Local lads review the year.

Iriome González was the player to be interviewed in the press room in the Heliodoro stadium after the training session this morning, Friday. The young man from Icod talked about his hopes for the New Year.
“I hope that we will start the new year on a good footing, in 2011 we need to get out of the situation we are in as soon as possible”., he commented. “We hope that the future will be better than the present” he added.
“What I really wish for 2011 is that the team moves away from the bottom of the table. For me personally I hope to play the most minutes possible”, the local player continued. “We need to work really hard, unify our forces even more if possible and get over this bad run” he finished.

Pablo Sicilia was also interviewed. The player from Gran Canaria started by talking about the terrible position the team finds themselves: “The most important right now is to concentrate on Valladolid. We need to give everything on the field to have the chance to bring those three points home to the island”.
Sicilia made a brief review of the finishing year, considering that “2010 wasn't all that good, but we shouldn't forget that we had the chance to compete in the best league in the world. To see the Heliodoro with nearly full gates is also somthing to remember”.
“We all wish to get away from the bottom of the table. We need to think about ourselves and how to come good. We are all concious of how important this is.” he concluded.


Mandia: hopes for the new year

The CD Tenerife, trainer Juan Carlos Mandía, took the time to talk to the press on Thursday after the training session in the El Mundialito training grounds. The coach sent a message of faith in the work the team are doing right now that will save them from the position they are in right now.
“Our main objective is to get CD Tenerife out of the relegation positions. We need to aim for this right now. We are sure the team can be saved. We need to act as a cohesive team and show how organised, brave we are and how well we can work together. We need to forget everything that has happened and work hard”. This is how Mandía started his talk.
When asked about the change in sports directors for the club. Llorente's going and the arrival of Juanjo Lorenzo, he only stated that “the conversations that I have had with the new Sports Director have been very positive. We have discussed how we see the team. Everyone needs to do their job and control their work area”.
Mandía was also questioned about the declarations made by Nino on Wednesday in his press conference where the CD Tenerife forward seemed convinced that he wanted to stay on the island in spite of the calls from La Liga clubs. “These were commitments made by a person who believes in the club. Nino made everything clear. We can't be divided, or broken up. We need to stick together and be brave. We want to make clear that in this kind of situation you need to go all out for ever game but all in the same direction”, he commented.
When asked about this weekend rival, Juan Carlos Mandía talked about the opposing team saying “ Valladolid is a good team, who also had two losses in a row. We need to make the best of the chances we have as they occur. They had a better start than us”.
The trainer also formulated his desires for 2011: “I wish that the new year will show that I know what we need to save the team. And health and happiness for everyone”.
Lastly, the coach confirmed that the team will stay together from late Friday early Saturday at 2am so they can train on the first of January at 11.00 in the Heliodoro. This will be the last session before they travel the same afternoon to the mainland for the next match.

Mikel Alonso

“We have had time to disconect, to think and recharge our batteries. The situation is delicate. Mikel Alonso was the player who talked to the press on Thursday and he talked about the players and how they felt after the xmas break last weekend.
“We need to go from one game to the next. Although it is difficult not to look long term. We need to move up the ranking to get out of the dangerous area in the bottom of the table”, he explained in reference to the position that the team are in right now after four months of the league.
The Basque mid-fielder spoke too about the changes in the technical team stating that, “The club makes decisions always looking for the best result. It is not my position to talk about that. I am sure the new Sports Director will try to do the job as well as he can”.
About this weeks rival Alonso considered that “All the teams need points. Valladolid will come out fighting and more so as they are at home. We will have to do the same from the first minute. It will be hard, as is any game in this category”.


Nino makes his position clear.

Nino has again made his position very clear. The forward for CD Tenerife was the player interviewed today, Wednesday at the end of the training session in the Mundialito training grounds. The forward from Almeria, was definite when he spoke explaining his commitment to the blue and white project.
“The only thing I can say is I am a CD Tenerife player. And I will continue to be a CD Tenerife player. I am 100 percent committed to helping the team get out of this position” stated Nino when asked about rumors of the interest several clubs had in him.
“I am only thinking about my team and no other thought come into my mind. The number are as they are and the position we are in is very uncomfortable . The whole group needs to work to get us out of here” he added.
“It isn't easy. We have suffered two losses in a row and that is still very much in our minds. But we need to go for more and become more positive. This isn't easy for anyone” added the goal scorer.
Nino was also asked his opinion on the change of sports director with Llorente going and Lorenzo arriving. “The club always tries to do its best. We respect their decisions”.

Aitor Núñez was the other player interviewed on Wednesday. The defender started to talk about the state of mind of the group. “We want to do well. We had a week to completely disconnect. And now we need to give everything as we have a difficult chore. We need to improve, more up the table and get out of relegation. We need to achieve wins which will give us points”.
When asked about playing in the first eleven, Núñez only commented that “with the accumulation of cards that Marc Bertrán has it may be that I get the chance to be in the team. In any case I am ready and prepared to give everything when my chance comes. I am calm although if you don't get the chance to play it is always hard”.
”One always hopes for the chance to play. The option to leave in January is there but my mind is very much still with CD Tenerife. Many things might still happen,” he concluded.


AGM to be held today.

The CD Tenerife Annual General meeting will be held this afternoon Tuesday, from 7.30pm, in the Salón de Actos in the CajaCanarias building, in the Tenerife capital. The first meeting was attempted yesterday as there was not a quorum.
Official notary Mario Morales was there to officiate the start of the meeting and when there were not 50 % of the capital represented to close the meeting again. With the notary was the official secretary for the administration, Conrado González; and judicial assessor for the club, Ángel Fernández.
After such the second meeting of the AGM was fixed for today Tuesday the 28th from 19.30 in the Salón de Actos in the CajaCanarias building in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Presentation of Juan José Lorenzo & interview with Miguel Concepcion.

The president of CD Tenerife presented today Monday the new sports director. Miguel Concepción & Juan José Lorenzo met with the press in a meeting which took place in the Heliodoro and lasted for 45 minutes. The meeting also gave the press time to interview club president Miguel Concepcion.

Concepción started by saying that “one week after we told of Santiago Llorente's dismissal we would like to announce the new sports director Juan José Lorenzo. He has a range of experience including work for Valladolid, Real Madrid y Atlético Osasuna”.
“In the first interview I had with him I noted he was a young man who would be proud to join us. I hope his work here will be good and we can reverse the situation we find ourselves in. We have found someone quickly but responsibly”, continued Concepción. The president asked at the same time for everyone to help Juanjo Lorenzo in the work he needs to do.
The new man responsible for the sporting side of the club started by saying “I would like to thanks the president and the club for the confidence they have in me. I understand these are difficult times. We are living in a situation that needs to change. To manage this we need to work together. Our plan is to finish the season in the best way”.
“The diagnosis from outside is never easy. Internal diagnosis goes much further and is much deeper. Right now I need to look more”, he said when questioned about the state of the club.
When asked about reinforcements he replied “I have talked to Juan Carlos Mandía, Miguel Concepción & Juan Amador. We don't need to rush. First we need to look at the market”.
Lorenzo informed that is contract is for three and a half years but, “we don't need to think about more than the next six months. There is a lot in play, the situation here marks the important date as the 30th of June”.
The new sports director acknowledged that “the club should be higher up the classification table” adding “the most important factor here is the assistance of the fans at the games. They give a solid base”. He would not comment either way about players leaving.
When asked about Santiago Llorente, the previous sports director he commented, “When I started this in 1999, I was fortunate to work with people such as Ramón Martínez & Santiago Llorente. They are my friends. For me this is something to be proud of”. He continued, “I haven't talked to Santiago Llorente. I will do this soon but I understand things didn't end here as he would have liked. Nevertheless he did some great things here in Tenerife”.
Juanjo Lorenzo had various messages to give. One of them was, “In extreme situations you need to make the most of what you have. You shouldn't take chances”. And “I ask the fans to come to the games and take every one as if it was a final” was another.
He continued, “making financial sacrifices is never popular. The market is very set. What we can bring here is only what we can afford to pay for. To buy now, to suffer financially later is not worth the price”. When asked about Nino's possible leaving limited himself to the comment “I don't talk in public about anyone or any figures”.
He also commented that although he hadn't seen the team live this season he had seen them on television nine times and after signing with the club he had seen two games more on video. He confirmed that he will be in Valladolid to see the next game on Sunday, “It will be a difficult game for both teams” he finished.

After Juanjo Lorenzo had finished the press had several questions for club president Miguel Concepción.

Miguel Concepción was very clear today “from now on every game will be a final”. This is how the president of CD Tenerife expressed his view this Monday in the press conference for the presentation of the new sports director for the club, Juan José Lorenzo.
“We can't just throw in the towel. We need to pull the team out of the difficult situation they find themselves in”, added the club president from La Palma. Concepción informed the press that “this week I will talk to the whole squad. I hope that they will understand that the situation requires everyone’s full commitment”.
Analysing the last few months in the entity, the president explained that “this summer we made an enormous effort, but things haven't worked out. In some way we failed. I believed that we had a better team than last year”.
The president was also asked about various other items. One of them was to do with the declarations made by Alfonso Serrano, a previous sports director for the club, in relation to his leaving CD Tenerife. “I have read the comment and it struck me as strange. What is more this Christmas I spoke with him. I will be asking him for an explanation. If you remember Alfonso Serrano left the club because he wanted to. He actually offered to pick the team before he went but I was in favour of the new sports director doing this and that’s finally what happened”.
As well there were questions for Concepción about the rumours of Nino leaving in the winter market: “I find this strange too. I was with the president of Sporting in the federation dinner and he didn't mention this. Nino is not for sale and there have been no offers for the player. We are depending on him”.
On the other hand he was asked if during the process of selecting a new sports director if he had talked to David Amaral. The president explained that “My obligation is to talk to all professionals whether they are on or off the island. I chose Lorenzo because I feel he is the person who fits our needs”.

Agenda 27 December 2010 - 2 January 2011

The first team starts training again from this afternoon at 5pm. There will be six training sessions before Sunday's game in Valladolid. 

Agenda 27th December 2010 - 2nd January 2011
Monday17.00El MundialitoTraining
Tuesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Wednesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday-HeliodoroList of players
Saturday16.20Los RodeosFlight toMadrid (UX)
SaturdayAfternoon-Bus to Valladolid
SaturdaySundayNH BálagoStay in Valladolid
Sunday17.00José ZorrillaReal Valladolid-CD Tenerife
Monday16.45BarajasFlight to Tenerife Sur (UX)


New technical director Juanjo Lorenzo

Juan José Lorenzo Molpeceres is the new sports director for CD Tenerife. Yesterday the news was announced on the club website that the blue and white team had reached an agreement with Juanjo Lorenzo who will assume the position that was until now occupied by Santiago Llorente.
Lorenzo Molpeceres formed part of the technical team in Real Valladolid from 1999 - 2002. In the season 2002/2003 he was part of the sports management team for Real Madrid, with specialization in football international. From 2003 until June 2010 he was in charge of the sports direction for Osasuna.
As always in these cases the club, CD Tenerife understood that there will be a massive press interest on the Island, but ask for patience in waiting to interview Juanjo Lorenzo until the presentation on Monday in the Heliodoro.
Juanjo Lorenzo is expected to arrive on the island tomorrow Sunday. The club will inform the fans and press of his travel details as soon as they are confirmed. The presentation will be made by CD Tenerife president, Miguel Concepción.


Possible Sports directors from the newspaper El Dia

Directly translated from El dia online

As it had been planned Miguel Concepción yesterday had meetings with some of the candidates who might occupy the position of sports director for the club. Before assisting at the Federation directors meeting, the CDT president had time to interview Juan José Lorenzo Molpeceres, who was sports director for Osasuna from 2003 to June this year, Pacheta and three others. The man from Valladolid, who is considered a disciple of Santiago Llorente, as well as Alfonso Serrano, is apparently in favored position. This is especially because of his youth and knowledge of the present day football market. That doesn't mean the job is his. Miguel Concepción doesn't want to make a mistake. Therefore he plans to take his time to consider the applicants. The president had a long list with dozens of names and during the day some including apparently -Pacheta, have been discounted.
Although up to now no one has been prepared to talk to those who have offered themselves for the position, the list is great. And it can't be discounted that the job will finally be offered to one of them. Someone who may be looking for work right now is Fernando Gómez Colomer, ex - Valencia and the man who helped José Luis Oltra at the beginning of his career. Who whilst he was sports director in Castellón, chose Oltra to be his trainer starting his career in the big time. Although he would be available he hasn't been considered by the club up to now. Another who has offered himself is Salva Iriarte, ex-player trainer and sports director in Real Sociedad and Roberto Olabe.

Also Antonio Pinilla appears in the long list of candidates. The ex-blue and white player was sports director for Nástic until 2009, but has been dropped, another name who could have interested the club is Miguel Ángel Ruiz, with whom, in spite rumors to the contrary hasn't been contacted. Finally there is Rafa Monfor. Although Tenerife would need to convince him to leave Udinese, whom he only joined over a month ago. Concepción returned last night to the Island. Juan Amador, the manager of the club who accompanied him at the meetings did so at mid day. Both will stay on the island whilst negotations are continuing to fins a new sports director.


Special package for tickets in January.

CD Tenerife, as part of their Christmas 2010 campaign are offering the fans a special package which included the 4 games that are to be disputed in January in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. This offer will go on sale from Wednesday in the sales offices of the stadium.
The fans who acquireee this offer will be able to enter the stadium for the games against Albacete (8-9 January); UD Las Palmas (22-23 January); Granada (26 January) & Girona (29-30 of January) It needs to be remembered that the game against Granada had been postponed because Spanish air space was closed.

So, those fans who now have their entrance ticket for the CD Tenerife-Granada and want to take advantage of the special pack can take advantage as the club will discount the full amount they paid for their Granada ticket if they present the same at the time that they purchase the pack.

The blue and white club are prepared to sell all the seats they have available for this offer in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, which is approximately 5.000 seats. The prices for the four games in January will be: Popular (50 euros); Herradura (75 euros); San Sebastián (100 euros) y Tribuna (125 euros). Maximum 4 entry packs can be purchased per person.

The ticket offices in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López will start to sell these tickets from Wednesday: 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 – 20:00. This time-table will be repeated on Thursday. On Friday they will be open from 10:00 - 13:00.


Santiago Llorente let go today.

Miguel Concepción, president of CD Tenerife announced today, Monday, that the club had reached an agreement with Santiago Llorente to terminate his contract that associated him with the blue and white team. He thanked Santiago Llorente for all the sporting success he had with the team and for all the hard work and effort he had dedicated to the club.
Santiago Llorente landed on the island in 2008 to initiate what was his third stage here in the club. Amongst his great successes here is the ascension to La Liga with José Luis Oltra as trainer. Llorente also worked for the blue and white club between 1989 & 1995 and 1998 & 2000.

It was Javier Pérez who first had the confidence to bring him here and ascend to the maximum category. CD Tenerife lived with Santiago Llorente as technical director some of the clubs most historic moments such as the classification for the UEFA Cup, and to find player of the category of
Juan Antonio Pizzi, Mata, Dertycia, Fernando Redondo, etc.

As well as CD Tenerife, Santiago Llorente has been technical director in clubs such as Real Oviedo, Real Valladolid, Real Jaén & Getafe. His second stage in the club started in 1998. His attachment lasted two years, after the club went down to the Second Division, the director from Valladolid left the club again.
Llorente admitted “this is a very bitter moment for me and I need to assume it. These situations happen in football. When the results don't come projects and plans seem absurd”.
Llorente continued by explaining. “sadly this season the results have been negative and we need to accept the position in the classification table. Football is a game and I leave with work unfinished. I understand the club's decision and I have always managed to get by in difficult situations including ones as difficult as this”.

He also, wanted to “Thanks the president and the council for all the confidence they gave me, I have always been free to work here, happily and I want to thank all the people who worked with me, for their collaboration, their loyalty and their solidarity”.

He finished “ I hope that 2011 will be an important year and that CD Tenerife will celebrate the best results”.


Game notes and player interviews.

CD Tenerife against the leader. Real Betis scored three goals before the break to sentence the game. It was not a good game for the blue and whites who go on xmas holidays still in relegation positions and with out the chance to give the fans a boost.
CD Tenerife wanted to close the year with a victory, that would show quality, security and conviction... and the team came out well, prepared for their rivals strategy and looked for a goal. Unfortunately a bucket of cold water stopped the island lads: Emaná gscored with his left from the centre of the area. A ball which Sergio couldn't stop.
It could have been a draw with a counter attack by Natalio with a high ball. But the players from Andalicia, mostly Rubén Castro, scored again with a fantastic shot, from 40 metres. Betis made h most of their chances, left the local players with doubts and managed to finish the game before the pause when through a defense error Emaná scored.
The second half started with complications for the CDT team and they needed to make an extra effort to meke up the score. But the ball didn't seem to want to help them. Nino shot at goal and Goitia saved. Then Mikel Alonso had a chance from a corner but the ball went over the net.
The changes left fresher players on the team for Tenerife, perhaps too because the result gave Pepe Mel's players space, the blue and white players seemed to have more chances. But minutes passed and the reaction didn't come. In the last minutes CDT tried for a last honour goal whilst Betis had a couple of chances and counter attacks.
Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, David Prieto, Melli, Beranger; Ricardo (Antonio Hidalgo, 73’), Mikel Alonso; Julio Álvarez (Omar Ramos, 66’), Natalio, Kome (Juanlu Hens, 54’) & Nino.
Goitia; Isidoro, Roversio, Dorado, Nacho; Iriney (Ezequiel, 81’), Arzu, Salva Sevilla; Rubén Castro (Rodri, 85’), Jorge Molina (Juande, 60’) & Emaná,
Jesús Gil Manzano, from Extremadura. Yellow cards for local players Beranger & Marc Bertrán, and for visitor Iriney.
GOAL0-1: (6’) Emaná. 0-2: (18’) Rubén Castro . 0-3: (33’) Emaná.
Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. Grass in good condition. Present in the stands on a windy afternoon were 14.191 spectators.

Mandia talks after the Betis game

Juan Carlos Mandía had no excuses for the loss suffered on Saturday by CD Tenerife against Real Betis. The maximum leader of the blue and whites could only talk about the work needed to get out of the position the team finds itself and recognised that Betis were superior.
“The game started very quickly against a complicated rival”, said the trainer to start with, then he added: “Personally I find myself well. Two weeks ago we were better positioned to move up the table away from relegation but the game against Granada was postponed and this broke the winning streak we were on. The situation is difficult be it can be improved with hard work”.
Mandía reminded that “I came here when the club was in a difficult situation. The team had lost six games. Because of this I needed to put all my energy and good will to see the maximum capacity in the team”. “It hurts us all. But I want to say again that you can get out of difficult situations by working hard” he continued.
“We have one game less and we need to play ”, he pointed out in reference to the missing game against Granada.
In the extensive press conference given by Juan Carlos Mandía, the trainer had time to reflect on the future: “I have the moral and contractual obligation to get the best from this team When I accepted to come to Tenerife it was because I thought I could change things”.
The coach understood that “right now everyone needs things to improve. From moments like the ones we find ourselves you get out of them through maximum effort. I will do what needs to be done in the changing rooms but looking outwards I need to maintain calm”.
“We have had reverses, like the losses against Nastic and Recre”, he lamented.
When asked if there will be players coming in the winter break to reinforce the team Mandia said “If some needs to talk about players it isn't me. We need to add points and to achieve that you need to work and compete”.
Asked if he saw himself continuing here in his position the trainer commented that “I have been sacked twice in my professional career. The people responsible for the club are the ones who need to value if I can help the team. I have said before I am happy here with the club and the Island”.


Hopes for today's game

Juan Carlos Mandía offered his standard press conference on Friday morning after training. He started by talking about the importance of the game against Real Betis. “It is a big game at a great moment where our players need to reach out for their best skills. Truly it is a fantastic game and I am not scared, in fact the opposite, we have chances to win this Saturday”.
The trainer from Lugo, equally, recognised that, ”I am confident in my players and clearly see we have options to win this game. We should keep our values and these will give us the chance to win more games.
Mandía also left quite clear that you need to turn over the page and leave the game against Huelva behind. “It is important to always be learning and to see the positive in games. We have come to conclusions about the game and are now full of energy, passion and dreams for this game. The most important thing is that this Saturday at 5pm, the players bring their best skills and qualities to the game, they have those skills and I look forward to seeing them”.
He continued on this theme. “I like to see the team always has the desire to get up and go on and they do it with all their heart. We need to concentrate on our game and give one hundred percent. I believe this will be a great game for the fans”.
“In 90 minutes, we will show we have options to win the three points”, continued Juan Carlos Mandía, who also added that, “We will go on holiday with a triumph against Betis this will give us all a smile this christmas”.
Lastly the, main CDT trainer left clear,  “I am enjoying every minute of training Tenerife. It is a great experience and I will fight to the end to be here as long as possible”, he finished.

Julio Alvarez was the player who taked to the press on Friday. This is what he had to say.

Julio Álvarez was the player chosen to talk to the press on Friday in the press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.
The Spanish- Venezuelan mid-fielder, to start assured that, “against Betis we can make no mistakes and we need to show what we can do as we were before the game against Recreativo. We hope to get the better of our rival over the 95 minutes of the game”.
When asked about the team who is leader of the Liga Adelante, Julio Álvarez stressed that "Betis is strong and has many good qualities. They tend to win their games with good ball play. They are intense and we will need to play our best and control the game as they suffer when they can't play”.
The blue and white ’20’ also, wanted to reaffirm the team objective for this game. “Football has given us another chance seven days later and in our position we can't afford to fail in two games in a row.”.
When asked about his fitness, Álvarez made clear that “I believe that there is no professional player who doesn't have some sort of pain every weekend. I know the best thing is continuity. I am here to help the team the best I can”.
Lastly, the CD Tenerife footballer asked the fans to forget the position the team were in. “It is important we are good tomorrow and not think about the classification. Partly we have to put this on one side and compete our best to beat a rival who has the capacity to win against any team in the category”, he finished.


"We need to be the best we can" states Natalio.

The first team returned to training this morning, Wednesday after enjoying Tuesday off. The session took place in the Mundialito training grounds and lasted one hour and 45 minutes.
The session started with warm-up after which there was phyisical work outs with practise in possession and pressure. Then a game in the complete field with until the end of the session.
Marc Bertrán didn't work with his collegues and Josmar Zambrano completed the first half of the training and then did special exercises to complete is rucuperation. Who did take part in the session were Cristian, Juan Ramón, Jorge, Saúl y Dani Mederos from CD Tenerife B,.
The first team will train again on Thursday at 10.00 in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadiums.
Melli & Natalio were the players who attended the press in the communication room in the El Mundialito grounds.
The player from Andalucia, spoke first and reminded that “Our last game was a loss and we now need a win and the three points that go with this. Betis has shown up to now that they are the best team in the league although we expect to win”.
About the last loss, Melli confessed that “we have had some really bad days but there is nothing left but to forget what happend in Huelva and concentrate on Betis. We made mistakes and we could go on wallowing in pity. Instead we are going to do things better and compete at our best. Here we have played games at a good level and if we manage that we can achieve the results we need”.
In reference to the fact he is about to play against his old team, the ‘18’ stated that “for me it will be a special game against a rival who has scored lots of goals, who knows how to make the most of their chances and whose attacks can cause serious damage. But that can be done by any team in this category, they too can lose. We need to make the most of our good points and only concentrate on winning”.
Melli, again, sent a message to the blue and white fans. “The fans have always helped us, especially when times were difficult. We need your help and lets see if together we can achieve a win”.
Lastly the central defender from Cadiz commented on the squad “There is a lot of comitment here and we work with great aims. Little by little we are growing. We kneo that last weekend it was not a good show but with work we will move forward”.

Natalio, for his part, started by mentioning his punishment. “It seemed endless. I am really looking forward to being able to play again and trying to help the team. We need the three points”.
When asked about how he though CD Tenerife should play against the leader, the forward from Valencia remarked that “we have to leave behind the Huelva game as soon as possible. We need to compete at our best. We are really sorry for what happened against Huelva and now we have the top team and we can't let this win escape us”.
To conclude, Natalio admitted that “the situation is delicate and we need to give our all on the field. We need to play one hundred percent. In the end we need to be a competitive team who is concious of the situation it finds itself”, he finished.


Ricardo Leon talks.

Ricardo León attended the press today and discussed how the best thing was to turn the page over and think only in the game against Real Betis “The game on Sunday was a clear loss. In no way did we expect this result but now we have to move forward. There is no other choice. Right now every day is hard but we need to keep busy”.
His comments about Saturday's game against the team with the most points in the Liga Adelante, were, “we are expecting a complicated game and we need to do our best. The plans we had were good and now, surprisingly, we lost again and it seems like the world has ended. It was a stumble but we need to move forward”.
In reference to the state of the team, Ricardo claimed that “the situation is bad, we can't deny that. We need to fight hard to get out of the zone at the bottom of the table. We are going to try to do everything right against Real Betis. We need to think about this game and nothing else. We need to combine our forces and with the help of our fans win these three points”
The CD Tenerife midfielder, said of Betis that “they are king of the category and we need to be motivated for their visit. But above all we need to be motivated to move out of the position we are in for good, finally for good”.
Lastly, Ricardo León, who has now completed his punishment, is hoping to play from the start of the coming match. “It has been very long all this time without playing, for the yellow cards and then the postponement of the Granada game. If on Saturday I have the chance, I will try to help the team all I can”, he concluded.

After the game this Saturday against Real Betis (Heliodoro Rodríguez López, 17:00 ), corresponding to the seventeeth round of the Liga Adelante, the squad of CD Tenerife will start their Christmas break, until Sunday the 26th of December.
Monday the 27th, at 17:00 in the El Mundialito, when training starts again to prepare for the match against Real Valladolid, which will be played in the José Zorrilla stadium on the 02-03 of January 2011.
There are no league matches the weekend of the 25-26th of December.

Video round up from the game against Recreativo de Huelva.

I wasn't sure if I should share it but finally I decided I would.


Agenda for the week 13 - 18 of December 2010

This will be a hard week with one of the most difficult games of the season on Saturday. The players have four training sessions before then to prepare. Natalio and Ricardo will both be allowed to play as they have finished their punishment from their 5 yellow cards.

Agenda for the week 13 - 18 of December 2010

Tuesday--Rest Day
Wednesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday-HeliodoroPress conference -  Mandía
Friday-HeliodoroList of Players
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Game Notes

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Game notes


Fabricio; Corcoles, Mora, Manolo Martínez, Aitor; Rafita (Juan Villar, 86’), Emilio Sánchez, Aarón, Jesús Vázquez; Pablo Sánchez (Matamala, 75’) & Dani (Kepa, 66’).

Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, David Prieto, Luna, Beranger; Juanlu, Melli (Julio Álvarez, 57’), Mikel Alonso, Omar (Kome, 57’); Antonio Hidalgo (Iriome, 72’) y Nino

Daniel Ocón, from the group of referees in La Rioja. Yellow cards for local player Aitor, and for visitors Melli, Kome, Luna & Beranger.

1-0: (44’) Pablo Sánchez. 2-0: (60’) Dani. 3-0: (91’) Jesús Vázquez.

Played in the Nuevo Colombino. With 8.067 spectators. Grounds were in good condition and it was a cold afternoon. The start of the second half was delayed when the referee had the goal net mended.

Players comments after the loss against Recreativo de Huelva

Los jugadores del CD Tenerife lamentaron la derrota sufrida este domingo en Huelva ante el Recre. Analizando el choque, los futbolistas vieron en el gol recibido antes del descanso la principal explicación a la derrota. Ninguno puso excusas al varapalo sufrido en el Nuevo Colombino.

Juanlu Hens: “In the first half we played well and had lots of chances. The 1-0 they scored just before half time was a major blow. In the second part that goal caused us problems. We kept faith with our style of play but we werm't as accurate as in the first half. What is left is to work hard try to beat Betis at home and to to turn the page as soon as possible".

Melli: “This was a hard game, with little space on the field. In the first half we were in a goix position although we had few chances. In the second half everything changed and went wrong. We were missing a bit of everything. We knew our rival wouldn't let us play. It was a match in which we all played badly. Now we just need to move on and think about the next game. But I want to insist in the first half we played well. We need to. Ontinue working and change the image of the team".

Nino: “It cost us a lot to find our feet in this game though we had some chances. The opposition led us around tbe field where ever they wanted. Just when we were thinking about half time they scored and that weighs heavy. We had the sensation that we were the days we played against Villarreal and Alcorcón but finally that style just wasn't there. In general this was just a game we need to forget. Sadly it stopped our good run. That hurts. We are all capable of the best and the worst thats why against Betis we hope to score three points".


New childrens strips

Aren't these lovely.

Going to Huelva

After some complication with our flight. Vueling thought they would cancel it and not inform us we are going Saturday instead of Friday. It was probably more convenient for me but I won't tell them that. We hope to catch the game in Seville tonight and I am sure to have a little look at their fan shop before heading down to Huelva tomorrow.

The team are already there and will train today before coach Mandia decides which players are fit to play. We all hope Nino will be OK as he is sorely missed when he doesn’t play. Still as the trainer said yesterday when talking about other players who can't play we need to concentrate on those who are available.

Ríos the recreativo trainer made the following comments.
Juan Carlos Ríos considered that the game against Tenerife “is worth more than three points” in his interview he discussed that some games are considered “finals” in any competition. The Recreativo trainer said “ I don't trust anything about the team not even the colour of their shirt, right now they are a direct rival” he continued. As well as demanding the maximum effort from his team, Rios made a strong call to the fans: “the Nuevo Colombino should be hell for the rival, they need to think they are in the Vietnam war and not just at a football match” he commented. “We need to put every weapon in our arsenal into the possibility of winning these three important points” he added.


Mandia concludes the team has worked hard enough to win.

Juan Carlos Mandía offered his regular Friday press conference, in which he talked about the physical problems being suffer by some of the players. “There are players with some problems and we can't take any risks. We will wait until the end to see which players are fit to play on Sunday”.
When asked about the youth player Jorge who has been called up to travel to Huelva with the team the trainer from Galicia stated that he is doing a good job in the second team and appears to be an interesting player. He is very young and has great chances to be a good player. We are close to the other teams and the players need to know this”.
When asked about Sundays match, Mandía confessed “we have twice the need to compete. If we play as well as we have trained in the last few days there will be chances to win the game. We had two very hard sessions, Sunday and Monday. The weeks work has been very good and the players are full of a need to win the next game”.
The trainer from Lugo analysed the type of game awaiting the players in Nuevo Colombino. “The rival is good, but we are good too. When I see my players it gives me the confidence to go all out for this game. It seems to me that this will be a good match, well disputed and both sides are going to go full out to win”.
In reference to the inability of Natalio y Ricardo to play, the head coach for CD Tenerife pointed out that “We only think about those player who can play. Of course it is an added difficulty when there are players who are being punished for accumulation of yellow cards or with physical difficulties but as I said from the work they have done this week I can see they really want to get ahead”.
Lastly, Juan Carlos Mandía spoke of the situation surrounding Julio Álvarez, a query for his physical difficulties. “Julio really want to help the team. The situation is how it is and between us all we need to move forwards,” he concluded.


Hopeful for Sunday against Recreativo de Huelva

Iriome & David Prieto were the players in the press room on Wednesday in the El Mundialito grounds. Both players talked about the next game and how that is much more important than the future for CD Tenerife.
Iriome started, he recognised that “it has been a strange week as we didn't play on Sunday. But on the other hand we have had much more time to work and improve our game”.
For the local player, the forced rest over the weekend shouldn't prove a stopping point for the recovery CD Tenerife have shown in the last few weeks: “The consistency we have shown is the result of hard work. This break should have no effect on our play. The group are improving training session after training session”.
In the purely personal the young man from Icod de los Vinos explained “I have had various games without playing and would really like the chance. My daily work is to try to get back into the team, like every other player”.
When asked about the next game in the Nuevo Colombino, Iriome commented that “we hope for a victory in Huelva. It won't be easy. They need to win too. On our side, the goal is to get off the bottom of the table as soon as possible”.
“It is an error to think past the next game. What will happen in the following weeks aren't yet important. The league is very balanced. This team has quality and the league is long. The key is to improve game by game, training after training session”, he concluded.
For David Prieto the wait for the next match “has been very long. From the moment the game against Granada was suspended we have concentrated on the match against Recre. We don't think about any game but the one in front of us on Sunday”.
“For CD Tenerife all the matches are important. We need to gains points in threes. The first plan is to get out of relegation”, he added.
The defender explained that “the team is working well. I can see more confidence. We want to play in Huelva. In training we all try our hardest. If we all compete at 100 percent there will be a notable difference ”.
“In any instance a draw is no good. We need to go out to win. Anything can happen in the game and finally a draw may be finally what we can achieve”, he ended.


Kome says the time has come to think about the next game and no further

Daniel Kome was the player who attended the press on Tuesday he commented on the moving of the game against Granada “for me it fell well. This way with my team mates we can all prepare well for the game against Recreativo”.
In reference to the most experienced players in the team Kome indicated that “the most important work is what we are doing right now. In the last few games we have improved significantly and we need to continue this line to be able to look at the future calmly. There is still margin that we improve”.
Following the same theme the midfielder from Cameroon mentioned “This tam has the capacity to move up the table and the work we do day by day will help us. We are thinking from game to game how we will play and no further than the next game”.
When asked about the players with five yellow cards, Natalio & Ricardo who will not be available for the match on Sunday the ‘14’ signaled that “the squad here is sufficient to cover their absence. We are all prepared to play”.
Lastly, Daniel Kome refused to talk about his plans for the future. “We can't think about anything past this coming weekend . The league is long and y personally think that a run like this on is what is important”.


Change of Dates

Agreement between the clubs now there is just the waiting for the federation to agree.     


Club Deportivo Tenerife will hear in the next few days the result of when the missing game against Granada C.F. will be played. Both presidents have agreed in principal on the 29th of January as the date that they could both approve of.  CD Tenerife would have preferred the 12th of January but Granada C.F. Were not keen as this would have given the club three away games in a row. Their preferred date was the 19th of January, a Wednesday three days before one of the biggest games in the season the derby against Las Palmas.

Firstly  there is the need to obey the federation rules. These establish that the game must  must be played before the second round of the league is started. Therefore before the 23rd of January.  With this in mind there are four Wednesdays that would be possible; 22nd of December & the 5th 12 and 19th of January. The first is no the day the players want to play as this will shorten their holidays; the second is unlikely as the stadium is used for the city of Santa Cruz's visit by the three kings and the last date doesn't' interest CD Tenerife as it is three days before  the big home game.

Up to here everything is clear: for Tenerife there is the 12th of January The problem then starts as the favourite game for Granada is the 19th of January just before the main game. Why? The group from Granada are away in Villarreal for the 9th of January and also away on the 15th against Elche. To travel to Tenerife between these two dates would be a blow to their planning.,

The problem then arises  because the 29th of January is after the first round finishes, but before the second round starts. In this case Tenerife & Granada need to convince the Federation that the second criteria is more relevant than the first.

And if that doesn't work out? If Tenerife & Granada don't manage to agree another date it will be the federation who decide what date the game is played.  This is the least interesting possibility for Tenerife as here we would have no negotiating power and would be at the mercy of the organising body.

It would seem, therefore, we are in for a long and tedious negotiation. For Tenerife appear not to have managed to gain control when the game was suspended now the difficult part will be to convince the LFP.


Aim for the coming week by Nino and Beranger

Gregory Beranger & Nino were the two players who were interviewed today Monday after the training session was finished in the Mundialito training grounds.
The French player, fro his part, started by talking about the suspension of the game on Sunday against Granada CF. “The game wasn't played and now we are thinking about the game next Sunday and only that game. We don't know the date of the Granada game and we will need to wait and see when that is”.
When asked about the commitment against Recreativo de Huelva, Beranger admited that “all the games right now are important to try to get out of the bottom of the table. We are training hard and will be at our best for our next game”.
“Our rival, Like us, are improving”, continued the C. D. tenerife footballer, who then added that “for our part, we want to continue growing. In the last few moths we have been doing things well and this is the path to follow”, he finished.
Nino, for his part, confessed that “the week is a little strange and there is nothing left but to think about Recreativo. We are on a good run. We need to maintain those feelinga from the Villarreal B game and centre oursleves on the next commitment.
About the duel against Recreativo de Huelva, Nino assured that “we will play for three important points against a complicated rival. We hope to win, although we know it will be difficult. That said, we want tomaintain this form and to that aim we are training hard”, he concluded.

Agenda for the week 06 - 12 December 2010

The week starts again for Mandía's players
 with training today a rest day tomorrow
 and training the rest of the week. Lets
 hope that nothing will stop the coming
 weekends game. 

Agenda for the week 06 - 12 December  2010
Monday10:00El MundialitoTraining
Tuesday--Day off
Wednesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday-HeliodoroPress conference Carlos Mandía
Friday-HeliodoroList of Players
Friday--Journey to Huelva (vía Sevilla)
Sunday16.00Nuevo ColombinoRecreativo-CD Tenerife