Saturday interviews with Igor and Antonio Hidalgo.

Igor was one of the two players who was interviewed on Saturday after the training session on Saturday morning in the Maracena grounds. The CD Tenerife forward talked about the match this Sunday in Granada in Los Cármenes and the state of mind the squad has.
“We want to demonstrate that we are still capable even in this difficult situation. Right now we need to concentrate on Granada and how to win. We are approaching a difficult game both because of the rival and because few teams have managed to achieve points in this stadium. The group knows how difficult it will be”, indicated the Brazilian.
“We need to think about how we are going to play not what is going on in other games. The situation is difficult but not impossible. We need to fight to the end”, she added.
When asked about himself, Igor pointed out “I am pleased to have been called to the squad again and hope to get the chance to play. I am here for the coach”.
“The best we can do is play this Sunday. We want to win. We want to feel that feeling you get with a win again. If we work hard we can do this”.
This is how Antonio Hidalgo started his interview with the press. The Catalan mid fielder knows how difficult it will be in Los Cármenes on Sunday, but he knows the team are professional and they will give everything.
“It will be a good game in a full stadium. We would have liked to have come here with other results behind us, but it isn't so. We will need to go out and play at the same level as our rivals. If we play that way we will have chances. The game against Alcorcon is a good reference” he explained.
Hidalgo had hoped that CD Tenerife had achieved a different result last weekend, when they lost against Villarreal B: “I trust that we will look better. As a player I want to compete well against rivals at their level. This year has been hard but the reality is that we are capable of doing this”.
“We need to demonstrate to the coach that we can do this and that we can fight to the end. We need to show this in every game” he concluded.

David Amaral hopes that this time the team will have an away win.

David Amaral was interviewed on Friday and started talking about here and now, “I am only thinking about the present, we can't move from that thought or look towards the future. We need to try to change this run. We need to work intensely and to see the players put the past behind them. The situation is very hard but we need to keep trying”.
The coach from Arico, talked about how the players needed to think positively. “The footballers need to take chances and play with faith. They need to go out and look for the ball. When you don't win it is normal to see the squad with their heads down but every week I have seen them fight back and be ready to play again at the weekend. Lets see if this time we can make the game count between us all”.
He continued saying, “We are going to try to play better with the aim to win. It will not be easy but we travel to Granada with the hope to win. Granada are a team who are playing well. They play good football and we know that at home in their own stadium they are a difficult rival. But we are going to do our job well and try to achieve a positive result”.
In reference to the fact he had named Moreno, Ayoze & Germán, from the youth team to travel he assured the press that “We believe that these players can help us. They will travel with us and possibly might play”.
David Amaral, also, commented that the team are hungry to achieve a good result in Los Cármenes. “Day by day we are doing goo things. Things are harder at home than away. In Alcorcon the team played well. I see the whole squad with a desire to compete and they just need to do this with their head screwed on paying attention on the field”.
Lastly the coach talked about CD Tenerife's position in the league table, “We are realistic and everyone of us can make the calculations. We are trying to win games any way we can. We will fight for the fans who support us, for the club who are trying everythign and for the colours and the shirt we wear which we have respect for”, he finished.


Ayoze, German and Bellvis interviewed before they travel to Granada

Bellvís, Ayoze & Germán were the three players who were interviewed on Friday in the press room of the Heliodoro.
The defender from Valencia talked first, starting by saying about his condition, “I hurt myself training some days ago. I couldn't finish the match against the ‘B’, but I now feel better. I hope by Sunday to be fit for the match”.
In reference to the state of the CD Tenerife team, Bellvís confessed that “I am hopeful to change this bad run. We are only thinking about playing well and trying to play the best we can. We need to play very well if we want to gain points in Granada”.
The blue and white ‘4’, spoke of his thanks to the coaches confidence, “I am please with the trust he has given me”, and commented lastly in the chances to win in Granada, “we will need to work together and make the most of the chances as they present themselves”.
Ayoze Placeres, then talked about being picked for the squad, “Lets see if we have the chance to play whilst we are there”. He talked about himself and the other youth player German who have both been picked for the first time. He continued, “whether we get the chance or not we are pleased, happy and excited to be going. The hope to play for the first team is always there. We are talking about the second division and for our home team. I feel really good to have been chosen”.
Germán Sáenz, to finish, pointed out that “we need to make the most of the chances and give everything. We have worked with the first team and know how hard the demands are physically so we will need to make force ourselves”.


"We need to finish as high as we can" said Ricardo Leon

Ricardo León & Mikel Alonso were the two players who were interviewed in Ciudad Deportiva Geneto-Los Baldíos. The mid-fielders for the blue and white team both think the classification position the team finds itself in conditions their game against Granada this weekend.
For Ricardo “it is clear the the end of the league for us is difficult and we want to finish the best we can. There are still possibly chances. The group feels bad, hurt. The season has been hellish, both personally and generally”.
“Before playing at home in the Heliodoro it was a fortress. This year at home we have had no consistency. After going up and the year in La Liga, living through this situation hurts. And this has been my home for a long time”, explained the local player.
“Right now everyone of us needs to give their best. There is nothing to lose. We need to give everything, to forget the pressure and play football. If play how we should, we could show Granada a thing or two” he concluded.
Mikel Alonso answered “I am working hard to play this week”, when he was asked about his chances to start in Los Cármenes because of the player who can't play in midfield.
For the Basque player, “We need to change the run. We want to do this but we need to play well and against a strong rival like Granada its hard. We need to concentrate on the game, on the best of our play”.
“We need to win all the points we can. We have an obligation and need to try our best. This is an important game. The calculations are as they are. We can all add up and it is normal that you do this but we need to think about how to play” he finished.

Iriome and Marc want to concentrate on what is left of the league

Iriome González talked on Wednesday in the press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The local player talked about the next league game and said, “we need to play a good game which would allow us to add three points to our total. We all need to row in the same direction”.
The blue and white midfielder admitted that the group “is working hard, with a desire that we can reverse the situation although we know its hard. We need to hope the maths works out but we need the three points. It will be hard as Granada is at the top of the table”.
The player from Tenerife continued “We can't just give up and we need to fight to change things. The higher up the table we end up the better and if it could be outside the relegation zone even better”.
Lastly, Iriome González showed his happiness that “I have the chance to play in the starting eleven. Every day I am working to play in the starting eleven. Right now I have the chance to play and I am hoping to make the most of these chances”.
The defender Marc Bertrán promised to fight to the end. The captain of CD Tenerife considered this Wednesday in the press conference, “We know that this is complicated but we are going to fight mathematically there are still chances. We have several objectives and the most important it to end as high as e can in the table”.
The footballer than referred to the fact he didn't play last round, “I have taken this on board. Decisions like this are ones the coach takes and you have to accept them. I am working hard every day and I hope I can help the team”.
When asked about the league, Marc Bertrán said that “we all feel really bad and understand that the fans are unhappy. We need to accept their criticism and fight to get out of the position we are in”.
When asked about his future the player from Catalonia responded, “As I have said many time my only reality right now is CD Tenerife and I will be here working hard until the end of the season”.


Win for CD Tenerife and a blow in the war against Drugs.

CD Tenerife participated Tuesday afternoon/evening in the sixth annual event “A goal against Drugs”, an initiative which has been run by UD Orotava. This is not the first time CD Tenerife has taken part. The team managed by David Amaral won the match 0-4.
During the first 45 minutes, it was CD Tenerife who had possession of the ball against Orotava who in spite of the fact they played well against a superior adversary were 0-3 down at half time.
CD Tenerife managed the first goal after 21 minutes when Juanlu Hens centred a ball and Natalio, who was stool on the goal line pushed it in the net. UD Orotava continued but CD Tenerife maintained the the majority of the possession. The local players had a shot at goal but Luis Garcia saved the ball.
CD Tenerife added to their score twice more the first with a shot by Igor after a great play by youth player Josmar Zambrano and then with a shot by Germán which left the score at 0-3 at half time.
The second half was more balanced, with the players having changed over. CD Tenerife achieved their last goal when Saúl headed in a foul in the 49th minute.

In the last minutes the was less toughly fought and it looked as if the blue and white players would score another one but it wasn't to be and the game finished with the 0-4.
UD OROTAVA       0        (0)
CD TENERIFE        4          (3)
Ricardo; Óscar, Alejandro, Edgard, Borja; Germán, Balsera, Pablo, Roberto Yánes; Tana & Alberto. Also playing were, Alejandro II, Eduardo, Sergio Pérez, Dani, Airam Trujillo, Ignacio, Adán, Pocha, Fabi, Airam Escobar & Cristo Javier.
Luis García; Aitor Núñez, Beranger, David Prieto, Ayoze; Mikel Alonso, Juanlu Hens, Josmar Zambrano, Igor; Natalio & Germán. Also playing were: Dani Mederos, Moreno, Bruno, Jesús, Alejandro, Omar Ramos, Jorge, Saúl, Sandro & Juan Ramón.
Moisés Pérez Mota, from the North of the island. With no cards.
0-1: (21’) Natalio. 0-2: (41’) Igor. 0-3: (44’) Germán. 0-4: (49’) Saúl.
The game was played in the Estadio Los Cuartos. The grounds were in good condition with approx 2000 spectators on a warm evening. The players came out on the pitch with a sign which said “Ganemos a la droga” which means we will win against drugs. Both teams were accompanied by a youth team Alevín A de la UD Orotava who have recently competed in the Mundialito de Portugal.
Present at the game were members of the Deportes del Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Dámaso Arteaga, for the town hall Villa de La Orotava, Isaac Valencia & Francisco Linares y Juan Dóniz, respectivamente

AGM to be held on the 27th of May at 17.00

Club Deportivo Tenerife wiil celebrate their Extraordinary AGM for shareholders in the Sala de Conferencias in the Espacio Cultural of the Caja General de Ahorros de Canarias in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the 27 of May 2011, with the first meeting at 17.00 and the second meeting if needed, on the 1st of June 2011, at the same place at 17.00.
The main point of order is the naming of a new administrative council as the old ones mandate has now run out.


CD Tenerife takes part in the "Goal for Drugs" charitable effort.

CD Tenerife will once again take part in the “Goals against Drugs” tournament playing at 20.30 tonight against UD Orotava, in the Los Cuartos municipal grounds. Before they play the Youth A team will also play against Juvenil San Diego.
The CD Tenerife trainer, David Amaral, has the following player for the squad: Luis García, Dani Mederos, Aitor Núñez, Beranger, Kitoko, Míkel Alonso, David Prieto, Natalio, Igor, Omar, Juanlu Hens, Josmar Zambrano, Bruno, Ayoze, Jesús, Alejandro, Jorge, Germán, Saúl, Moreno, Juan Ramón & Sandro.
The blue and white team therefore once more take part in this initiative which is organised by the La Orotava town hall in conjunction with the team and UD Orotava, both of whom have taken part in the last five occasions.
Entrance will be free and there will be a collection pot in the entrance for anyone who wants to give money towards the fight against drug addiction.


Natalio hope for a win in Los Carmenes

Josmar Zambrano was the player chosen to talk to the press on Monday, he admitted that, “We are all having a bad time. Every time it is more difficult but mathematically everything isn't lost. We need to keep fighting to see if we can fix this. Whilst there are options, we need to keep fighting to get out of this”.
In reference to how the team will play the next game the Venezuelan player assured that, “Granada are fighting to be at the top of the table but we need to think of ourselves. We have to go out on the field and fight for the three points2.
To finish, Zambrano stated that he couldn't think about himself, “The most important thing is the team, the situation we are in. In my case I am seeing chances to play and I know I need to make the most of them”.
Natalio Lorenzo was also interviewed in the press room in the Heliodoro, where he started talking about the game last weekend. “The coach gave me some chance to play but everything ended sadly as the team lost. We suffered another painful loss”.
Although there are many points to the salvation zone the Valencian player pointed out that “we are fighting to the end. We need to defend the badge, the colours whilst there are options to compete. The team feels the loss . We need to try hard to get out of here. We go out to win, to win the games, but the results don't come”, he added.
The blue and white ‘11’, in the same theme, confessed that “we want to make the fans happy and it doesn't come. We need to try to play more naturally and fight for the chances that are left to remain in the division”.
Lastly, Natalio hoped for a win in Los Cármenes. “We are still working daily and we hope to win in Granada. I want to help and the only thing that is interesting is to add the three points that would be a win. I hope some day that football will give us back the things it has taken” he finished.

Agenda for the week 25 April - 01 May 2011

Agenda for the week  25 April - 01 May  2011
Press conference - David Amaral
Friday-HeliodoroList of players
Friday--Travel to Granada
Los Cármenes
Granada CF-CD Tenerife


Hopes for today.

We need to leave behind the unfortunate loss against Alcorcon last weekend. With renewed hope we face the really important game against Villarreal B today at 5pm. The last few days the team has worked hard and promised to do their best.
This Saturday's rival is a squad who also haven't had much luck recently but still they have some highly qualified players for the Liga Adelante. No matter how goid they are the only option for Tenerife is to fight. "We need to show them we need the points", said Juanlu Hens to which Julio Álvarez added, "we are here at the front".
With the bitter feeling from the last game that CD Tenerife lost against Alcorcón, David Amaral stated to the press "It is hard but we are not dead". Not nearly, layer in his press conference on Thursday he continued "there are still mathematical chances and we are going to hold onto them".
With eight rounds to go the nlue and white team aren't thinking about giving up. With the help of the fansthey will fight to the end to achieve their objective. Sergio Aragoneses, one of the CD Tenerife captains, has it very clear: "We are going to take all our options and make the most of them". To unify Mikel Alonso said "we are still all together. No one wants to look furthrr than the Villarreal B match today. "the first thing is to win and that starts this Saturday"said David Prieto. For his part Pablo Sicilia advised that, "we are not beaten, the opposite in fact". "We want to move up" he reassured. Along the same line Aitor Núñez declared that "we are in the last run and need to hold onto our options".

Lets go together with one thought "to win this game and make the most of our chances".
See you in the stadium at 5.

Aitor hopes to play

Aitor Núñez & Pablo Sicilia were the two players interviewed on Friday. For both CD Tenerife players the aim is clear, win the three points against Villarreal B.
Aitor Núñez started “we are in the final leg of the league and we need to hold onto our possibilities. There is no other option but to win the three points".

“In spite of not gaing a point in Alcorcón, the game felt different. We played well on a difficult ground. We know we need to give everything at every game. The team is different and hopes to break the bad run" he added.

When asked about himself he replied, "I am in the squad, I am excited and ready. If I get the chance to play, I will put all my heart in it to help the team. We need to look forward and think about Saturday".

Pablo Sicilia understands that, "there are less chances, but in our mind is only that we need to win the three points this weekend. We need to break tge runof so many games with out a win. To do this we need to win".

For one of the captains the objective for the game against Villarreal B is, " not to let in any goals. We don't need to be obsessed butwe need to achieve this. I am only concentrated on beating Villarreal B and to help so the three points stay at home".

“We are not beaten. Not at all. We just want to move forward", he concluded.


David Amaral says there is still time.

David Amaral is clear that the only result valid for CD Tenerife this weekend in their circumstances is a win. “We need the three points and lets see if we are capable of winning them. I have a good feeling now about the game on Saturday. We will try to be a competitive team”. This is how the blue and white trainer started his conference in the press conference in the Heliodoro on Thursday, when he talked about the latest CD Tenerife news and above all about the visit of Villarreal B.
“If we don't feel good it is something we need to ignore. Here and now we all need to take part and do our best”, explained the coach to the media.
“It was a hard blow in Alcorcon because small mistakes still condemn us to losses. We did more good than bad things but it wasn't to be. I have seen how the players are working every day and I am happy with their commitment. Everybody is concentrated and conscious of how important this is”, commented the trainer from Arico about the position the team finds itself in with eight points away from a safety position.
“In this position you need to train well, with hard work and then to be competitive. They all know he who trains hard plays better”, he added.
Amaral has clear what the recipe is to improve: “If we want to get out from under we need to let in no goals or at least score more goals than our opponents. We know at this stage of the league, all the teams have a lot in mind. We need to minimise our mistakes to have chances. We need to read the games better and be attentive to each and every play”.
David Amaral called for the crowds to try to help to bring things back saying:
“It is normal that the fans are unhappy because of the way the results have been but there are still chances and we are going to hold onto them. In the stadium they have always been there for us and I hope they will be there to help on Saturday to help. I know if this help is there they players will feel more supported”.
Lastly when asked about Villarreal B he commented “It is a second squad, with a very defined style, defined by the first team. They are young quality players who can take off at any moment. We need to be very attentive”.


Mathematically there is still a way out - said Sergio Aragoneses

Mathematically there is still a way out. We need to break his negative run and we are going to try our hardest until the end”. This is how Sergio Aragoneses started his press conference on Wednesday in the Heliodoro.
For the keeper from Galicia, “we need to think that there are still chances, this is why we still need to try until the end. We will go all out for the three points next game”. “We are living in a situation that isn't great for anyone” he added.
“I feel like everyone. This is a group, in the good times and that bad ones. The players can get the club out of this and we are going to try our best. We need to see how we can do this to the advantage of everyone”, explained Aragoneses, for whom, “we are holding onto the option of salvation and we are going to try any way possible”.
Mikel Alonso was also interviewed today and for the player from the Basque region ”we need to turn the page, to think about the game next Saturday. In Alcorcón we had it in our hand and we let it go. We need to concentrate on the day to day training”.
Alonso was questioned about his return to the team after week of absence. Amaral used him in the second half against Alcorcon.
“I feel good. I played nine minutes and tried to help the team, but at the end we lost the points” he explained.
“We need to respect the work all the coaches are doing and all our colleagues. I would like to play more but I have the utmost respect for the decisions the coach makes” he added.
When asked about the next rival he said “Villarreal B has young players and great players. They will make things difficult for us”.
When asked about the reasons that have bought CD Tenerife to the position in the table, Mikel Alonso commented that “It is a complicated moment because things are just going right. Everyone in the club is trying hard. We are working to the maximum and there is no way out. Lets see with the next game things turn around and with it better results”.
“I can only think about the training and what might happen this weekend” he concluded.


Mathematically there are still chances and we need to make the most of them. We need to move forward” said Juanlu

Juanlu Hens & Julio Álvarez were the two players who were interviewed this Tuesday in the Heliodoro press room. The CD Tenerife players talked to the journalists who were there about the importance of the game against Villarreal B. Although this is something we have heard all season it is still true.
Juanlu started talking about how sad the loss against Alcorcón last Sunday had left them saying: “The loss has complicated things even more, It was a blow to lose, although the team competed well. It is a pity, a trip up that caused us harm”.
“We know that everything is complicated and we need to win this Saturday. If we get the three points, then this will pressure our rivals. The objective is to think only about Villarreal B. they are a young team who are in a safe area of the table. We need to make them feel that we need the three points. Mathematically there are still chances and we need to make the most of them. We need to move forward”, he added.
The midfielder from Cordoba also said, “no one expected at this stage of the league to be where we are. This has been a really hard year and it's difficult for everyone. Now we shouldn't think about anything but the three points at the weekend”.
On the other hand, Julio Álvarez recognised that “Things are complicated, but we need to try harder. We need to compete the best we can and achieve the win against Villarreal B. In the club we are realistic and the whole thing is complicated. On Saturday we need to add the three points and not look any further”.
“The numbers don't lie and the reality is what it is. We will carry on fighting. This a a delicate moment, but we are looking for the triumph”.
“I came here to help the team, to be one more. That said I am going to help with everything I have and as much as I can”, he then commented that, “ the squad hurts. We know that we haven't done things very well. We have to be strong and not throw in the towel. We are all there ready to fight”.
When asked about the arrival of David Amaral to the training squad, Álvarez commented that “he is trying to help all the players. He knows the club well. Between all of us we need to face the day to day playing the best we can. We have been a few weeks together and everything is going well”.
This will be the first time that Villarreal B have visited the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez.


Agenda for the 18 - 24 April 2011


Agenda for the 18 - 24 April 2011
Rest day

Press conference David Amaral
List of players
CD Tenerife-Villarreal B

Interviews after the loss against Alcorcon.

David Amaral was positive when he talked about the commitment the players had on the field in spite of the loss suffered against Alcorcón this weekend. The CD Tenerife trainer talked about the specific mistakes which caused the group to lose in Santo Domingo.
Amaral started by explaining “it was hard. We tried to get everything and it isn't normal that games go that way. Specific errors deprived us of the points we so need”.
“The squad is demoralised. Today the lads gave everything. This was a hard blow but life goes on”. Added David Amaral, he continued “the team did everything they should but little mistakes made us lose. In football, when you least expect it things can turn around. If we break this run they this will lift their moral”.
Above all the act that made the 1-1, the island coach commented that “without hiding behind anything, more than the penalty what I want to complain about is the previous foul. I don't know if there was hand ball or not. But the penalty was called and there can be no objection”.
In his analysis of the game, David Amaral counted that, “ after the 1-2 they went all out . They forced us back and their shots at goal arrived after that when we made mistakes”.
When asked about the changing rooms after the loss this weekend, the coach from Arico signalled that “This was a hard blow as twice we were a goal up. Our rival achieved things when they were desperate. We could have finished the game and we didn't”.
Amaral recognised that the team was more solid against Alcorcón than against Huesca, something that “at home we are under more pressure but away we are more free. Against Alcorcón today we went out of the attack. The games were laid out differently. The run has to be stopped so we can start to work. There is nothing else but to pick up little by little, helping each other. The suffering and exhaustion in the group is high. We need to try to compete in a dignified manner”.
David Amaral doesn't want the team to throw in the towel: “We need to fight because we are professionals, because there are options and there may even be an administrative loophole”.
“We can't hope to win a number of games when we haven't yet won a game. Although mentally we are bad the only thing that counts is win so we can help” he concluded.
There are no excuses, the CD Tenerife players feel deceived after the loss on Sunday in Santo Domingo against Alcorcón.

Luna: “The things didn't go. We gave everything and could have won. We tried our hardest to stop their goals. Alcorcón at home is a great team, and today they demonstrated it as they have all season. We are very sad for how things are going. There are no words”.
Melli: “The team tried hard. We were up twice and we had the game under control. In spite of this work we lost the game. I didn't see the penalty that led to the 1-1. We have been the hole year making the same mistakes. A win here would have given us so much confidence. I think the game was planned well and we played it out. Now we need to move on to the next game. We will go on trying”.
Nino: “We are really bad but we need to go on. The games that are still to come need to be played with hard work and commitment. I am cross and when I am cross explanations are internal not external. I think that we are missing things, that some things aren't clear. The options that are left are complicated with only 8 games left. There is nothing more to do but think about the game against Villarreal”.
Antonio Hidalgo: “Football is punishing us. We played the first half well and we were dominating the game for most of the time. Twice we went ahead but all that work wasn't enough to give us a win. We need to keep believing that we can do this until there are no more chances”.

AD Alcorcon 3 - 2 CD Tenerife - Game notes

Herrera; Nagore (Sanz, 73’), Ángel, Rueda, Babín; Samuel (Gerardo, 68’), Mora, Sales (Jeremy, 68’), Montañez; Borja & Quini.
Sergio Aragoneses; Melli, Bellvís, Pablo Sicilia, Luna; Kitoko, Ricardo, Iriome (Juanlu, 80’), Omar (Julio Álvarez, 46’), Antonio Hidalgo (Mikel Alonso, 67’); & Nino.
Julio Amoedo Chas, from Galicia. Yellow cards for local players Ángel & Nagore; and for visitors Ricardo, Luna, Omar, Kitoko & Bellvís.
0-1: (42’) Nino, after a corner. 1-1: (45’) Quini, from a penalty. 1-2: (55’) Iriome, after a pass by Julio Álvarez. 2-2: (75’) Jeremy. 3-2: (82’) Quini.
Played in the Santo Domingo stadium. The grass was in good condition. On a sunny morning with 3.000 spectators. A minutes silence was held for Javier Álvarez, the grandfather of local player Quini.


Ricardo Leon, hopes the fans keep the faith.

CD Tenerife visit Santo Domingo this Sunday, where they meet Alcorcón. For Ricardo León, the match this weekend is the right one to add the three points that would reactivate the team. The local player hopes to bring home some happiness for the fans.
“We need this win like we need to eat. We must get these three points. We are going all out for a win and are sure we have chances” explained Ricardo. “We feel capable. We know that we are in a very complicated situation but under no circumstances will we throw in the towel”, he added.
When asked about the arrival of the new local trainer the midfielder from the north of the island said that “David Amaral is a very demanding trainer. We are working very hard and we need to continue like this to be able to compete in the same way”.
When asked about AD Alcorcon, the next rival, Ricardo León explained, “in their grounds they are tough. I am sure we will be under a lot of pressure and we will need to move the ball quickly and accurately. We are very aware of all that is going on. The most important thing right now is to win”.
“The fans have helped us all season, in spite if the bad results. We hope they keep the faith, as they have to now, We are going to give everything every game to try to get out of this difficult situation”, he concluded.

Iriome Gonzalez would play in CD Tenerife whatever league they are in.

“we need to be conscious of how important this game is. The three points are very important. We can't wait for the rival to come to us because we are playing for our lives. We need to go all out”.
This is how Iriome González started 24 hours before the important game CD Tenerife plays this Sunday against Alcorcón. For the local player the match in Santo Domingo is vital for the team to save themselves in the silver league in Spanish national football.
Iriome warned about the dangers of their rival: “This season has been good for them. At home and in front of their fans, I am sure they will make things difficult for us. We need to play as a team”.
When asked about his options to play even if it is in a different position to the one he played last Saturday, the young man from Icod de los Vinos explained that “I am more comfortable on the wing than in the centre. Against Huesca I tried hard to do things well. I hope I get the chance to play this Sunday. The season has been very complicated for me . I haven't had continuity. I hope to get the chance to play between now and the end of the season” he continued.
“NI have no time to think about the future, although I would be glad to defend the CD Tenerife colours in any league they play in “ he finished.


Carlos Bellvis hopes to have the chance to play again.

Carlos Bellvís was the player interviewed on Friday where he started by stressing the importance of the game on Sunday against Alcorcon. “We are all conscious of the importance of this game and we need to move forward. Winning will make everything seem different”.
“The team knows how important the win would be”, continued the Valencian defender “There is no other option. It will be difficult but we are excited. We know that Alcorcón will make difficulties for us but we will need to take the chances that are presented to us”.
To finish, Bellvís talked about his possible inclusion in the eleven, as occurred last weekend against Huesca. “we are working daily as the coach wants, insisting on various different aspects of the game. Lets see if the trainer wants me to play and I can help the team. We can't fail and we will need to be committed to the game, always with our minds on the game”.

Amaral stated “We need to be brave and try to get to our rivals goal area".

David Amaral in his usual trainers interview on Friday's started by commenting on the state of mind of the players. “The squad is better now, though the loss on Saturday was a blow. We need to look forward as there are few games left”.
When asked about the next rival, the coach form Arico answered that, “Alcorcon is a team who have made the most of their chances. It will surely be a difficult game. They are a team who are sure of their style. They are a tight knit group and they are having a good season”.
When asked if there will be changes in the game plan, Amaral assured that “we need to try other things. We are going to work hard and we need to be careful with counter attacks. Certainly we need to adapt to the game quickly”.
He continued of the same theme saying, “We need to be brave and try to get to our rivals goal area. We can't make the same mistakes that we made against Huesca. W need to do more things better”.
David Amaral, to conclude reminded that “every game there is less time and we need to win game after game but most important we need to stop losing and break the run. We need to hold onto the game and win” he finished.


We know that everyone of us need to give everything. Next Sunday there needs to be a Tenerife that gives everything on the field right to the end to get those three points”.

Kitoko & Melli attended the press this Thursday, commenting on the different points of news about CD Tenerife.
The Congolese player, firstly recognised that Sunday “We cant go out for any result that isn't a win. We know that it will be difficult to achieve. The team is decided and thinks that they are going all out for a win”.
In reference to the arrival of David Amaral on the CD Tenerife bench, Kitoko pointed out that, “The new coach arrived with new ideas. We have to be a block during the 90 minutes and compete at our maximum to the end”.
Lastly the blue and white ‘21’ talked about the next rival, “I have played against Alcorcón last season and I know that especially at home they are a difficult team, that fight hard, but if we do things well we can move this up a notch”.
Melli, himself, stated that, “the mister wants that we are only concentrated on Alcorcon, and in the changing room we only talk about this Sunday. We want to win so we can cut the disadvantage of points we have”.
When asked about the absence of Marc Bertrán and his possible return to the first eleven, The Andalucian player commented that, “Aitor Núñez could also play in this position. For my part I am hoping that I get a new chance to play. I am experienced in this position and I will try to help the team all I can”.
Finishing, Melli stated that “We know that everyone of us need to give everything. Next Sunday there needs to be a Tenerife that gives everything on the field right to the end to get those three points”.


Interview with Omar and Antonio Hidalgo after Wednesday training.

“We want to win. The moment if difficult. Things haven't gone our way but we are going to fight to save the team”. This is how the press conference with Omar Ramos started, who added that “it is complicated but there are chances to continue. We need a win whatever. We know that the situation is horrible for everyone”.
When he was asked about new trainer David Amaral, the local player commented “the training sessions have been hard, intense, as the coach likes, and that us good for the team. He is in control of us. We know what we need to do and we need to work together”.
To finish, Omar analysed the next team, Alcorcon. “In their home ground they are a really complicated rival, although we are playing for everything. We need to be concentrated and think only about this Sunday”.
Antonio Hidalgo was the second player to be interviewed on Wednesday in the Heliodoro, he spoke of his physical state. “Today e trained hard and I fell good. If I carry on like this I am sure I will be fit for the game if the coach needs me to help. From outside the field you feel things really badly”.
About Alcorcón, the footballer from Cataluyna said “it is one of the best team at home. We will try to make this our game and look for a win. We know that everything is difficult but We can do it if we try”.
Concluding, Hidalgo spoke of David Amaral. “His training sessions are very strenuous and the trainer is demanding of his footballers. We need to stick together to move forward. We need to lift up our heads and defend the colours in every game that is left”.


Aitor Nuñez hopes to play this weekend.

Ezequiel Luna & Aitor Núñez were the two players who met the press on Tuesday, the defender went first and signalled that “We are in a really difficult situation but I think that we can still save the team. We need to add the points however we can in Alcorcon. We can't stay stalled. The fact the fans are cross is normal as things haven't gone right”.
In reference to his possible return to the starting eleven now he has finished his punishment the Argentine confessed that “I always have faith to be in the 11, but I will need to wait and see what the coach decides. We are all thinking positively. I doesn't do us any good to lose”.
“Our capacity is what it is, continued the number “19” CD Tenerife, “and it feels hard what we are going through. We need to train hard to get to the next game in the best form we can”.
When asked about AD Alcorcón, Ezequiel Luna pointed that” the rival, especially at home, is very strong. We know that it will be a difficult game and we need to overcome the obstacles that are there”.
To finish the blue and white defender wanted to make clear that “if things don't work out it is bad for everyone. We are conscious that there is everything in play if we want. Above everything to make the fans happy”.
Aitor Núñez, for his part, started talking about the possibility that he will play. “I am working hard and as Marc Bertran will not be playing I have a better chance to play. I would really like the chance to play. When ever there is always a chance to play, you always feel better”.
The defender from Madrid talked about the arrival of David Amaral on the CD Tenerife bench. “The coach can here with very clear ideas and wanted to send us very clear message. I am excited about this. Everyone knows this. It is hard to look in from outside and see how the team suffers. I know that I need to work even harder if possible. I haven't given up”.
To finish, Núñez alluded to the situation the club finds itself. “There are still chances. We have to go game by game and think about winning that game. We can't go mad. We know we need to play well and we have the ability to do this”.

The club announced on their website that yet again the biggest crowd in the second division with 13.355 fans in the stadium.


Josmar is happy to have played but wanted the team to win.

Pablo Sicilia & Josmar Zambrano attended the press this Monday. The first the defender from Gran Canaria, one of the captains of the team started by saying “We need to continue to play with gusto every game to get out of this. It is a hard blow the loss against Huesca and now we have to do our best in the nine games that we are left to play”.
Sicilia, also recommended that they turn the page, “This Monday we went back to training with the only thought in our mind being the game against Alcorcon and the three points we need to win there to change the dynamics. We need to give everything and only think about the three points. We need to be at the top of our game. The whole island is behind us and for ourselves we need to go all out to compete”.
In reference to the arrival of the new trainer, the Canary Island player pointed out, “We know David Amaral and hope that everything turns out well. We want to win and will work hard for this. It is clear that we have made mistakes and for one reason or other we didn't win games. We are stuck here at the bottom and we are the ones who need to gt out of there and improve everything we are doing”.
The blue and white ‘6’ continued saying, “We need to throw out the rest and that is what we are going to do. We really want it. We have been to many months in the relegation positions and we need to cling to the possibility we can be saved. We need to show this on Sunday”, he finished.
Josmar Zambrano, on his side, started talking about the individual and collective feeling. “Personally I am happy to have had the chance to play again but I am also sad for the loss e took. We are only thinking about the game on Sunday and a win in Alcorcon”.
When asked about the loss on Saturday the Venezuelan player confessed that “it was a hard blow to lose against Huesca but we are going to fight to move out of there and we need to look to next weekends game. It is normal that the fans aren't happy as the team isn't doing well, but they have always supported us and I hope it will continue this way” he added.
To finish, Josmar Zambrano said they wouldn't throw in the towel, “I think there are still chances and I hope the team can save itself. We need to go all out in Alcorcón”, he concluded.

Agenda for the week 11 - 17 April 2011

The first squad trains six times this week before they travel to Santo Domingo to play against AD Alcorcón.  
Agenda for the week 11 - 17 April 2011
Closed door training*
Closed door training*
Closed door training *
Closed door training *
Closed door training *
Press conference with David Amaral
List of players
Travel to Madrid
Saturday-Madridtgraining session
Sunday11.00Santo DomingoAD Alcorcón-CD Tenerife
* Press will be allowed access to the grounds.


Zoneros call for maximum effort

The fan club Zoneros were present at the stadium today in thought if not in person. The session was with closed doors but the fan club had left a message for all the players to see. The message says “Now is the time to be men and not just there in name only”.
This is all the fans hope for tomorrows game which new coach David Amaral has said is one of the most important the club has played in the last 25 years.

David Amaral's first Friday interview calls to the fans.

David Amaral made his first press conference as CDT trainer on the eve of the game against SD Huesca. He started by saying that the team “is very hopeful. We need to try to make the least errors possible and see if we can win the game”.
“We are working in our own fashion”, stated the CD Tenerife coach. “The margin of error is minimal and what we are about to attempt isn't easy. The players are suffering tremendously. No one wants to see themselves in this situation. Every time there is a change, every thing looks different. Lets see if they have recharged their batteries”.
In reference to the next rival, Amaral commented that “Huesca is a complicated team for anyone above all when they are away. You need to know how to control this sort of situation and there is nothing we can do but try to recover as soon as possible”, he added.
The Tenerife trainer who comes from Arico sent a message to the blue and white fans. “We hope to see this through with the help of everyone. Please don't fail us. We need to convert the Heliodoro into a pressure cooker. I know that the fans value the effort the players put in”.
When asked how he evaluated the first few days as blue and white coach, David Amaral pointed out “It isn't the whipping post or anything like that. You need to talk and convince the players that it is possible. They are more animated but that little bit extra is there now”.
To finish, the coach talked about the group, “ When you talk about the defence, you don't just look at the last four and the keeper. The saviour is the group. The intention is that they play well. In this group no one has stepped back and that is good.” he finished.
The whole squad has been called up for tomorrows game, whether to keep them together or to keep who will be playing a secret.


Nino asks for the fans help

Nino & David Prieto were the two players who attended the press. The forward from Almeria started talking about the arrival of David Amaral to the blue and white bench. “He knows the squad. He is demanding and wants to see the team one hundred percent committed. He is correcting things especially with the Saturday game in mind. We need to work together, be strong and stick together on the field”.
In reference to the vital game against SD Huesca, the Andalusian player pointed out that “The game on Saturday is very important for the team and we need to win. In everyone's mind there is the game against Huesca. We know it won't be easy but we need the three points”.
Nino also talked about the situation CD Tenerife finds itself. “everything we have lived through in the last months has been complicated. The situation is bad but we can get out from under here. We need to do this however we can. The only thin in our mind right now is Huesca”.
To finish the CD Tenerife forward spoke of the fans. “We know who we have in the stands. The fans are with the team and lets see if we can give them something in return”.
David Prieto, also started talking about David Amaral. “ He is a demanding trainer in every way, he is on top of the team. He tries to correct our errors and lets see if this helps us and will let us win the three points. These are decisions which the club takes. We need to adapt as soon as we can to his ideas”.
To finish the defender from Seville reminded that the next game against Huesca “is the most important game. We need to win. Then lets seeafter that. I am optimistic. We are united and were only thinking about the game”, he concluded.

The SD Huesca squad arrive on Friday in the north airport at 18.20 and will transfer to the Hotel Silken Atlantida where they will be staying.

The CD Tenerife B team won in La Palmera against San Isidro and this leaves them in second position. They won by 0-1 and this is their fifth consecutive victory.


"The new trainer is demanding", said keeper Sergio Aragoneses.

Antonio Hidalgo was one of the players who talked to the press in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López on Wednesday. He analysed the upcoming game for the blue and whites. The mid fielder felt that the new coach didn't make for “a good moment. But results are what count right now. We have a fundamental game on Saturday and we need the fans”.
The CD Tenerife player also had some words about the new coach “David Amaral knows the club well and is tremendously positive. With a new coach, there are always new choices for every one. We know that things are difficult, but with the help of everyone we hope we can improve. David (Amaral) is very experienced as a coach and knows how it is to train in this club. He puts all his heart into everything.
When asked about his physical state, Antonio Hidalgo explained that “I think I will be fit for the game on Saturday. You need to be careful with muscle injuries, but I will do my best to be fit”.
The second player interviewed was Sergio Aragoneses, who talked about the game against Huesca:”We have nothing else to do but give our best and win the three points this Saturday to keep us alive and look to get out of relegation”.
The keeper, one of the captains of the first team, commented on the new trainer: “He is going to try to help us, make us think we have the chance to move up and that we need to be brave. I trained with him some years ago and know that he is very demanding when it comes to work. We have a new trainer and the idea is this change will produce a result”.

First session cheers from the fans.

David Amaral led his first training session for CD Tenerife today, Wednesday. The local coach stepped once more on the grass in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López as chief trainer for a session which lasted and hour and a half.
Before it started, both Antonio Tapia and Antonio “Toño” Hernández said goodbye to the players. Afterwards the sports director for the club, Juanjo Lorenzo, presented the new training team, formed of David Amaral & Quique Medina, to the whole squad so they could take part in the workout which then took place on the grass in the HRL.
When they came on the pitch, both David Amaral and Quique Medina were received with applause by the many fans who were at the session.
With reference to the actual training the team warmed up, and followed this with exercise with the ball. After some rounds with the ball and some tactical practise, and the training was then finished with a game in reduced space.
Dani Kome trained at the edge of the group and Omar Ramos & Antonio Hidalgo completed most of the session with their colleges.
The squad will train again tomorrow, Thursday, from 10am, in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.


Marc and Ricardo talk about the last chance for the team.

Marc Bertrán & Ricardo León attended the press today. The first to speak was the defender from Catalonia. “Our objective is the game against Huesca. We can't think of anything else. We know we need the three points. If we do we move towards our objective and everything will seem easier”.
“Here inside the squad we are convinced we can do this. We are going all out and fight to the end. I am here with the team training every day and I see what we can do”, added Bertran.
The blue and white captain also admitted that, “It hasn't been an easy season and everyone needs to provide more. We have our responsibilities and need to do many things well for a club as big as this one. We need to start again to lift things up”.
Lastly and in reference to the incidents on Sunday when the team arrived back at the stadium, Marc Bertrán pointed out that “this was no good for anyone. It was a performance that in no way represents the great values the fans have here in Tenerife. I hope that this doesn't happen again”.
Ricardo León, started with the thought you should turn the page. That this is a new week and you need to move onto the next game. “We need to keep concentrated and pay no attention to what is being said and concentrate on the next game”.
When asked about the reception the team had last Sunday the local player said, “It was unpleasant and hard. This is what happens when the club is bad. We haven’t been able to make the fans happy and we are responsible for the bad season. What we need to do is win once and for all and then look forward” he added.
Ricardo, on the same theme wouldn't throw in the towel. “This team has chances. The fans will support us there at the lions mouth. I am very hopeful we will manage to stay in this division. A win this Saturday is fundamental. I don't care how we do this. Achieving the three points will give us the will to go on” he concluded.