Interview with new player Javier Tarantino

Javier Tarantino is preparing to start a new sporting experience. The new blue and white player told the club website yesterday that he was “very happy and excited with the Tenerife project” As well he added that “from the first moment I rated the clubs interest very highly”.
Javier Tarantino is the forth player to arrive this season to the CD Tenerife ranks. The Basque defender has finalised his stay in Albacete Balompié, commenting that “it was a great time” and he looked forward to “his time on the island”.
The footballer who trained in the youth sides of Club de Bilbao assured the club that “since I first heard of the interest of the club from sports director, Pedro Cordero”. “There was interest in me from several 2A clubs" he added, “but I have chosen to come to Tenerife”.
Looking at the next season, Tarantino is clear what to expect “it will be a great challenge, and I am sure it won't be easy”. He finished We will need to work hard and be humble”.
NOTA photo given by web official Albacete Balompié.

Interview with new player Francisco José Nicolás González, Nico

Francisco José Nicolás González, Nico, seems to be lucky every way he turns. No sooner has he taken his team up to the 2A of Spanish football with Guadalajara, than he has now signed for CD Tenerife. “I am really excited about this project” said the young footballer from Murcia.
Since last Sunday to, Francisco José Nicolás González, Nico, has only seen good thing happen. His week have been marvellous. He commented, “When Tenerife phones you to join them you don't look at the category they play in”.
The young versatile player repeated that, “Since I knew that there was interest for me in Tenerife I was very excited. I am very pleased to have joined the team”. Nico the latest member of the blue and white squad said, “It is a great plan they have and I am looking forward to fighting for the team”.
Nico didn't hide that “it has been very hard to get here, now I have a great chance and I hope I can make the most of it. If we play with humility we will do well”. Lastly he wanted to add, I am greatful to Guadalajara, as the experience was wonderful, it was a great season”.


Jonay Hernandez is excited to be returning to Tenerife

Jonay Hernández is returning to CD Tenerife. Before this he played in the youth squads and now he will be part of the first team squad. At 32 years old, the Tenerife defender who is Venezuelan by birth admitted that, “it is a privilege to play for my home team”.
The second signing for CD Tenerife is now reality. Jonay Hernández, who is known in the football world as Meji, is now committed to the blue and white team. The defender is excited to be returning and looking forward to the new season with the hope to help the team reach their objectives.
In declarations made on the club website, Jonay Hernández assured that, “it is a privilege to play for the home team”. The new CDT defender explained that “since I knew about their interest, I didn't want to listen to any other offer”
Jonay Hernández knows that his experience is important for the club. Before his return to CD Tenerife, the defender has played for Real Madrid B, Dundee (Scotland), Córdoba, Ciudad de Murcia, Zamora, Racing de Ferrol, Pontevedra, Melilla & Leganés. “Amongst other things I bring experience to the group as I have played in many teams” he affirmed.
The new blue and white player considered that “ I am really pleased to be part of the team”, He continued, “We know it will not be easy”, he underlined “and we will need to fight hard but I hope to be able to add my little grain of sand”, finished Jonay Hernández.


The club sponsors pledge their continued support.

On the club website there was the following report.

This season as ever the club CD Tenerife has been able to count on the help of its sponsors. A collection of companies we have supported the club in the last few years and after the end of this season have stated their continued support for the coming season.
We are pleased to state that in spite of the relegation from 2a to 2b this season 10/11, our sponsors have had the confidence to keep supporting CD Tenerife, conscious of the repercussion that there would be if they stopped supporting us now.
The island team has received the continuous support from the Canarian tourist board, The Tenerife island government, CajaCanarias (Banca Cívica), Tv Canaria, Cepsa, Islas, Traysesa, Volkswagen (Cuatromocion SL y Hatusa), Fuentealta (www.fuentealta.es), Luanvi, Clínica Parque, Egatesa & Grupo Gomasper.
The assistance the name CD Tenerife gives to the island has not been missed by important institutions like the Canarian tourist board and they Island government. The three main sponsors are these two plus savings bank CajaCanarias (Banca Cívica). To these names can be added the other companies named above who either collaborate with of provide services for the club.
This list definitively provide CD Tenerife with the support that makes them the main island team, what ever league the team plays in. Something that the club is profoundly grateful for.
With respect to the future it is very important that these companies are prepared to continue to support the club and the assurance that they and possibly other companies will support the club in the next season. Hopefully this will lead us to a strong project that will take the first team back to the 2a division.


Pablo is home in Gran Canaria, he hopes to get well soon to help the team.

Pablo Sicilia is now at home in Gran Canaria, with his family. The l CD Tenerife defender was operated on last Tuesday in Madrid for the injury he received on the field in the match against Las Palmas. “Many people have contacted me to wish me well”, said the player in thanks for the support he has received. His only thought now is “to get better and play again”.
Pablo Sicilia was allowed to leave the hospital after the operation on his ligaments in his right leg. The CD Tenerife defender will now stay in Gran Canaria with his family. He commented today “I feel a lot better” to the club website. “The first few hours after the operation I was very uncomfortable, especially Tuesday night”, he admitted, “although now I feel better”. “I was able to come home to be with my family” he added.
The blue and white number “6” is as ever optimistic about his recovery for the next few months though he admits they will be hard. “I have had a lot of support, and this is great”, he thanked everyone. He pointed out that the club president had phoned him to see how he was and had said that the most important thing was Pablo's recovery. “I thanks everyone for their support” he repeated.
Sicilia explained that “when the accident happened and even after, I didn't think it was so bad. Not until Monday when I had tests done did I realise how serious my leg was”. He pointed out that “the operation was really quick”. “The two doctors Juanjo Valencia & Pedro Guillén communicated really well and now I just need to concentrate on getting better, that is the most important thing, so I can come back and play again”.
Lastly, Pablo Sicilia indicated that “I know when I finally get back on the grass I will play well and I hope to be able to help the team achieve the aims for the season”


Amaral asks the fans for forgiveness

David Amaral had his usual Friday interview with the press before the game today, in which he started talking about the derby against UD Las Palmas. “The hope and desire to win are guaranteed and lets see if things go right. We are going out to play a fully motivated rival. We are going to play with some of our youth team who have been added to the squad. This is their moment”.
In reference to whether he will stay in CD Tenerife next season, the coach from Arico commented “this is an important game for the club. I am not going to talk about my personal situation but concentrate on the game. Everything else needs to be left for another time”.
“This is going to be traumatic for us, but we travel with the hope we can show what we are worth, calling on our pride and professionalism. Lets see if we can achieve a positive result”, added the chief coach for the blue and white team.
When questioned about the fact that eight players from the second team had been added to the squad David Amaral confirmed that “they are good players who have shown this. It is a prize for everything they have proved during the season. If they have the chance to play it will give them a boost”.
Amaral, who asked for “forgiveness and mitigation from the fans because things didn't work out the way we had hoped”, assuring that the objective this Saturday in the stadium in Gran Canaria is “to try to do the best we can, we will be concentrated on Saturday. Lets see if we can manage a positive result”.
Finally, the CD Tenerife referred to how they expect to be received by the UD Las Palmas fans. “They have been through this situation and I hope they will treat us the way they would like to be treated. On our part we know what it will be like and will live with it” he concluded.

Nino says goodbye signing autographs

The CD Tenerife player, Juan Francisco Martínez Modesto ‘Nino’, visited the club shop on Friday to sign autographs and be photographed with the fans. The player took a moment to send a message to the fans.
“This is surely my last official act for CD Tenerife, a meeting with the fans which serves to say goodbye, to CD Tenerife a club from where I leave with may happy memories. They have been four really good years”, explained the forward whilst he was talking to the teams followers in the shop, many of whom were young people and children.
“The club has given me a lot both professionally and personally. My family have also been happy here on the island”, added Nino, who had managed to make the signing in spite of the physical problems he has right now.
When asked about the future he commented: “Until I get home and sit and think I will not know exactly what I want to do. There are various options and I need to take the right decision”.
“It is a shame that I couldn't take part in the derby this week. I will watch the game on TV and I hope the players will be able to make the fans happy with a win”, he said about today's game in Las Palmas.
Lastly he wished the team the best of luck for the upcomming season: “The club needs to build a good project for the next season to take then back up”.


Jesús Álvaro a B team player hopes to have the chance to play and to win against UD Las Palmas

Ezequiel Luna was one of the two players interviewed on Thursday in the Heliodoro, where he started by discussing the derby against UD Las Palmas. “It is an important game and a special on to play. I have good memories of the three derby’s which I have played. I know how important they are to the fans what ever our position is in the table. I hope to have the chance to be in the first eleven. We want to finish in the best manor possible”.
The CD Tenerife defender from Argentina, also, confirmed that the aim for the squad are the three points in “Siete Palmas”. “The idea is leave the fans with some happiness, although we know this will be difficult, we will need to fight hard. We are sad for all e have lived through this season and a win in Gran Canaria is the best form to finish the season”.
When asked if he will continue to play for the blue and white team, Luna assured that he doesn't know, “what the future will bring. Right now I belong to CD Tenerife and I am calm. If I have to go, I want to go the best way I can. Football has things that are unexpected. Sports wise I had some very good times here, I have always tried to learn from my mistakes and look to the future”, he added.
Lastly, Luna reminded the importance of the last game. “It seems that we have a lot of players who won't play, but there are the lads from the second team to help them. Everyone should pay attention to this game as it is not a standard game, a derby is special”, he finished.
Jesús Álvaro, was also interviewed and he spoke of how happy he was to have trained today with the first team. “I am really happy and pleased to have taken part. It is a privilege to be able to work with the first squad. The players have been really good with me”.
In this way Jesus continued. “If I have the chance this Saturday, it would be a great chance. To be able to play in a derby is the hope of every local player. I don't know if I will have the chance but I hope so”.
To finish, the CD Tenerife B team player talked about how he felt about playing in a derby. “I am hopeful. I am 100% fit and if the coach decided to call me to play, I would give everything. My hope has always been to play for the first team. We will be eleven against eleven. There will be a desire to win on both sides but we hope to win the three points”.


Pablo hopes to win the derby for the fans

Pablo Sicilia was the player interviewed today, Wednesday and he talked about the derby on Saturday. “We have nothing to play for except our own pride and that of the fans. We are going out to win to give our people some happiness and finish the year in the best possible manner. A derby is always a special game, always different”.
The footballer from Gran Canaria, also expressed his sorrow for the results of the season. “We would have liked to at least have maintained the category we were in. Things went wrong from the beginning and we dragged these results through the whole season. We need to look carefully at ourselves and learn from them”.
He then continued on the same theme. “We need to win this game as e can't win anything else for the fans. We need to win and finish with as much dignity as possible”.
Lastly when asked about the future, Sicilia stated that “not even I know where I will be next year. In the next few days I hope to talk to the new sports director and know what he plans. I have a contract with CD Tenerife and it is not up to me what happens it is up to the club”.
The second player to be interviewed was Sebastián Dubarbier, who is only here on loan, he talked about Saturday's game saying, “We need to compete well. We are going with the intention of playing a good game and in spite of the relegation we hope to win”.
The Argentine finished by talking about the time he has spent playing for CD Tenerife, “I started well, and was happy with how I was playing, but I was then injured for a while. I will only take home good memories from the island” he added.