Jesús Álvaro a B team player hopes to have the chance to play and to win against UD Las Palmas

Ezequiel Luna was one of the two players interviewed on Thursday in the Heliodoro, where he started by discussing the derby against UD Las Palmas. “It is an important game and a special on to play. I have good memories of the three derby’s which I have played. I know how important they are to the fans what ever our position is in the table. I hope to have the chance to be in the first eleven. We want to finish in the best manor possible”.
The CD Tenerife defender from Argentina, also, confirmed that the aim for the squad are the three points in “Siete Palmas”. “The idea is leave the fans with some happiness, although we know this will be difficult, we will need to fight hard. We are sad for all e have lived through this season and a win in Gran Canaria is the best form to finish the season”.
When asked if he will continue to play for the blue and white team, Luna assured that he doesn't know, “what the future will bring. Right now I belong to CD Tenerife and I am calm. If I have to go, I want to go the best way I can. Football has things that are unexpected. Sports wise I had some very good times here, I have always tried to learn from my mistakes and look to the future”, he added.
Lastly, Luna reminded the importance of the last game. “It seems that we have a lot of players who won't play, but there are the lads from the second team to help them. Everyone should pay attention to this game as it is not a standard game, a derby is special”, he finished.
Jesús Álvaro, was also interviewed and he spoke of how happy he was to have trained today with the first team. “I am really happy and pleased to have taken part. It is a privilege to be able to work with the first squad. The players have been really good with me”.
In this way Jesus continued. “If I have the chance this Saturday, it would be a great chance. To be able to play in a derby is the hope of every local player. I don't know if I will have the chance but I hope so”.
To finish, the CD Tenerife B team player talked about how he felt about playing in a derby. “I am hopeful. I am 100% fit and if the coach decided to call me to play, I would give everything. My hope has always been to play for the first team. We will be eleven against eleven. There will be a desire to win on both sides but we hope to win the three points”.

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