David Medina says he is pleased to be here and wants to help.

David Medina, the latest signing for CD Tenerife is just waiting for his medical to be presented as the latest player with the blue and whites. On his way to Tenerife he stated the following, “It is great to be coming and I am sure this will be a great year. I am in a hurry to start training with my new colleagues”.
The Catalan mid-fielder who can also play in defensive position, admitted that as well as the option to come to Tenerife there were other offers from 2A. “There were offers from Segunda A and from abroad, but CD Tenerife is a historical team with a great name and I hope as much as I can to help this year”.
To finish, Medina commented on how pleased he was that Tenerife had faith in him. “I knew the club was interested in me. This is an honour and something that makes me very pleased” he finished.


Agenda for the week 25 - 31 July 2011

Agenda for the week 25 - 31 July 2011
Municipal de Barlovento
UD Tijarafe-CD Tenerife
Sábado17.00Virgen de las NievesSD Tenisca-CD Tenerife
Domingo11.00La PalmaRegreso La Palma-Tenerife Norte (Islas)

Miguel Concepcion speaks after a training sesion in La Palma

Miguel Concepción visited the team on Sunday in La Palma where they are pre-season training in Barlovento. The president of the blue and white team greeted the players and the members of the training team. Miguel Concepción was with the Club manager Juan Amador; and the sports director, Pedro Cordero.
Later in the lounge of the Hotel La Palma Romántica he had a press conference where he talked about various important theme pertaining to the club.
BARLOVENTO.- “The technical team are happy with the facilities here in La Palma. This is a place where they have good facilities both in the way of grounds and the hotel itself. Barlovento is an ideal place for the pre-training sessions”.
FIRST LOSS.- “On Thursday you could see Granadilla better formed as a team. They are used to playing together which we are not. This is a freshly formed project. There are many new players and some are still missing. I would hope against Tenisca on Saturday we will be able to see another side to the squad. In the Francisco Suárez the team were still practising. In the first half Granadilla were very much in possession but in the second half we came more into our own. I am not displeased with the way the team is going”.
SEASON TICKET SALES.- “It is normal that the fans have doubts, that they are waiting to see how the team is coming together but as the weeks pass they will see how we are working. Against UD Las Palmas, on the 12th and the 15th of August we will see the team s level”.
ERE.- “I have no doubts about the team. If some of the players included in the ERE finally stay here I expect them to work hard. The club will maintain the ERE. This is a favourable point for us, we can pay off the players, but whilst there professionals remain in the club, they need to perform as such. We will respect them but they need to respect CD Tenerife too”.
CLAIMS.- “I hope in the first few days of the week the money we need to pay the players will arrive and we can finish this off. I need to go back to Tenerife to sort this out. Nothing but solving this is in my head”. (This implies that the president will not allow the team to go down to the third division)
SIGNINGS.- “The league is long and we are going to try to fill all the places the federation permits. That said, we can't do too much until we know about the result of the ERE. So if we are still waiting for a few players there is no worry. In any case the team will be competitive. We will always be open to reinforce the team if there are any deficiencies”.
LEAVINGS.- It will be easier for the players with offers to leave. Those without an offer will I presume wait for the ERE. We have made offers to the players to ring their wages in line with 2B and some of these have accepted this. I am not sure what goes through their heads that they prefer to wait. If one of them comes tomorrow and asks to leave we will allow them to leave. In the office we are waiting , but I think that for the career's of these players it would be best if they leave for other teams”.
FRIENDLY GAMES.- “We are happy that Milagros Luis Brito is in charge of sports for the Cabildo. She is someone we know and respect. She has promised to help us with the friendly games against UD Las Palmas during August. She has said from Monday she will work on them. I am looking forward to the commitment from the government and the television. Hopefully everyone will add their little grain of sand to the organisation. We will see if we can maintain the organisation for this cup for other years. This way anyone who has renewed their season ticket by the 15th of August can go free to the game against Las Palmas”.
TELEVISIÓN. “Right now there is no contract for TV next season but I hope we will come to an agreement with Televisión Canaria. The rights are ours and we will be negotiating”.


Antonio Calderón - Coaches comments after the game

Antonio Calderón was critical about some aspects of the game played by CD Tenerife last night but was positive about the commitment given by the players. The blue and white trainer was interviewed after the game on Thursday night against Atlético de Granadilla, the first friendly game which ended in a loss.
“We were asleep in the first few minutes, above all with the still ball. We didn't adapt to the ground. These are things we need to improve. I am happy about the work done by the young players although we know some are still to arrive. The least important was the result though I didn't like how the goals went in”, explained the trainer.
Calderón understands that what happened in the game on Thursday in the Francisco Suárez ground was a blow for many: “We need to understand we will see many rivals like this. Every rival will push hard”.
The trainer from Andalusia was pleased with how the players were in general. “Physically I saw the group in good form. It was hard to keep the level. Some players were on the field the 90 minutes. In this aspect I felt they did well” he pointed out.
“We need a centre half to balance the team” was his comment when asked about Pedro Cordero's work in building the team for the up coming team.


Dates for the CD Tenerife games this season.

21/08 - CDT vs Vecindario
28/08 - Sporting b vs CDT
4/09 - CDT vs Conquense
11/09 - Albacete vs CDT
18/09 - CDT vs Curuxo CF
25/09 - Getafe b vs CDT
2/10 - CDT vs Montañeros
9/10 - Real Madrid b vs CDT
16/10 - Roda CF vs CDT
23/10 - CDT vs Rayo Vallecano b
30/10 - SS.de Los Reyes vs CDT
6/11 - CDT vs Leganes
13/11 - Toledo vs CDT
20/11 - CDT vs Celta Vigo b
27/11 - Lugo vs CDT
4/12 - CDT vs Atletico de Madrid b
11/12 - Real Oviedo vs CDT
18/12 - CDT vs Lucano
08/01 - Alcala vs CDT
15/01 - Vecindario vs CDT

22/01 - CDT vs Sporting b
29/01 - Conquense vs CDT
05/02 - CDT vs Albacete
12/02 - Curuxo vs CDT
19/02 - CDT vs Getafe b
26/02 - Montañeros vs CDT
04/03 - CDT vs Real Madrid b
11/03 - CDT vs Roda
18/03 - Rayo b vs CDT
21/03 - CDT vs SS de Los Reyes
25/03- Leganes vs CDT
01/04 - CDT vs Toledo
08/04 - celta Vigo b vs CDT
15/04 - CDT vs Lugo
22/04 - Atletico b vs CDT
29/04 - CDT vs Real Oviedo
06/05 - Lucano vs CDT
13/05 - CDT vs Alcala


Great signing, Sergio extends his contract for an extra year.

“I am really pleased to be staying on the island”. Sergio Aragoneses displayed certain satisfaction about his option to stay with CD Tenerife. “I am satisfied that this was the right decision”, he declared yesterday on the club website. The player from Galicia admitted he has refused offers from higher leagues to stay and we grateful that “Tenerife has placed their trust in me”.
Sergio Aragoneses will stay connected with the club. “It is what I had hoped for to stay on the island”, declared the player. The blue and white keeper, one of the captains last year, claimed that he was “very happy” to form part of the new project.
“The club has given me many things said Sergio, “and what I am is thanks to Tenerife”. “After looking at the various options which were attractive I decided to stay here” he commented happily.
The Galician stated his thanks: “to the club for their support and to the fans who have never failed us”. “Right now, between us all, we are going to fight to achieve the objective”, he pointed out, “without any doubts this is one of the reasons I stayed”.

Many of the fans were pleased to here this news. The never really got the chance to thanks him for his efforts last season as before the last home game he had stated his desire to stay even taking a pay cut. When the club then talked about letting him go many of us felt sad but in the end it has all worked out. There is no doubt what ever his reasons for staying he is a great addition to the squad and someone who can help form the team.


Latest signing Ferrán Tacón Jiménez

Ferrán Tacón Jiménez (18/09/1986) is the latest player to sign for CD Tenerife. The Catalan player was last year in the squad in Leganés, who played the play off rounds in the fight to go up to 2A and also companion to another new blue and white player Jonay Hernández, Meji.
CD Tenerife confirmed this new signing for the 2011/12 season. In Leganes, where he played 33 games all of them starting for the team and he scored 7 goals. He played the season 06/07 for Espanyol B. And in the second half was seeded to Logroñés. The next season he started with Celta B and was taken up to the first team where he played games in the “Liga Adelante”In the 08/09 season he continued to play in Celta's second team playing: 31 games with 7 goals. The next season he moved to Cultural Leonesa where he played 36 games (31 starting in the first eleven) and scoring 5 goals Added to two rounds against FC Barcelona in the King's cup. He then moved to Leganes where he had a great season and now is looking forward to the coming year where he hopes to progress with the blue and white team.
"El Tenerife is a historic team who has a great history. I hope we can achieve something this year” is how he expressed himself when he confirmed he had signed for the Tenerife club.
“Since I heard of their interest in me I had no doubts”, the new player added finishing, “with those fans and that stadium we will need to do things right”.