Dreaming of a playoff against Las Palmas

Ten finales to dream. 
CD Tenerife is coming towards the end of the league in an ideal position for their first year back in professional football

Photo Sergio Mèndez

Ayoze Perez stated "right now my only thought is Tenerife, later we will see".


If the league ended today CD a Tenerife would play UD Las Palmas en the first round if the playoff 



Sometimes a draw feels like a win

Highlights from the game

Cervera "The result doesn't surprise me, the team worked well together "


Sometimes a draw feels like a loss and sometimes it feels like you won. After the early goal by Deportivo coach Cervera changed his plans.


The players all agreed this was a great point in a dificult stadium



Big test in The Riazor

Riazor is a big test for the rest of the season for the Blanquiazules


CD Tenerife is proposing For the AGM which tales place next month degrade the price if its shares. Instead of the 60.10€ which was paid for them if this motion is approved they would be worth 10€

Two very different teams on the field tonight. Deportivo who signed various top named teams in the winter break are obliged to go back up to primera to keep their financial budget on track and CD Tenerife a team who with Eibar are the surprises of the season.



No goals!!

The plan is not to let them score said coach Cervera. If they score their tendency is to stand back and defend the whole game.


Aitor Sanz  has had enquiries as to how his contract stands from various clubs in primera. Although the player says he is happy where he is.



Special offer for entrance tickets for the last 5 games

Fantastic offer for the last five home games

Foto javier Vaivet


Suso plans to stay and is happy that the coach plans that too


Pablo Insua, player for Deportivo de la Coruña, stated yesterday in a press conference in the Riazor stadium that the team needed the fans I'd they were to have a chance to win against CD Tenerife  



To Riazor!!

Although the Players expect the game to be hard on Saturday, they both think they have a chance to win.

Both Suso Santana and Iñigo Ros spoke about how they think the team have options

Photo S.M.


Ayoze Diaz stated that the team should keep a copy of the photo of the group celebration after the 4th goal as it reflects how united they are as a group


Suso expects a great atmosphere in Riazor  on Saturday

Photo MS


Ayoze please stay!! The fans call


11 games, 33 points in play and everything to be decided. 

Six games away from the island and five at home are what CD Tenerife have to play in their first game back in professional football and the most exciting league for years. 



Álvaro Cervera is having his best season since 2004 when he trained Castellón in Segunda B. After training several teams the  coach from Equitoral Guinea has guided  CD Tenerife into play-off positions for Primera División with 11 rounds to go.

Photo Oliver Ganivet

The fans call for Ayoze to stay and for Suso's renewal
Photo Delia Padron

A Coruña, EFE Deportivo play at home next Saturday to CD Tenerife in the Riazor stadium. Although they have never lost when the two team played in the first division in Segunda they lost the last two games. 


A win, playoff and a chance to dream 24/03/2014

This was everybodies show although Ayoze was yet again able to show his great ability


A serious CD Tenerife showed no pity to a Ponferradina who could do nothing right in front of Golden boy Ayoze Pérez. At just 20 years Old he scored his First hat-trick. The afternoon was completed with goals from Aridane and Edgar


It has been a very long time since a player of this quality has been seen in the Heliodoro 



News 23/03/2014

Thinking in the present time

The best way to forget last weeks game is to beat Ponferradina a direct rival for salvation.

Aridane wants to forget the last time the team from Castilla Leon visited the island 

Accounts pending 
Although sources near the club haven't wanted to comment on the desire to have revenge on Ponferradina. History invites the sensationthat within the team there are these feelings



Saturday 21/03/2014 news roundup

Bruno claimed the only way to forget Mallorca has been to train hard

The coach in a training session. Source Diario de Avisos
The coach Alvaro Cervera says, "if we Los against Ponferradina they are going to be very close"


Ponferadina's coach Claudio stated he fans in Tenerife are very strong and this is going to be a tough game




In the 08/09 season I had more time in my hands and tended to try every day to translate the club website.
Talking to someone yesterday I realised they missed that. Not sure I can manage to translate like I have in the past but I can try to at least link and explain the days team news stories
There are three main newspapers on the island and a selection of webs who link news
This is a story about how Acoran who plays for Ponferradina like to come home to play:

This is about how many teams have presented their credentials to go and see Ayoze play in the Heliodoro including the UK teams Brighton and Liverpool FC