Antonio Tapia talks about the next game in Cartageña

Antonio Tapia was interviewed in his pre-game interview on Monday before the team set of for the mainland. In this interview he talked about the CDT Fans. “The most important thing is the union between the team and CD Tenerife, their team. Especially when the fans respond as they have in the difficult moments the team have been through. This unions will allow the team to reach their objective”.
In reference to the team finally leaving relegation position the CD Tenerife coach confessed that 2we have lived through a difficult situation and it has been complicated. I hope the level of plat will continue to be good. Victories always give confidence and security and now we are reaching our objective. They need to play with intensity, concentration and improve their level. We need to consolidate our position outside the relegation zone”.
He continued on the same theme saying”We are still at the bottom of the table and need a lot of points to to reach salvation. The objective right now is to consolidate the position to one that is safer in the table. Any way, the way we played in the last couple of games invites optimism. We have competed well against good rivals”.
The man in charge of the blue and white team analysed the next game, “Cartageña has had a magnificent start to the season, they will make it very complicated. We will work hard with humility to look for a good result”.
To finish, Tapia talked about the changes experienced by teams in recent times, “We are more strong in defence. Now we are more solid. Above all we have started scoring goals. We need to maintain the the line we are doing and improve some things. In any case I think if we continue this line we are going to make our fans happy”.


Agenda for the week 26 Febuary - 7 March 2011

Agenda for the week 26 Febuary - 7 March  2011
Rest day
Training  with closed doors
Squad List 
Press conference -  Antonio Tapia
Monday15.25South AirportFlight Tenerife-Alicante (UX)
Nuevo Cartagonova
FC Cartagena-CD Tenerife
Wednesday12.20 (*) Aeropuerto AlicanteFlight Alicante - Madrid (JK)
Wednesday15.00 (*)BarajasFlight Madrid - Tenerife Norte (UX)
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Saturday10.00HeliodoroTraining with closed doors
 Sunday10.00HeliodoroTraining with closed doors
Sunday-HeliodoroSquad list
Monday18.00HeliodoroCD Tenerife-FC Barcelona B
(*) Mainland time


The players talk of their happiness after the game against Xerez

At the end of the CD Tenerife-Xerez CD game, the faces of the local players reflected the happiness they felt at the victory and the fact for the first time this season the team was out of the relegation positions. The players to attend the press were goal scorers Pablo Sicilia & Antonio Hidalgo, as well as Richie Kitoko who played for the first time in the Heliodoro.

Sicilia: “The fans were great. We need to thank them for all their help. We suffered but we are going home happy. The feeling in the team is different today. We are improving. Again we were better. At the start of the game there weren't many chances but towards the end it was different. Who scored isn't important. What counts is that we gained three more points. The best thing is the happy faces of my collegues in the dressing room. Not only are we out of relegation but we are getting better”.

Hidalgo: “Today is a day to enjoy. But we need to carry on adding points as we are seriously short. The team is recovering feelings and points which finally is what counts. We are on a good run. We know what counts is that we win more games. But anyway the league is very even this year and any rival is difficult. Right now we seem batter able to read how we play each game. Xerez has been on of the best teams to pass through the island this year and with victories like this on things look different, better”.

Kitoko: “I am really happy we won and how we played. The most important thing though are the three points. We can't thank the fans enough for their support. We need to keep going the way we are. Right now we are becoming a strong team who gets the respect of every rival and we can go anywhere and win. We received their gaol really quickly and this changed the way we played. It made us compete right to the last second. Our rivals now know that CD Tenerife is better than before”.

The players talk of their happiness after the game against Xerez

At the end of the CD Tenerife-Xerez CD game, the faces of the local players reflected the happiness they felt at the victory and the fact for the first time this season the team was out of the relegation positions. The players to attend the press were goal scorers Pablo Sicilia & Antonio Hidalgo, as well as Richie Kitoko who played for the first time in the Heliodoro.

Sicilia: “The fans were great. We need to thank them for all their help. We suffered but we are going home happy. The feeling in the team is different today. We are improving. Again we were better. At the start of the game there weren't many chances but towards the end it was different. Who scored isn't important. What counts is that we gained three more points. The best thing is the happy faces of my collegues in the dressing room. Not only are we out of relegation but we are getting better”.

Hidalgo: “Today is a day to enjoy. But we need to carry on adding points as we are seriously short. The team is recovering feelings and points which finally is what counts. We are on a good run. We know what counts is that we win more games. But anyway the league is very even this year and any rival is difficult. Right now we seem batter able to read how we play each game. Xerez has been on of the best teams to pass through the island this year and with vistories like this on things look different, better”.

Kitoko: “I am really happy we won and how we played. The most important thing though are the three points. We can't thank the fans enough for their support. We need to keep going the way we ae. Right now we are becoming a strong team who gets the respect of every rival and we can go anywhere and win. We received their gaol really quickly and this changed the way we played. It made us compete right to the last second. Our rivals now know that CD Tenerife is better than before”.

CD Tenerife 2 - 1 Xerez Game notes

CD Tenerife beat Xerez CD (2-1). The victory helped the team lead by Tapia to continue to move up the table and get out of the relegation positions. The local goals were scored by Pablo Sicilia & Antonio Hidalgo, with a penalty. The goal scored by Xerez was two minutes after the second CD Tenerife goal which added emotion to the second half. Xerez animated by this goal put their hearts into the second half but in vain. The three points sstayed at home. Now the team are a little safer.

XEREZ CD 1 (0)
Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Pablo Sicilia, Ezequiel Luna, Beranger; Antonio Hidalgo (Mikel Alonso, 75’), Kitoko; Natalio (Omar, 60’), Julio Álvarez (Kome, 83’), Dubarbier & Nino.
Chema; Juan Luis Redondo, Leandro, Vicente Moreno, Raúl Llorente; Bruno Herrero (Barber, 46’), Cordero (Antoñito, 75’); Pablo Redondo (Nieto, 60’), Óscar Díaz, Capi & Mario Bermejo.
Eduardo Prieto Iglesias, from Navarra. Yellow cards for local players,  Antonio Hidalgo & Marc Bertrán, and for visitors Bruno Herrero, Cordero, Mario Bermejo, Juan Luis Redondo & Barber.
1-0: (39’) Pablo Sicilia, from a low cross ball. 2-0: (54’) Antonio Hidalgo, with a penalty. 2-1: (56’) Cordero, by getting ahead of the defence.
Played in the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The grass was in good condition. On a warm friday night there were 16.545 spectators. Iriome was there instead of Juanlu Hens who had been taken poorly.


I hope when the final whistle blows we are ahead.

Julio Álvarez was the player picked to talk to the media on Thursday in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López press room. Here e started talking about the game tomorrow, Friday against Xerez. “We will need to work hard to achieve a win. There are three important points and we need to fight as hard as we can”.
Following this theme he talked about the game”We need to concentrate in being the best, better than our rival. The objective is to get better with every game we play. We are competing well. We need to overcome Xerez and I hope that when the referee whistles the final blow we are ahead of our rival on the score board”.
To finish, Julio Álvarez looked at his personal journey in the blue and white team. “I am helping as much as I can had have done so since the first day. Sometimes things work out better than others. But I have always tried to add my grain of sand to the group for the teams benefit”.
The team trained for an hour and 15 mionutes today in the Heliodoro with the doors closed and present was also Josmar Zambrano from the B team. Tommorrow is the last session for the week at 11.00 again with closed doors before tomorrows nights game against Xerez.
After tomorrows session the coach will name the squad who will be present in the stadium.

Coach's interview in the Heliodoro.

Antonio Tapia was interviewed in his usual press conference this Thursday before the game against Xerez tomorrow. He started admitting that “we are here preoccupied with what might happen. No one is going to let go, there is tension and a need to win. We need to be strong and we need the help of the fans. We hope the team will play a good game and that they will deserve a victory”.
When asked about the next rival, the coach signalled that “Xerez has quality players, ones who are experienced at this level who will give us nothing. We need to make sure we show our best performance. We want to do things right and up the level of our game”.
When the game in Balaidos was brought up, Antonio Tapia recognised that “we need to try and finish games when they are in our favour, both in style and in results. In Vigo we gave everything but it didn't help because a point escaped that we had almost achieved. We are professionals and looking back I think we played a good game against a strong rival”.
Tapia also talked about playing on Friday “The times are not the ones we are used to, but from the point of view of the players recovery this is the best. There is a margin for this, for players to recover. We need to look positively as we have days spare”.
To finish the CD Tenerife trainer alluded to the “home advantage”. “Here in the Heliodoro, we can't afford to step back. We need to be consistent at home”, he concluded.


Wednesday interview with Natalio & Antonio Hidalgo

Natalio & Antonio Hidalgo were the two players interviewed on the press room in the El Mundialito training grounds, where they talked basically about the next game against Xerez CD.
In this form the Valencian footballer stated that “The game this Friday is important as winning it will allow us to get out of relegation. We have to be strong at home. We are anxiously waiting this game”.
Lastly, Natalio repeated that “We are on a good run and in the Heliodoro it is primordial that we don't let any points escape. Every game is individual. Xerez is a strong team with experienced players”,he added.
Antonio Hidalgo, then confirmed that in spite of the loss in Vigo, “Our moral is intact. We are counting on the support of the fans and this is important. We have to continue growing and continue adding points”.
When asked about the importance of the next league game, The mid fielder from Catalonia reminded that “we are in a delicate situation and we need to win to move out of relegation. We want to move up for good from there. We know it will be an achievement and there is still a long way to go to achieve our aims”.
To finish, Antonio Hidalgo made clear that “we always want to play and win”, adding a small thought about the next rival. “Xerez is a solid team and we need to bear this in mind” he finished.


Remember the Xerez game in 2009?

CD Tenerife & Xerez CD have confronted each other 17 times in their history on the island and the blue and whites have a strong winning run. The Canarian team has won 12 of the games with the Andalucian winning only three. The other two matches ended up in a draw.

Both teams had the bitter sweet end to last season when they descended from the first division to the second. The last time they played each other on the island was October 2009 when the blue and whites won 1-0 with a goal from Alfaro.

The first squad continued training for the match this Friday today in the El Mundalito grounds with a session which lasted an hour and 45 minutes.

After their habitual warm up the players did a series of exercises which allowed them to practise ball skills in the whole field. Afterwards they did some sessions of pressure play and then they played a match in reduced space on the pitch.

Today both Ricardo León and Igor completed the first part of the session, then they retired to the changing rooms. Also Melli and Kitoko completed the session with full training. As often Josmar Zambrano & Dani Mederos, from the CD Tenerife B were present.

The first CD Tenerife squad will be back at work on Wednesday at 10am in the El Mundialito grounds.

Mikel Alonso was on of the two players interviewed today. He commented on how he sees CD Tenerife playing right now. The mid-fielder said, “The team is working well and we need to be strong. Xerez is having a good season but we are fine now and capable of beating any rival”.

The blue and white player commented “all the games in the second division are hard. They have rhythm and intensity. We want to get out of the relegation positions and if we carry on playing the way we are then we will get then. Lets see if we can do it this weekend”.

When asked about his playing Alonso explained “You always notice when you haven't been playing And I have missed more games are we had some mid week ones. I finally played a little but I am not happy because although I got the chance to play at the end we lost and went home with that bad taste in our mouth. It is good to see competition and that we all want to play”.

The other player interviewed was Pablo Sicilia, who couldn't play due to federation punishment against Celta. “Now we need to train hard and I hope I will be able to play in the next game. We know Xerez well. They have good player and we will need to compete well to keep the three points at home”.

The defender from Gran Canaria continued explaining that, “as we move up the table things will seem different. I remember the CD Tenerife-Xerez the year we went up. This was a vital game for us and we managed with one player less. The fans pulled us together in a fashion that was outstanding and will always be one of my favourite memories”he finished.


Monday interviews

Gregory Beranger hopes that CD Tenerife maintains the strong line that they have had recently against Xerez. The French defender considered that “right now we are just thinking about Friday. The best think in football is to play games and we need to win a lot of points in as little time as possible to change our position in the table”.
The blue and white footballer stated “the best in the last weeks. This way we hope to see us moving up soon. I hope the fans can enjoy again the play as they did last Sunday against Rayo Vallecano. If we repeat the way we have played, then we have lots of chances to win”.

Above all the game in Balaídos, Beranger explained that “we let in a goal in the last moment and we went home cross from Vigo. Now looking at the match we see we played well and we need to continue this way. It is never a good weekend to win, we tried hard and deserved points”.

For himself, Ezequiel Luna, who was also interviewed by the media today, referred to the same factors as his companion: “We did everything to try to win and not to lose. But football has these things. They scored in the 89th minute when they had done everything to try to score”.

The Argentine defender admitted “we are achieving a good line and if we continue like this we will move up. We are thinking about Xerez and need to do everything to win. We need to be solid in every line and stay strong in the Heliodoro. Here we have to defend our territory and look for the three points”.

Luna carried on analysing the game against Celta de Vigo: “We had our chances and didn't make them. Then in the second part they nearly didn't get to our goal, they then scored. This makes me cross”.

Marc talks about the season so far.

This was Marc Bertran's 150th game for the blue and white club. Sadly it wasn't a win but Marc took some time to talk to the CD Tenerife web and here are his comments.

CD Tenerife lost in Balaídos after a run of six games without a loss. For Marc Bertrán the lesson learnt against Celta was clear. In spite of the loss the team showed they could fight. The blue and white captain talked to the Club website on Sunday.
¿How do you feel about the game in Balaídos?
“Good because the team played at a higher level, with a good defence against one of the top rivals in a difficult ground. The pity was the gaol at the end. But the team is still growing, we are improving. If we play at this level we can beat anyone”.
After two clear chances on by Melli and another by Nino, Kitoko was injured. ¿Did this influence the game?
“Kitoko is working really hard but all the player add to the team. In my opinion you don't really notice if one player or another are playing. It is true that we had a really good moment in the second half. Then they moved us back and took control especially in the last 15 minutes”.
Looking in from outside Tapia gives us the feeling that the team is more solid. There is more help and also there are more tactical fouls. How do you see this?
“The team has improved a lot. That’s a fact. Anyone can see it. With Tapia, the group has grown on many levels, but above all in defence. In this category it is normal that the teams score goals and that happens. We have played the big teams and in the last three games we have only three goals. We need to be consistent”.
The run of six games without losing is over. How do you see the future?
“I am optimistic. We had two wins which helped us endlessly- Winning one game would get us out of relegation. If we win against Xerez that would be it. We want to do this and the way we are playing is the way to go. We need to play every game as if it as the last game in the league”.
For yourself, how do you see the season and your playing?
“I am happy. At the end the team sets the level. What we want is to win and to add points. We all need to help the best we can”.

Agenda for the week 21 - 27 February 2011

The first team has 4 training sessions before the game on Friday against Xerez

Agenda for the week 21 - 27 February
El Mundialito
El Mundialito
El Mundialito
Entrenamiento a puerta cerrada
Rueda de prensa de Antonio Tapia
Jueves-HeliodoroLista de convocados
CD Tenerife-Xerez CD


Game notes - Los against Celta de Vigo 1 - 0 CD Tenerife

A last minute goal by  Michu put Celta de Vigo ahead and left Tenerife witout a point after the game in Balaidos.

RC CELTA 1 (0)
Falcón; Hugo Mallo, Jonathan Vila, Catalá, Roberto Lago, Bustos, Trashorras (Ábalo, 80’), David Rodríguez (Aspas, 68’), López Garai (Michu, 59’) Alex López & De Lucas.
Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Gregory Beranger, Melli, Ezequiel Luna; Kitoko (Mikel Alonso, 67’), Antonio Hidalgo, Natalio (Juanlu, 84’), Dubarbier (Kome, 61’), Julio Álvarez; & Nino.
Miranda Torres, from Catalyuna. Yellow cards for visitors Beranger & Nino.
1-0: (88’) Michu, from in front of the goal
Played in the Balaídos ground. The ground was in good condition. Warm afternoon with 12,000 spectators. One minutes silence for the death of Ibarreche an ex-keeper of Celta Vigo. CD tenerife wore the green/gold strip.

Interviews on Friday - Nino and Kome

“In front of us a another difficult game but we are on a good run, We are winning, adding up points and this is giving us confidence. We know that we can win games and we need to keep doing that”.
This was how Nino's press conference started. He also talked about the next rival in the league, “Celta has a good rhythm going in their games. They like to play the ball and more so at home. We need to know how we plan to play the match. We want to organise how we are going to play to our advantage. There are tow good teams in this game both of which are playing well right now”.
To conclude, Nino analysed the path CD Tenerife has followed in the last few games, “since the start of the second half of the league we have seen some good results. We need to go out on the pitch convinced that it is possible to win this match. The feeling right now is really positive. We are on the way up and the group is responding to this”.

Dani Kome was also interviewed when the team arrived in Madrid and started by commenting on the improvement that the CD Tenerife have seen. “The team has grown enormously, above all on the field. We are happier now and more concentrated, We will be trying for a good result in Vigo”.
The midfielder from Cameroon followed up saying, “ The team is better but in playing standard and in their attitude. We are no longer fearful on the pitch. In every aspect of the game we are more together and more concentrated. Before it was easy for teams to catch us in a counter attack but the team is better now and we are making the most of this. We are much better than at the start of the season. We need to get off the bottom of the table”.
When asked about his physical state, Kome admitted that “I feel good better physically. This year I am making the most of the minutes that the coach give me. It has been now I play now I don't. Some of the time I wasn't very well but now I feel much better. I will be trying to keep this up until the end”.
The press enquired how difficult it was for the blue and white “14” to be in the starting eleven, he pointed out, “the competition isn't just to be in the starting eleven it is to be in the list of players for each game. This is good for the team as each player needs to work as hard as he can”.
Dani Kome also talked about the next game. “we need to keep a clear plan of how we want to play, not on how our rival is. If we are strong then we can beat any rival. We are on a good run and have a few games without a loss. I hope we will continue on this line. If they respect us that's good. Although we are at the bottom, teams have respect. We need to demonstrate on the grass that they are right” he finished.


Introduccion -- Introduction

Primero yo,
Me llamo Nikki Leadbeater Gaze. Tengo 43 años. Hablo ingles, español, francés y tengo nociones de alemán y italiano.
Tengo dos niños que son casi adultos y ya salen van de casa. Por suerte ya tengo un nuevo bebe que es la tienda Soy del Tete. Soy encargada y hago los pedidos.
Vine a Tenerife con 16 años y me siento que esta es mi casa.
De pequeña no me interesaba el fútbol pero al llegar aquí me engancho el Tenerife. Empece viendo los partidos por la tele. Los buenos años y después los no tan buenos. Empezamos de ir al estadio cuando los chicos eran algo mas grande y llevamos yendo regularmente mas que diez años.
Hasta hace dos años no compramos abono porque no hacia falta, pero mi marido tuvo que quedarse dos veces toda la noche delante de la tienda Liberia Raquel y Carla para comprar las entradas. Y por esto cuando anunciaron que iban en venta los abonos en junio de 2009 fui con una amiga el primer día. Este fue un día tremendo. Todo el mundo vio este día en la tele, nosotros tuvimos de conseguirla. Llegamos a las 10 de la mañana y al las 03.00 de la mañana siguiente conseguimos nuestros abonos.
En febrero yo sentía que al equipo le hacia falta aficionados allí para el ultimo partido. Entonces una amiga y yo compramos billetes de vuelo para ir a Valencia. Un día de mucha emociones, buenos de día con mas que dos mil Tenerifitos en la ciudad felices y de fiesta y los malos de noche después del partido.

Soy miembro del la peña Zoneros

Partido Favorito: CDT v Jerez 2009, un ambiente fantástico.
Jugador favorito: uno que sentía sus colores : Cristo

Feliz con mi equipo

First I will introduce myself. My name is Nikki Leadbeater Gaze. I am 43 years old and speak English Spanish and French, with some ideas in German and Italian. I have two grown up children who are on the verge of leaving home but now I have a new baby, The Soy del Tete shop. I run the shop and do all the ordering.
I came to Tenerife when I was 16 and feel very much at home here.

When I was a child I wasn't interested in football but CD Tenerife is very much part of the island. I started watching the games on TV, the good years and the not so good ones. After we had the children we started to take them and have been going on a regular basis for over 10 years.

Up to 2 years ago we had never bought a season ticket but in the 08/09 season my husband spent 2 nights outside the bookshop in Los christianos waiting in a queue for tickets. So when the club announced the date for the release of season tickets a friend and I went the same day. You may have seen the photos or video of this day. We were there from 10am until 03.00 the following day but when we left we had been fortunate and had our season tickets.

I was there in Valencia when the team was relegated. During the winter a friend and I decided that the team would need the fans there for the last game. This was an emotional day with over 2000 Tenerife fans in the city of Valencia celebrating the possibilities and then after the game we were very sad.

I am a member of the fan club Zoneros and Armada Sur
The best game I have been to was the CD Tenerife v Xerez game in 2009. It was an outstanding atmosphere through out the stadium.
My favourite player would be Christo, a player who really loved the club and the team.


“Celta is a team who have been well constructed, they are well balanced, although they also have weak points".

Antonio Tapia had his standard weekly press conference on Thursday before the team travel on Friday to Galicia. Talking about how he saw the team he commented, “We know that it is never easy against any rival. Every game will be an authentic battle where the teams fight to show their best tactics. Now we need to have no doubts. Against Rayo we played a good game. We need to continue improving and practising some aspects of our game. We are becoming a great team and this squad is capable of anything”.
He continued on the same theme talking about the team, “The last two wins have given us strength. We came to Salamanca have not lost at home, which was important and then the win away led us to the next game. We have credit in the bank now”.
In reference to the objective the coach is marking for the team he said, “ We need to get out from the bottom. We have to reach the last eight games as well as we can to see how things lie. Whoever fails least will be saved. We know it is difficult but we have the fans and they carry us, we can be saved”.
His comments on the next rival included, “Celta is a team who have been well constructed, they are well balanced, although they also have weak points. Their coach is a great man and his teams are always difficult to beat but we are going to try”.
“You need to respect great rivals”, continued Antonio Tapia, “and go into games against them with humility. I know we have the potential, that CD Tenerife can do battle with any opponent at this level. Playing against Celta , right now, is added motivation. The footballer know that we have much in play. If we are lucky we will come home with the three points” he concluded.

We need to get out of relegation as soon as possible, says Sergio

Sergio Aragoneses was the player interviewed on Thursday after the training session in the El Mundialito grounds. He spoke of the objective the team have set themselves for the trip to Vigo this weekend, “We are going with the idea to win and add the three points. This is the best plan”.
When asked about how he saw the game the CD Tenerife keeper from Galicia pointed out that, “Celta is having a great season and we will need to pay attention in all phases of the game. We will need to use all our weapons to win the match”.
Lastly Sergio Aragoneses reminded the press that, “We are in a delicate position still and we need to move the team out of the relegation positions as soon as possible”.

List of players travelling to Vigo. Mikel Alonso in the list.

The CD Tenerife first team trained this morning in the last session on the island for the week, Tomorrow, Friday they travel to Vigo where they will play their next league game. The session took place in El Mundialito grounds and took an hour and 20 minutes.
The session started with warm up, exercises with the ball, running practice over the whole grounds and a game with two teams over three quarters of the ground.
Ricardo León continued his recovery separate from the group and Josmar Zambrano y Dani Mederos, from CD Tenerife B, were also present.
At the end of the session coach Antonio Tapia, gave the list of the players who would be travelling to Galicia for the game against RC Celta, the list consisted of Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Antonio Hidalgo, Nino, Igor, Omar, Natalio, Beranger, Sergio Aragoneses, Kome, David Prieto, Juanlu, Melli, Ezequiel Luna, Julio Álvarez, Kitoko, Dubarbier & Míkel Alonso.
On Friday the last training session of the week is due to take place on the mainland at 16:45 (Canarian time) in the Ciudad Deportiva “A Madroa de Vigo”.


Wednesday interview with Melli and Dubarbier

Sebastián Dubarbier & Melli were the two players who met the media on Wednesday in the press room in the El Mundialito grounds.

The mid fielder commented that “we have two consecutive wins and we need to continue this way to move as fast as we can out to the bottom of the table. I see a squad with a need to do well and improve and the desire to win more games”.
Continuing along this theme the blue and white “22”s stated, “We have an idea about how we want to play. We are trying the best we can but there is still room for improvement so the games can continue the way we want to”.
Dubarbier also pointed out the level of the squad, “ We have a great team fit to fight and win three points against any opponent. Now we need to play again as visitors and go all out for a win. Then we can see how the game turns out. The objective is save the team, we want to be in a safer position in the table,” he added.
To finish the Argentine footballer talked about his time here in Tenerife and the team, “I really like the island. I know we have to do things well and wait and see what we can achieve. If only I can stay here in the club. The group is outstanding and everyone has helped me. I know I still need to do more but I have adapted well”.
Melli, in the mean time, started by commenting the path the team has followed over the last few games. “we went to Salamanca with the idea to improve and that we did. The following weekend we were capable of beating the leader and now again we need to fight for the three points. The coach insists that we have to continue improving, but you can see we are doing things well and that is more positive”, he added.
To conclude the defender from Andalusia said, “every player in the squad is important. There are competent people and if I get the chance to play I will do the best possible job. I am calm, I know that I can play in various positions and help the team”, he finished.
The first team trained this morning, Wednesday, in a session that lasted two hours. The practise included warm-up, work with the ball including circulation, offensive and defensive moves and a series of games in reduced space
Ricardo León completed the first part of the the work with the group and then worked on his own with a trainer. Also present as often were Tenerife B players Dani Mederos y Josmar Zambrano.
CD Tenerife realise on Thursday their last training session for the week on the island at 10.00 in the El Mundialito grounds. After which trainer Antonio Tapia will give a press interview and the list of players due to travel to Balaídos for the game against RC Celta.

On Thursday there will be a meeting in the HRL Stadium between the president and the Fan clubs. This is part of the group of events given to celebrate the five year aniversary of the presiden Miguel Concepcion and his advisors.

Celebration of five years as president.

In a act that took place on Tuesday in the Casino de Tenerife to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the present
administrative council for CD Tenerife SAD with Miguel Concepción Cáceres in charge, This was the event with more media present that the club has held in the recent past.
In the Miguel Duque hall in the centre of Santa Cruz full for the occasion, with everyone who is or has been important for the club in the last five years.
For the blue and white club; the ex presidente, José López Gómez; sponsors, collaborators, managers from different areas, directors, sports mmedia who daily cover the news about CD Tenerife as well as political representatives including the president of the Canaries, Paulino Rivero; the head of the Tenerife government, Ricardo Melchior; the vice parliament and president of the Partido Popular in the Canaries Cristina Tavío , Cabildo memeber and responsable person for the PSC-PSOE, Aurelio Abreu; the vice president of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez; the member for sport for the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Dámaso Arteaga; and the director general for RTV Canaria, Guillermo García.
At the meeting there were nine camera teams for television and 10 radio channels represented, six newspapers both for general news and for sports news, agency’s and virtual media and eight photographers.
The talk given by CD Tenerife president , Miguel Concepción, took place over 35 minutes and in the same he talked about the principal achievements during his time in office during the last five years with reinforcement by ten power point slides, the content of which was also given in CD to the media. Once finished Concepción Cáceres responded to 16 questions formulated by the press.
After which the president of the Cabildo spoke followed by the president of the Canary isles, Paulino Rivero who coved the five years very elegantly and hoped in his closing words that the president would stay another five year.
Present for the meal afterwards were 68 members of the governments and the club.
This news was on the cover of three of the local papers today, Wednesday with photos taken after the speeches.


Richie Kitoko hopes to play again soon.

The first team were all together on Tuesday to return to work for the first of this weeks training sessions in the El Mundalito grounds. The blue and whites trained for two hours although the players who played a full match did not work as hard in the second hour concentrating on recovery exercises.
The others warmed up, played football tennis, then a game with three goals in half the pitch, work on one on one plays, and then quick games with four teams.
Ricardo León completed the first two activities with his team mates and then did specific actions to help his recovery with trainer, Adrián Gutiérrez. Omar Ramos had to stop early. Also present were Josmar Zambrano y Dani Mederos from the CD Tenerife B team.
The blue and whites will be back training tomorrow Wednesday from 10 am again in the Mundialito.
After the session was finished present in the press room was Ritchie Kitoko, whose comments on how the team find themselves right now included, “We need to maintain this high level. We are going to Vigo to win because we need these three points. The team is showing signs of improvement. We have won two games in a row and now are more confident”.
When asked about the support of the fans in the last game the player from Congo stated, “I had been told that the fans here are a great help, and that is how it is. It was fantastic. It helps us a great deal”.
Lastly, Kitoko confirmed that he feels one hundred percent as he has finished his caution. “I am ready for whatever the coach asks me. I feel good and if the coach wants me to play then I will try to everything he asks of me”.


Interviews after the win against Rayo Vallecano

Ezequiel Luna, Antonio Hidalgo & Natalio Lorenzo were the three players from CD Tenerife who passed through the press area on Sunday after the end of the game against Rayo. The blue and white players showed their happiness after the win against the leader of the Liga Adelante.

Luna: “I am happy that we won and above all for a win at home. This second win helps our confidence. Now we need to get back to work for the next game to continue to add points. The team is moving up and this is what we want to do. The group is different now, we see things better. But we still haven't achieved anything we need to continue to fight to move out of relegation. I didn't watch the referee so I can't comment on his calls. But everyone can make mistakes, we are all human after all. As each game passes we feel better. The shame was the goal at the end of the game as we worked very hard not to let in any goals. The fans were a great help today and we thank them”.
Antonio: “The team gets better day by day and this is the line we need to follow. We look more compact right now more like a team. The fans helped us considerably in what was a difficult game. We still have a lot of work to do. Last week the coach tried me in the position Kitoko played at the weekend. He has shown a great deal of confidence in me and I want to thank him for that. Tapia is slowly showing us how we need to play and the results are a confirmation we are doing well. The players have stepped up to the line. When you take a penalty you can have no doubts and this is why I scored twice”.
Natalio: “We know that without working 100% there will be no three points. The trainer talked frequently about the match during the week and the team worked hard to be here. The referee was rigorous, some things were in our favor and some things were not. I am still waiting to score that little goal but I am sure it will come. As we have better results our confidence grows. We were under a lot of pressure but now we are calmer and more relaxed. We are going from less to more but we can't stop now. We need to be ambitious and look up the table”

Then coach Antonio Tapia talked saying “We knew that this would be a hard fought game. We were playing a rival who is on form and leader in the competition. The only way to finish victorious was not to let our guard down. We needed to be good in defence and attack. We should make the most of our chances as we did today. The fans took us with them, their support carried us. Now we have a week in front of us to improve things that can be improved”.
This is how Antonio Tapia commented on the game CD Tenerife won against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday Morning in the Heliodoro. The blue and white trainer emphasised the effort made by the players to beat the leader. The Andalucian coach showed his satisfaction for the result during the press conference which was held after the game during which he made several pointed remarks.
About the refereeing of Pino Zamorano he didn't want to comments much saying “About the referees normally I don't make statements as their job is very hard”. Tapia turned the question around and talked again about his players in the following terms: “The game today was hard fought. We had the chances to win and made the most of them we also managed to neutralise our opponents chances. This was an important victory, against a great rival who is playing well and who has great figures for away wins. This wasn't easy and for this we need to thanks the squad and the fans. On Saturday, in Vigo, we have another complicated game but we need to continue to be humble”.
When asked about the changes in the first eleven, Tapia made clear that, “we will start the players we think will be right for each game. At the end we won this victory. We need to praise those who played and those who didn't as they are all important. We know that still we haven't achieved anything. These were three important points, but there is still a long way to go in the league. We need to remember that our aim is to move out of the relegation zone”.
Antonio Tapia was also questioned about the players he changed and he explained that “we made changes due to the cards given and the needs of the match. Dubarbier was still fit and helping the defence. Sometimes you have to take chances”.
Antonio Tapia then talked about the rival “Rayo also made chances but we neutralised them. This is how our rival only scored one goal. We can't play that our rivals don't score. It isn't the best option for us. Our plan, except at the end when Melli came on is to play the ball, not to close down and play on the other side. We did serious damage with counter attacks”.
“We need to enjoy this victory and disconnect a little. We are still missing rounds to see how the team works out, but I can see we are growing. Today this was clear. We came out of this game positively. This week we will continue ridding ourselves of the heavy weight which is holding us back”, he added.
“We need tot to be euphoric as we have a team with capacity. We need to get out from under with a level of play that permits us efficiency. The idea is to be solid, tight in defence and know how to control specific situations. This Sunday we knew how to control the game against a rival who was more together than we are”, he concluded.

Agenda for the week 14 - 20 February 2011

The players have three training sessions at home before they travel to Vigo and have one more session there before the match on Satudrday

Agenda for the week 14 - 20 February 2011
Rest day
El Mundialito
El Mundialito
El Mundialito
El Mundialito
Press conference with Antonio Tapia
El Mundialito
List of players
Tenerife Norte-Madrid
 Hotel NH Palacio de Vigo
Training in Vigo
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