First time out with new coach was a winner

It is often said the first game with a new coach should be won. Although it was not like that last season the rule has been proved again for new coach Garcia Tebar.

CD Tenerife were in the Fuensanta grounds with new coach Garcia Tebas and new forward Lusmi Loro who has arrived last week to help the team.
Both sides had good chances in the first hold and the score could have gone either way. Chechu Flores had a shot at goal after 10 minutes and  pushed it over the long goal bar. After 21 minutes Kiko Raton came off injured and was replaced by Gran Canarian player Aridane. One and a half minutes later new player Loro centred the ball from the left wing to Aridande and the forward  headed the ball in the goal putting the blue and white team into the lead.After that the Conquense players fought back and Ruano, shot the ball at the post from the area and then eight minutes before the half time whistle Morillas and the wind shot at goal and Sergio pushed the ball over the goal leaving the team at 0-1 at half time.

Straight  after the players came back on the field the blue aand white players scored their second goal. A ball centred by Ferran Tacon was knocked in towards the far post by Chechu Flores. The island tam then tried to finish off the game but a clear penalty in the 57th minute was ignored by the referee and he then signaled a foul and second yellow card against Tarantino and he was then sent off. The team were now down to 10 men.
Six minutes later Conquense scored and bought the result to 1-2 with a goal by Vinuesa.

In the final minutes of the match the local team pushed hard to at least try to equalise and save themselves a point and they had several chances but the blue and whites pulled together and held the result adding three important points to bring home with them.

Game notes

CD TENERIFE        2 (1)

Caballero; Piette, Juan Fran (Dani Rodríguez, 68’), Juli Ferrer, Morillas; Javi Selvas, Pulga (Mauri, 52’), Cubillo, Dailos (Christian, 52’); Ruano & Vinuesa.

Sergio Aragoneses, Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino; Kitoko, Marcos Rodríguez, Chechu (Medina, 59’), Ferrán Tacón; Luismi Loro (Víctor Bravo, 78’) & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 20’).

Víctor Manuel Sánchez Rico, from Catalunya. Sent off visitor Tarantino (57’), with two yellow cards. Also visiting delegate Víctor Padrón. Yellow cards for local players Javi Selvas, Cubillo&  Piette; and for visitors Marcos Rodríguez, Loro & Kitoko. 

0-1: (23’) Aridane, with a header. 0-2: (48’) Chechu, from a cross ball. 2-1: (63’) Vinuesa, from a pass by Mauri. 

Played in the La Fuensanta stadium. Ground was in terrible condition on a cold morning with 1,000 spectators.T Club president  Miguel Concepción present at the game.

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