Win first time out

Although the Marino players and management thought they could win this game when th league started CD Tenerife came out with all guns firing to show what they are made of.
The teams came out on the field and there was a presentation for Sergio Rodriguez who just returned home from the Olympics with a silver medal.for basketball.
The teams then took to the field. Within the first 30 seconds Aridane headed the ball into the goal and the blue and white players moved ahead. From then they controlled the game, Cristo Martin had another header then the local team had a shot which Sergio Aragoneses saved.
In the second half as the minutes ticked by the heat increased and the game got harder. Crsito Martin had another shot at goal, Alberto knocked the ball out and CDT took a corner. Luismi kicked the ball for a direct shot and the ball reached Ros and he passed it to Aridane and there we were second goal.
Although Marino tried to shoot there was never a moment that they looked likely to score.
The game finished and CD Tenerife headed back to Sante Cruz with three points.

Game Notes:


CD MARINO TENERIFE SUR: Alberto; Aarón Darias, Guayo (Barcos, 62’), Muny, Noda; Rayco, Peraza (Adán, 70’), Maykel, Javi Marchena; Noah (Airam García, 70’) & Balduino.

CD TENERIFE:  Aragoneses; Moyano, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino (Yeray, 75’), Bruno; Íñigo Ros, David Medina (Abel, 70’), Chechu (Suso, 85’), Cristo Martín; Loro & Aridane.

REFEREE: Víctor Manuel Sánchez Rico, from Catalunya.Yello cards for local cards Maykel & Guayo ; and for visitors Moyano, David Medina, Abel & Suso.

GOALS 0-1: (1’) Aridane, with a header. 0-2: (66’) Aridane, with a low shot.

INCIDENTS played in the Antonio Domínguez stadium in Playa de Las Américas. The groound was in average condition. On a warm morning with 2,500 spectators. CD Tenerife were wearing a shirt with #TFseMueve in support of the transport movement for the island. CD Marino were wearing a shirt for La Gomera in support for the fires they had this summer


It took 178 minutes and a questionable penalty

It took 178 minutes and a questionable penalty for UDLP to move into the lead. Not something I wpuld particularly want to shout about if I was a Las Palmas fan.
There were a selection of yellow cards on both sides culminating in David Medina being send off after the goal was scored by Las Palmas.
Tomorrow is the Trofeo Teide in La Orotava which will be interesting to see as Marino are at out level.

Foto ACAN/CD Tenerife


Luismi is staying

Several of the players who came from the Spanish mainland last season came with a high wage bill, especially those who came at Xmas. The club knew if the team didn't go back to the second division these wages would need to be renegotiated. Slowly this is happening and yesterday it was confirmed that Luismi Loro will be staying two years but at lower wages.

Foto de deporpress.com

My understanding is they are still in negotiation with several others but I am sure that will unfold over the next couple of weeks


Monday morning

As many of you know we not only have the shop in Playa Fañabe but also run the shop owned by the club in the Callejón del Combate.
This leads to seeing many players come and go. Something I really like, it also feeds my need to travel with the team away as I see them so often. Not sure if that's good or not.
This morning Omar Ramos was about which I think will mean there is an announcement about where he is going. There are rumours he will sign for Huesca who will then loan him to Valladolid. The reason for this is Valladolid are in controlled bankruptcy and struggle to sign anyone. Rumour also says the club will maintain the possibility to earn a percentage on any future signing the player may have.
This can be a great help, if you look at Malaga, the will need to pay 10% to Las Palmas on the money they receive from Rubin Kazan for Roldon or even the money CDT received for Dos Santos when he went to play in Portugal.
Training this week is in the Mundialito Wednesday they play Granadilla and Saturday after training in the Heliodoro the team fly to Las Palmas to play the second round of the Copa Canarias Mahou.


First real test for CDT

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In a game without goals, CD Tenerife managed to hold their own against second division UD Las Palmas. The blue and white team are still expecting the arrival of more players includning a forward which should help them score when the league starts.

Game Notes
CD TENERIFE       0 (0)

CD TENERIFE: Sergio Aragoneses; Moyano, Tarantino, Amado, Raúl Llorente; Suso, Íñigo Ros, Cristo Martín, Yeray, Ayoze Pérez; & Aridane. Also played Bruno, David Medina, Jeremy, Chechu, Luismi Loro, Germán, Abel & Nico.

UD LAS PALMAS: Barbosa; Pignol, David García, Murillo, Corrales; Vicente Gómez, Deivid, David González, Vitolo; Nauzet Alemán & Chrisantus. Also played Momo, Javi Guerrero, Dani Castellano, Francis Suárez & Juanpe.

REFEREE: Ariel Jorge González Sicilia, from the Tenerife federation. Yellow card for local player Moyano; and for visitors Vitolo & Barbosa.

GOALS: None.

INCIDENCIAS: Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. With the ground in perfect condition. 2.382 spectators on a warm evening. This was the first game in the Copa Mahou Canarias. The referee, Ariel Jorge González Sicilia, was substituted in minute 89 by the forth referee, Alain Hernández Ramos, also in the Tenerife federation, due to muscle strain.

The next game is on Tuesday in Granadilla at 8pm.