñigo Ros, Yeray (Abel, 80’), Chechu Flores (Suso, 53’), Cristo Martín (Víctor Bravo, 68’); Luismi Loro & Aridane.

REFEREE: José Ignacio Hernández Cifuentes,  from Castila Leon. Sent off local player Yebra (86’), with a second yellow card. Yellow cards for local players Capi y Alex; and for visitors Aridane, Yeray, Moyano, Chechu, Raúl Llorente, Loro & Suso.

GOALS: 0-1: (22’) Luismo Loro, from a free kick. 0-2: (32’) Aridane, from a cross ball. 1-2: (85’) Jona, with a header. 1-3: (89’) Víctor Bravo, with a short pass. 2-3: (93’) Claudio, from a penalty.

INCIDENTS Played in the O Couto stadium. With the grounds in average condition on a warm afternoon with approx 2000 spectators. CD Tenerife were in a complete white strip.


3 + 3 is first

I could get to like this. You know I like Mondays when we win well today not only did we win but we are in play off positions. There was a moment after the game when we were leaders alone but then the other teams played, Marino de Luanco and Oviedo also won and therefore are on the same points.
I liked the way the team played. There is enthusiasm and desire on the field. they want to win and have a plan as to how this can be achieved. We have a coach with clear ideas and this comes over when they take to the field. The defense looks better then it has for years and I think we are in for a good season. Interestingly the coach has a long term plan here as he commented last week he wants to take the tram back to the first division.

Game notes 


Sergio Aragoneses; Moyano, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino, Bruno; Íñigo Ros, David Medina (Yeray, 58’), Chechu Flores, Cristo Martín (Abel, 78’); Luismi Loro (Suso, 62’) & Aridane.

Ismael, Roberto, Nacho, José Manuel (Nanclares, 75’), Gabri, Cuerva (Ripa, 29’), Manquillo (Juanito, 56’), Álvaro, Mesa, Dani & Jorge.

Abraham Domínguez Cervantes (Andalucia). Yellow crd for local player Luismi Loro; and for visitors Nacho, José Manuel & Ripa.

1-0: (15’) Aridane, on the line. 2-0: (19’) Luis Loro, from a pass by Aridane Santana.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The ground was in good condition and it was a sunny warm morning with 6,399 spectators. One minutes silence was held for all shareholdres, season ticket holders and fans who died in the lat year. In the stand was Javier Hernández Olympic sailing athlete.


Win first time out

Although the Marino players and management thought they could win this game when th league started CD Tenerife came out with all guns firing to show what they are made of.
The teams came out on the field and there was a presentation for Sergio Rodriguez who just returned home from the Olympics with a silver medal.for basketball.
The teams then took to the field. Within the first 30 seconds Aridane headed the ball into the goal and the blue and white players moved ahead. From then they controlled the game, Cristo Martin had another header then the local team had a shot which Sergio Aragoneses saved.
In the second half as the minutes ticked by the heat increased and the game got harder. Crsito Martin had another shot at goal, Alberto knocked the ball out and CDT took a corner. Luismi kicked the ball for a direct shot and the ball reached Ros and he passed it to Aridane and there we were second goal.
Although Marino tried to shoot there was never a moment that they looked likely to score.
The game finished and CD Tenerife headed back to Sante Cruz with three points.

Game Notes:


CD MARINO TENERIFE SUR: Alberto; Aarón Darias, Guayo (Barcos, 62’), Muny, Noda; Rayco, Peraza (Adán, 70’), Maykel, Javi Marchena; Noah (Airam García, 70’) & Balduino.

CD TENERIFE:  Aragoneses; Moyano, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino (Yeray, 75’), Bruno; Íñigo Ros, David Medina (Abel, 70’), Chechu (Suso, 85’), Cristo Martín; Loro & Aridane.

REFEREE: Víctor Manuel Sánchez Rico, from Catalunya.Yello cards for local cards Maykel & Guayo ; and for visitors Moyano, David Medina, Abel & Suso.

GOALS 0-1: (1’) Aridane, with a header. 0-2: (66’) Aridane, with a low shot.

INCIDENTS played in the Antonio Domínguez stadium in Playa de Las Américas. The groound was in average condition. On a warm morning with 2,500 spectators. CD Tenerife were wearing a shirt with #TFseMueve in support of the transport movement for the island. CD Marino were wearing a shirt for La Gomera in support for the fires they had this summer


It took 178 minutes and a questionable penalty

It took 178 minutes and a questionable penalty for UDLP to move into the lead. Not something I wpuld particularly want to shout about if I was a Las Palmas fan.
There were a selection of yellow cards on both sides culminating in David Medina being send off after the goal was scored by Las Palmas.
Tomorrow is the Trofeo Teide in La Orotava which will be interesting to see as Marino are at out level.

Foto ACAN/CD Tenerife


Luismi is staying

Several of the players who came from the Spanish mainland last season came with a high wage bill, especially those who came at Xmas. The club knew if the team didn't go back to the second division these wages would need to be renegotiated. Slowly this is happening and yesterday it was confirmed that Luismi Loro will be staying two years but at lower wages.

Foto de deporpress.com

My understanding is they are still in negotiation with several others but I am sure that will unfold over the next couple of weeks


Monday morning

As many of you know we not only have the shop in Playa Fañabe but also run the shop owned by the club in the Callejón del Combate.
This leads to seeing many players come and go. Something I really like, it also feeds my need to travel with the team away as I see them so often. Not sure if that's good or not.
This morning Omar Ramos was about which I think will mean there is an announcement about where he is going. There are rumours he will sign for Huesca who will then loan him to Valladolid. The reason for this is Valladolid are in controlled bankruptcy and struggle to sign anyone. Rumour also says the club will maintain the possibility to earn a percentage on any future signing the player may have.
This can be a great help, if you look at Malaga, the will need to pay 10% to Las Palmas on the money they receive from Rubin Kazan for Roldon or even the money CDT received for Dos Santos when he went to play in Portugal.
Training this week is in the Mundialito Wednesday they play Granadilla and Saturday after training in the Heliodoro the team fly to Las Palmas to play the second round of the Copa Canarias Mahou.


First real test for CDT

Foto de Tenerifedeportive.com

In a game without goals, CD Tenerife managed to hold their own against second division UD Las Palmas. The blue and white team are still expecting the arrival of more players includning a forward which should help them score when the league starts.

Game Notes
CD TENERIFE       0 (0)

CD TENERIFE: Sergio Aragoneses; Moyano, Tarantino, Amado, Raúl Llorente; Suso, Íñigo Ros, Cristo Martín, Yeray, Ayoze Pérez; & Aridane. Also played Bruno, David Medina, Jeremy, Chechu, Luismi Loro, Germán, Abel & Nico.

UD LAS PALMAS: Barbosa; Pignol, David García, Murillo, Corrales; Vicente Gómez, Deivid, David González, Vitolo; Nauzet Alemán & Chrisantus. Also played Momo, Javi Guerrero, Dani Castellano, Francis Suárez & Juanpe.

REFEREE: Ariel Jorge González Sicilia, from the Tenerife federation. Yellow card for local player Moyano; and for visitors Vitolo & Barbosa.

GOALS: None.

INCIDENCIAS: Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. With the ground in perfect condition. 2.382 spectators on a warm evening. This was the first game in the Copa Mahou Canarias. The referee, Ariel Jorge González Sicilia, was substituted in minute 89 by the forth referee, Alain Hernández Ramos, also in the Tenerife federation, due to muscle strain.

The next game is on Tuesday in Granadilla at 8pm.


New starts

After a finally upsetting finish to the season where we didn't get to go back up to the second division this weekend has bought better news.
 Quique Medina who was our coach over the last couple of months has been promoted to Sports director and will be in charge of choosing the new team. His first announcement today was that the new coach will be Álvaro Cervera.

 The new coach lived most of his formative years in Tenerife and therefore has an idea of how thngs work here. The plan for the next few years is to try to bring on more local players and have a more Canarian team.
Cervera has worked at diferent levels in Spanish football. He was a player at the highest level and not only played for Racing de Santander but also Mallorca and Valencia. He then went on to coach:

Catarroja CFEspaña2002-2003
Villarreal CF juvenilEspaña2003-2004
Catarroja CFEspaña2004-2005
CD CastellónEspaña2005-2006
UD AlmansaEspaña2006-2007
Alicante CFEspaña2007-2007
Cultural y Deportiva LeonesaEspaña2008-2009
Real JaénEspaña2009-2010
Real UniónEspaña2010
Recreativo de HuelvaEspaña2011-2012
Racing de SantanderEspaña2012
CD TenerifeEspaña2012-

Source Wikipedia.es


Last game at home

As I promised I am back today to tell you that after the draw it has now been confirmed that the first leg will be played away and the second leg at home. This seems to giove an enormous assistance to any team. First game seems to be next Sunday night at wither 8 or 9 pm and the following at 12am Sunday the 24th.

Down to the final 4

I haven't been here to often recently which I am really sorry about but with the shop in the north I have been spread very thinly. Not sure that is quite the right phrase but you get the idea.
It has been a great run up to now and the team is qualified for the final round in the fight for going up to segunda. Back to professional football.
This has been a long hard slog with many ups and downs but the present trainer Quique Median seems to have found a good harmony with the players and they are giving it their all. There have been comments over the season but talking to several people close to them they assure me it was much more they were lost than any other thing.
Right now we are waiting for the draw this afternoon. Although it is clear that we will play Ponferradina it is not clear who will have the home advantage and this is what we are waiting to hear.

As for yesterdays game first goal scored after one minute and then it was clear suffering was the name of he game. Tehy equalised and on we go. The crowd never stopped screaming for the team and noise came from all over the stands. Including areas where there are no fan clubs just fans who needed o support at the top of their lungs.
Talking to others I know that when that third goal finally went up on the scoreboard I wasn't the only one who shed a few tears. This has been a painful year but still inspite of everything there is hope and we are in the last 4 teams out of 80 who are left to fight.  As soon as I know more I will be back here to tell you.

Game notes


RB LINENSE   2 (2)

Sergio Aragoneses; Sergio Rodríguez, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino, Raúl Llorente; Chechu (Luismi Loro, 77’), Kitoko, Víctor Bravo, Kike López; Perona (Zazo, 62’) & Aridane (Kiko Ratón, 80’).

Míkel Pagola; Francis, Romerito, Carlos Guerra, Gallardo (Ximo, 31)’; Juampe (Javilillo, 70’); Alberto Merino, Ismael (Ezequiel, 75’), Ocaña; Copi & David.

REFEREE Aitor Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega, from the Basque region. Sent off local player Víctor Bravo (57’),  for two yellow cards; and visitors Francis (63’) for double yellow. With a direct red  were visitors Copi & David (90’), as well as their trainer Rafael Escobar. These last three were all after the third goal for Tenerife which bought the score to 3-2. Threre were also yellow cards for visitors Ismael, Ocaña & Ximo.

GOALS 1-0: (1’) Kike López, form a pass by Perona. 1-1: (16’) David, from a pass by  Copi. 2-1: (39’) Víctor Bravo who made the most of a mistake by Pagola. 2-2: (42’) David, with a header from a free kick taken by Ximo. 3-2: (89’) Kike López, from a cross ball passed by Luismi Loro.

 INCIDENTS Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium with the grounds in perfect condition. On a sunny morning with a light breeze with 14.329 spectators. Teh fan club Frente Blanquiazul had an enormous Tfio which said " We support our parents club and defend our local team".

Video from Copis sending off


Play off time

Well here we are in spite of a very irregular season the team is second in their group and have made the playoffs. for those who are not sure how this works we will not play two legged agaisnt a fourth position team who is not in our group. This means we will play either Real Jaen, Badalona or SD Amorebieta

The last of these has just come up from the third division, they were founded in 1935 and are 19km from Bilbao in the Basque region. They play in the Municipal grounds in Urritxe, which seats 3000 spectators and has grass  on the ground. This is possibly the Cinderella of the teams but it means they have nothing to lose and everything to play for.

C.F. Badalona was founded in 1903 and is the team for the town whose name it holds. Badalona is 10Km outside Barcelona so by far the easiest to reach from here. It's stadium seats 10.000 spectators but it is astroturf.

The last possibility is Real Jaen who were founded 1922, The Andaluz team have played three seasons in La Liga and  were last in 2A in  the 2000/01 season. Their games are played in the the Nuevo Estadio De La Victoria which is grass and holds 12.569 spectators.

The draw starts at 3.30 Tenerife time so we will know more later


The game we have all been waiting for

I think for many fans although they didn't expect Segunda B to be a wlk in the park they did expect to win a few games without suffering. The first few games in the season seemed to reinforce this and then the rest of the season arrived.
I sat after the game yesterday quietly just appreciating how great the feeling was to have won without suffering without being worried until the last minute what might happen. I have to say it is a great moment for the team to have recovered and I think we will make the playoffs. Theoretically we need one more win to be sure that we are ok. Both would probably move us up the table with a small chance we were second.
Second is an advantage as it gives you in theory a less difficult team and the second leg at home. This second  is the factor which would really help us, although I am sure many will travel to see the games where ever we are drawn.
Yesterdays game itself was great for Perona who scored a hat trick with the third being a penalty. The second was a really great goal and all three can be seen below.


Sergio Aragoneses; Sergio Rodríguez, Pablo Sicilia, David Medina, Raúl Llorente; Chechu (Zazo, 62’), Kitoko, Víctor Bravo (Cristóbal, 85’), Quique López; Perona & Aridane (Ratón, 70’).

Lledó; Owona (Pascual, 79’), Negredo, Juanma, Juanpa; Jandrín (Jairo, 68’), Aitor Sanz, Pelayo, Nano; Rubiato (Bustos, 46’) & Martins.

 REFEREE Antonio Santos Pargaña, from Andalucia. Yellow cards forlocal player Víctor Bravo and for the visitors Owona, Aitor Sanz & Juanpa.

 GOALS 1-0: (11’) Perona amade the most of a mistake by Owona, anfter a shot by Aridane. 2-0: (44’) Perona with a header from a shot by Chechu. 3-0: (78’) Perona, with a penalty.

 INCIDENTS  Played in the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez stadium with the gound in good condition on a sunny morning with 8,895 spectators sone 50 of which were from Oviedo. Before the game the squad from Iberostar Socas Canarias were presented to celebrate their going up to the ACB.


Another change

Another change I hear you say from behind your screen where ever you are.
It seems to have been on the cards for several weeks but yesterday the match was so bad that there was no other chance. although the decision ws made this morning this was more geograficial than any other reason. The club was away from the island and finally these decisions are made by the administrative comititee rather than anyone else.

This morning I had a chance to talk to some of the journalists who were at the game yesterday and there was nothing positive to say. What you judge happened, is finally up to you but talk runs between the coach was setup and the coach made the wrong decisions. It will probably never be clear what happened. Garcia Tebar seemed when he came to be a straight talking man, and as time passed this was certainly true. Sometimes perhaps he said more than he should but what you saw was what you got.

I wish him luck in the future and hope his next team is less trouble than the weeks he spent on the island  

Rumour states that Quique Medina who was training the second team will be the new coach. Interestingly for the games last season he was second coach under David Amaral. When Amaral was sacked Median was offered the job coaching the CDT B team and with the encouragement of Amaral he took the job. They are in the upper range of the table with five rounds to go they might have just made the play offs.

What this means for the first team will reamin to be seen but I hope as it often has the change will push the players into working harder and will give us that final push into the playoffs and to go back up to segunda.


Time to believe

It seems to me we are at a turning point. Last week there was a great furore with the question would the coach be sacked or not on Sunday. This week the press and the fans have been quieter. We seem to have reached the point for the final push. We  seem to have reached the point where every game is going to count.

CD Tenerife has Celta B, Athletico B and Marino de Luanco away. Of these Luanco and ATM B are safe and Celta is struggling. At home the team has to play Lugo, Oviedo and Alcala de Henares. Two direct rivals and a team who by the time they reach us should know if they are safe or not.

We are third with 57 points and the two teams behind us are Albacete with 55 points and Oviedo with 54. This is still a very close thing and one of these teams is not going to make the play off.

The biggest advantage CD Tenerife has is its fans. Week after week the stadium has filled with fans who want to support the team. And athough there have been moments where they were cross or fed up, never have they deserted, never have they given up.

But the moment has come for eveyone to give that last push. Remember the year we went up to La Liga, remember the game at home against Xerez. The fans have a power and a passion that can't be beaten. They can lift the team and carry them forward and now is the time to do this.

The fan clubs know the team needs a big push and comments this week have appeared including:

 Zoneros: The fans have never abandoned the club not even in the darkest moments, and now we have the chance to demonstrate one more, how great we are.

Instinto Blanquiazul:  We need to be 100% with the team during the game

Peña Barroso de Chio: Now more than ever we need to be there in the stadium everyone together so we can push Tenerife up to the second division

Irish clan: Its the moment to show that this team is a candidate to go up.

Frente Blanquiazul: to go up is possible but we need everyones commitment.

Armada Sur with their English speaking base talk of six matches and six finals, and want to support the blue and whites to the maximum

With all these calls I cant see how the fans wont be in the stadium on Sunday week pulling for the team, helping them to maintain the play off positions to the end of the season.

Aupa Tete


Three points in the last minute

In a game where the CDT doctor was sent off the field for walking to slowly everything happened. The team started out slowly against Toledo who they drew against in the away match. The first shot at goal came in the 30th minute from Perona who has never scored a goal on his birthday.

Toledo never looked likely to score and the only counter attack Tarantino stopped although it cost him a yellow card and a sending off. At this point with two local players Kiko Raton and Ruben Rosquete having been brought in the team made that extra push. And the goal when it finally came was glorious.

The second game this season Pablo Sicilia Roig has saved.  We are still third and now with 6 points between us and the fifth placed team

Game notes.

CD TOLEDO    0 (0)

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente (Jonay, 95’), Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino; Marcos Rodríguez, David Medina (Ratón, 63’), Ferrán Tacón, Víctor Bravo; Perona & Aridane (Rosquete, 71’).

Saavedra; Amores, Aguirre, J.Sánchez, Dani Gómez; Enguix (Dani Alonso, 73’), Abel Buades, Carlos (Andriu, 83’), Óscar (Carrillo, 63’); Encinas & David Sanz.

Gustavo Rebollo López, from Catalunya. Sent off local player Tarantino (72’), with a second yellow card. Creds for local players Perona, Pablo Sicilia y Víctor Bravo; and for visitors Dani Gómez, Carlos y Aguirre.

GOAL 1-0: (94’) Sicilia, with a cross ball.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. With the grounds in good condition on a warm sunny morning with 8.595 spectators some 20 of which were from Toledo.


I am not usually one to write how I feel about the game or the team. Sometimes I will write a little about how an away weekend went but thats about it.
But right now I feel I have to speak. I am scared. This last game reminded me so much of the last season that I am left with a great big space full of worry.
I talk to fans all day and in the last three days all I have heard are phrases like. "We can't do this again", " The players need to understand", "What can we do".
The fans seem to be at the edge of the abyss. Two relegations in two years have left them nervoous and insecure.
No one seems clear what is going to happen. The players had two days off and tomorrow go back to work at which time things may come a little clearer. The radio stations talked today that Ändres Garcia Tebar will have a job until the weekend but after that no one can tell. He may at times have been a little unsubtle and have spoken without thinking but I am sure he doesn't deserve to be treated this way.
And the fans certainly don't deserve this.
The club has apparently said Andres Tebar has this game to prove that he can work with the team.


Making beds

Funny title for a football post more usual for housekeeping or housewives. There is a saying in Spain that players can make a bed for their coach.(Trying to get him sacked) I am not sure if that is what happened yesterday but there was talk in the stands in Leganes that this is what the players were doing. It was a terrible game and was televised and the highlights can be seen here. I don't really want to talk any more about the match itself.

Foto gracias a Paccuco
One of the things I love about following CDT is the friendships I have made. People I would never have met without the team. Leaving the hotel in the company of four lads from the Irish Clan the newest formed CDT fan Club, walking along the road being joined but a Brit from Armada Sur. A little further down the road we were joined by Paccuco from Barcelona and when we reached the grounds there were two more from Madrid itself and a couple from the UK. Football is not just hooligans it is great people who travel out of their way to see their team.

The lads from the Irish Clan Tenerife

The fans me included were very down after the game and we left the grounds with the plan to go strainght to the airport to wait for our flight when a message came in on the phone saying why don't we have lunch. This was the best part of the day and we spent the time with Antonio and the three other lads from the Irish Clan talking about CDT and various other clubs, the island and other away games we had been at. Four nicer lads I haven't met and I look forward to seeing them on other trips. They are above us in Herradura by the big screen and I think they will grow as a fan club as they have some great ideas.

Game Notes

CD LEGANÉS         2 (1)
CD TENERIFE        0 (0)

Rubén Falcón; Alcántara, Mario, Biel Medina, David López, Vicente, Rubén Navarro (Ballesteros, 81’), De Lerma (Navas, 69’), Tonino, Víctor (Chupe, 76’) & Pedro.

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino; Marcos Rodríguez (Víctor Bravo, 68’), Zazo, Kike López, Ferrán Tacón (Aridane, 55’); Lusimi Loro & Kiko Ratón.

Juan Manuel López Amaya, from Andalucia.Sent off Luismi Loro (76’), with a second yellow card for hand ball. Yelow crds for local players De Lerma & Biel; and for visitors Kiko Ratón, Raúl Llorente, Zazo, Kike López & Pablo Sicilia.

1-0: (17’) Tonino, over the keeers head. 2-0: (47’) Víctor, with a header.


Played in the Butarque stadium with the grounds in bad condition on a cold morning with 2,000 spectators of which at least 150 were CD Tenerife fans.


I am not sure why it is every time the game looks easy we struggle and when it is hard the team steps up their game. La Roda came to Tenerife with clear ideas, to defend and try for a point and they managed this very well. CD Tenerife had 15 corners and not a single ball went in but there will always be games like this.Looking forward during the playoffs every team will be looking to win so this sort of play shouldn't happen.

The fans were outstanding and yet again showed up in force to watch and support the team. Almost 11,400 were there to cheer yet again and push the team on.

A point was better than nothing although we are again third after Albacete managed a win in the afternoon and Castilla won at home which moved the gap back to 6 points. That said Lugo drew and Oviedo took a pasting in Gran Canaria.
Game notes

LA RODA CF  0 (0)

 Razak; Cristóbal, Sicilia, Tarantino, Llorente; Chechu (Aridane, 71’), Marcos Rodríguez, Luismi Loro (Álvaro Zazo, 67’), Víctor Bravo (Ferrán Tacón, 53’); Kike López & Perona.

 Bocanegra; Patuso, Héctor, Chupi, Pereira; Espínola, Jesús; Pablo (Pierrick, 80’), Ortiz (Polo, 89’), Berni; & Megías (Iker Torre, 84’).
 Íñigo Azkue Otegi, fromthe Basque region. Yellow cards for local players Marcos Rodríguez (35’) & Kike López and for visitors Jesús (58’), Pablo (66’), Pereira (79’), Pierrick (88’) & Iker Torre (92’). 


The match was played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, with 11.360 spectators. The ground was in good condition and the morning was sunny. Pablo Sicilia, CD Tenerife, captain gave the La Roda captain a comemerative gift, as it was the first time they had visited CD Tenerife to play.


Agenda for the week 5 - 12 March 2012

Agenda for the week 5 - 12 March 2012
El Mundialito
Tuesday - -  Rest day
Wednesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Friday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Firday - El Mundialito Press conference with Andrés García Tébar
Saturday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Sunday 12.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-La Roda CF


Dammed island

Although it was 20 years ago, Real Madrid fans never forget the two leagues they lost here. Both leagues were then won by FC Barcelona which hurts even more. Although the match was played against their second team last Sunday there was still that uncomfortable feeling.
The fans turned out in force for a match which was the game of the season. 13.400 fans turned out to see their team win, and win they did. In a game which for me was the best the team have played this season. They controlled the field and never at any moment looked inferior to Castilla. This could be the start of the run up to the playffs. The next game is at home against La Roda this Sunday at 12.00.

Game notes

CD TENERIFE 3 (1) REAL MADRID CASTILLA 1 (1) CD TENERIFE Razak; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino, Pablo Sicilia; Marcos Rodríguez, Álvaro Zazo (Medina, 85’), Chechu (Rosquete, 77’), Kike López; Perona & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 61’). REAL MADRID CASTILLA Tomás Mejías; Carvajal, Mendes, Nacho, Casado; Juanfran (Lucas, 83’), Mosquera, Mandi (Sobrino, 68’), Denis (Omar, 66’); Jesé & Joselu. REFEREE Jorge Figueroa Vázquez, from Andalucia. Sent off Manolo Sánchez, assistant trainer for CDT. Yellow cards for local players Pablo Sicilia, Kiko Ratón, Raúl Llorente, Perona, Razak & Tarantino; and for visitor Joselu. GOALS 0-1: (19’) Juanfran with a counter attack. 1-1: (34’) Perona, with a header. 2-1: (68’) Perona, with a header. 3-1: (93’) Kike López, from a counter attack. INCIDENTS Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium. Ground in good condition on a sunny morning with 13.400 fans in the stands. A minutes silence was held for Pepe Arias, ex CD Tenerife player.


Yes we Can

Oh God not again was probably my first coherent thought during the game yesterday as Marcos Rodriguez managed to head the ball into our net. The two people next to me missed the goal completely it was so early into the match. This season seems to have been one struggle after another. On the other hand the game has bought me into contact with so many great people. One who will be missed is Andy Glover who sadly died In January. My best memory of Andy would be last season going to Salamanca with Armada Sur. Andy ended up in the middle row of the minibus next to me. I am not sure I have ever laughed so much. In front were Chris and Frank and to my right was JuanMa. The three all knew the best way to get to Salamanca and "discussed" it. Andy took the pi** the whole journey and I just got go laugh. Yesterday I saw once more what a family CD Tenerife really is. The Frente Blanquiazul, the big bad fan club wre amazing.
Out of their own pockets they bought t-shirts comemorating Andy. They congregated early and weal led down to the Armada Sur bar singing "Andy we won't forget you". With blue and white flowers for Andy's mum they remembered Andy in style.
At the start of the game they had a banner to remember him again
And I think he was there pushing the team on. The new coach seems to have instilled the will to fight in the squad. CDT had over 30 shots into the goal area as against the 4 Albacete managed. At no point did the team look ready to give up, draw back or just defend. The equalizer came Late in the 67th minute from a free kick taken by new player Luis Loro and the goal which put the team into the lead was by Canarian player Pablo Sicilia in the 89th minute with a header. The crowd went wild and some of the happiness which has been missing in the last two seasons returned to the Heliodoro. Pablo, ever the hero took his shirt to Andy's mum at the end of the game. It was a great day and worth mentioning that from all the games this season there were only 8 stadiums with more fans. Not in 2b nor in 2A was there a stadium with as many fans. CD TENERIFE 2 (0) ALBACETE BALOMPIÉ 1 (1) CD TENERIFE Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Ayoze Placeres; Kitoko, Marcos Rodríguez (Perona, 52’), Kike López, Ferrán Tacón (Chechu, 52’); Luismi Loro & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 61’). ALBACETE BALOMPIÉ Miguel; Alba, Noguerol, Joan Castillo, Zurdo; Añón (Raúl Ruiz, 63’), Candela (Núñez, 54), Rocha, Adriá; Sergio Molina (Viguera, 76’) & Calle. REFEREE Francisco Javier Barberá Fuentes, from Valencia. Yellow cards for local players Kitoko, Marcos Rodríguez & Sergio Aragoneses; and for visitors Rocha, Calle, Zurdo & Castillo. GOALS 0-1: (2’) Marcos Rodríguez, in the CDT goal. 1-1: (67’) Loro, from a free kick. 2-1: (89’) Pablo Sicilia, with a header. INCIDENTS Played in the Heliodoro Rodriguez stadium. With grass in good condition on a cold morning with 9993 fans in the stands. The delegate was Carlos Gaviño, as Víctor Padrón couldn't be there due to being sent off last week.


Six sessions before the battle of La Mancha

The players will train six times before they face Albacete Balompie. The blue and white squad will train twice on Wednesday

Agenda for the week 30 January to 5th of  February 2012
El Mundialito
Rest day
Tuesday - - Day off
Wednesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Wednesday 17.00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.30 El Mundialito  Training
Friday 10.30 Heliodoro Training
Friday - Heliodoro Press Conference - Andrés García Tébar
Saturday 10.30 Heliodoro Training
Sunday 12.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-Albacete Balompié

First time out with new coach was a winner

It is often said the first game with a new coach should be won. Although it was not like that last season the rule has been proved again for new coach Garcia Tebar.

CD Tenerife were in the Fuensanta grounds with new coach Garcia Tebas and new forward Lusmi Loro who has arrived last week to help the team.
Both sides had good chances in the first hold and the score could have gone either way. Chechu Flores had a shot at goal after 10 minutes and  pushed it over the long goal bar. After 21 minutes Kiko Raton came off injured and was replaced by Gran Canarian player Aridane. One and a half minutes later new player Loro centred the ball from the left wing to Aridande and the forward  headed the ball in the goal putting the blue and white team into the lead.After that the Conquense players fought back and Ruano, shot the ball at the post from the area and then eight minutes before the half time whistle Morillas and the wind shot at goal and Sergio pushed the ball over the goal leaving the team at 0-1 at half time.

Straight  after the players came back on the field the blue aand white players scored their second goal. A ball centred by Ferran Tacon was knocked in towards the far post by Chechu Flores. The island tam then tried to finish off the game but a clear penalty in the 57th minute was ignored by the referee and he then signaled a foul and second yellow card against Tarantino and he was then sent off. The team were now down to 10 men.
Six minutes later Conquense scored and bought the result to 1-2 with a goal by Vinuesa.

In the final minutes of the match the local team pushed hard to at least try to equalise and save themselves a point and they had several chances but the blue and whites pulled together and held the result adding three important points to bring home with them.

Game notes

CD TENERIFE        2 (1)

Caballero; Piette, Juan Fran (Dani Rodríguez, 68’), Juli Ferrer, Morillas; Javi Selvas, Pulga (Mauri, 52’), Cubillo, Dailos (Christian, 52’); Ruano & Vinuesa.

Sergio Aragoneses, Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino; Kitoko, Marcos Rodríguez, Chechu (Medina, 59’), Ferrán Tacón; Luismi Loro (Víctor Bravo, 78’) & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 20’).

Víctor Manuel Sánchez Rico, from Catalunya. Sent off visitor Tarantino (57’), with two yellow cards. Also visiting delegate Víctor Padrón. Yellow cards for local players Javi Selvas, Cubillo&  Piette; and for visitors Marcos Rodríguez, Loro & Kitoko. 

0-1: (23’) Aridane, with a header. 0-2: (48’) Chechu, from a cross ball. 2-1: (63’) Vinuesa, from a pass by Mauri. 

Played in the La Fuensanta stadium. Ground was in terrible condition on a cold morning with 1,000 spectators.T Club president  Miguel Concepción present at the game.


"Movido" weekend

The Spanish have a word "Movido" which leterally translates to mean with movement but can also mean change or excitment. This is how I would have described last weekend.
There were changes in the starting eleven, Kiko wasn't paying and Aridane was starting up front, but just the one forward. Abel from the youth squads was in mid-field for the first time and yet again the team had changed. Calderon has only played the same squad twice this season. They came out on the field and looked good but a lucky play Guerrero scored for Sporting B. CD Tenerife had various chances but the ball didn't go in. Then Juan Muñiz scored a second goal for Sporting B from a free kick. The blue and white players never gave up and tried continually until half time to score.
At half time Tenerife decided to through chance to the wind and took off Medina and Abel bringing on Kiko and Nico. This left Chechu on the right  with Kitoko as the only midfielder, the two giants up front  and Nico behind them. The goal wasn't far behind and with a Sporting defense mistake Aridane took his chance and put the ball in the net.
The draw came with a penalty against Nico which Perona converted into a goal. But Sporting found an chance and scored their third goal.
The game finished with the fans shouting "Caalderon quit" and shortly after the match Sports manager Pedro Cordero announced that thecaoch had been sacked.

There is talk about the new coach but nothing has been confirmed bythe club
Calderon said goodbye to the players this morning and the new coach is expected this afternoon or tomorrow.

Game Notes


Sergio Aragoneses; David Medina (Nico, 46’), Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino;  Abel (Ratón, 46’), Kitoko, Chechu, Ferrán Tacón (Perona, 64’); Víctor Bravo y Aridane Santana.

Raúl; Alberto, Orfila, Alain, Menéndez; Jara (Guille Pérez, 75’) Juan Muñiz, Barrera, Mendy; Guerrero (Mera, 86’) y Serrano (Carlinos, 55’).

Antonio Gordillo, del colegio Balear. Expulsó al entrenador visitante Manolo Sánchez. Amonestó por los locales a Tarantino, Sicilia y Ratón; y por los visitantes a Alain, Serrano, Raúl, Barrera, Carlinos, Guerrero, Menéndez y Muñiz.

0-1: (21’) Guerrero, tras un rebote. 0-2: (34’) Juan Muñiz, de falta. 1-2 (48’) Aridane, tras un rechace del larguero. 2-2: (77’) Perona, de penalti. 2-3: (83’) Guerrero, tras un rechace de Aragoneses.

Heliodoro. Terreno de juego en buenas condiciones. Mañana algo fría. Ante 8.352 espectadores. Minuto de silencio en memoria de Héctor Núñez, ex entrenador del CD Tenerife; y Adelardo de la Calle, ex vicepresidente blanquiazul.


Agenda for the week 16 - 23 January 2012

Agenda for the week 16 - 23 January 2012
El Mundialito
Tuesday - - Day off
Wednesday 10.30 El Mundialito Training
Wednesday 16.30 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.30 Heliodoro Training
Friday 10.30 El Mundialito Training
Friday - El Mundialito Press conference Antonio Calderón
Saturday 10.30 Heliodoro Training
Saturday - Heliodoro List of players
Sunday 12.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-Sporting Gijón B

When a draw feels like we lost.

Funny day yesterday, on the back of a 0-4 win in Alcala de Henares 500 CD Tenerife fans journeyed to Gran Canaria to the town of Vecindario. One of the smallest teams in the 2B league they are on the east coast of the island. The ferry companies decided they couldn't delay the ships so 90% of the visitors went by plane. All day from where we sat in  the Comercial centre Atlantida we coud see fans arrive and spend their hard earned money in the little town. As the game time came closer the Tenerife fans walked together singing towards the grounds only to be met by jeers from UD Las Palmas supporters. Not sure why they were there if it wasn't to provoke.
The police were not to be seen but still the blue and white fans continued onto the football field.
There was no trouble at the grounds I saw, although I have seen some comments on twitter that the police felt the needed to create a path between the blue & whites and the yellow fans by hitting the Chicharreros with their batons.
The game started with the Tenerife fans in one corner together singing, a banner was produced by the Zoneros, one of the bigger fan groups saying "Pablo Sicilia was an outstanding Canarion" (From Gran Canaria not the Canaries) and there were around the edge of the corner represenative banners from thefan clubs; Armada Sur, Frente Blanquiazul, Irish Clan and Zoneros.

The game was hard fought with neither side having many shots at goal, when right at the end there was a foul against a blue and white player in the box and the linesman called penalty. A goal!!!! Perona scored but the euphoria was short lived as five minutes later from a corner Vecindario scored.
A point to the total and a journey home. The faces on the fans in the airport said it all, but those same loyal fans will be in the stands on Sunday supporting the side at 12.00 against Sporting B.
They sang yesterday as they often do:
     It is really easy to support a winning tean
being a CDT fans is better

It is a pleasure to be a CD Tenerife fan, it brings friednship, loyalty and a love of the game I would never have known without the team but it can also be hard. See you Sunday in the Heliodoro

Game notes

CD TENERIFE       1 (0) 

Santi Lampón; Simón, Roberto, Amado, Pollo; Badayco, Rubén Coméndez (Moisés, 80’), Poncho (Maikel, 75’), Yeray Ortega; Yeray López & Futre.

Sergio Aragoneses; David Medina, Llorente, Tarantino, Pablo Sicilia; Marcos, Kitoko, Chechu (Perona, 70’), Ferrán Tacón; Víctor Bravo (Zazo, 89’) & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 60’).

Rubén Eiriz, from Galicia. Yellow cards for local players Simón, Moisés y Roberto; and for visitors Marcos, Víctor Bravo, Sicilia & Medina.

0-1: (87’) Perona, from a penalty. 1-1: (93’) Aragoneses, in his own goal.

Played in the Municipal grounds in Vecindario. On Astroturf in good condition. On a warm afternoon. With 1.200 spectators of which aprox. 500 were visitors. The blue and white  president Miguel Concepcion was present at the game.


Agenda for the week 9 - 15 January 2012

Agenda for the week  9 - 15 January 2012
Tuesday - - Day off
Wednesday 10.30 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.30 El Mundialito Training
Friday 10.30 El Mundialito Training
Saturday - El Mundialito Press conference Antonio Calderón
Saturday 10.30 Heliodoro Training
Saturday - Heliodoro List of players
Sunday 11.00 Los Rodeos Flight Tenerife Norte-Gran Canaria (Islas)
Sunday 17.00 Municipal de Vecindario UD Vecindario-CD Tenerife
Sunday 21.30 Gando Flight Gran Canaria-Tenerife Norte (Islas)