Antonio Tapia talks before the game in Tarragona

“This is a vital game and it is important to win it to achieve the objective”. This is how clear Antonio Tapia was in the interview this morning in the press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López before the team set off on their journey to Tarragona. The blue and white coach considered too that “the team is capable of doing this and also wants to do this”.
When asked about the list of players travelling the trainer from Cordoba said “in every game and depending what players are available, we decide which players will take part in the squad. We have our idea and it doesn't seem correct to talk about a possible starting eleven. All the players named have options to play” he signalled.
Tapia was confident his players can revert this situation: “The group talked and this is important. Now we need to talk on the field and show our footballistic arguments. Truly, what most worries me is how the team feels. With a victory everything will seem different”.
For the points needed to have a good result in the Nou Estadi, the CD Tenerife coach explained that “We have to be solid in defence, this is part of my work. We need to give the opponents less options, then we need to attack like we haven't before away certainly not in the last few games. If we can combine good solid defense and strong attack, we will have the best chance to get more points”.
The blue and white trainer continued by saying about the team: “I have noted that the start of the game always finds liking. As the game advances we improve and we make better decisions. This starting problem is the fruit of the state of mind of the team as they find themselves at the bottom of the table”.
Lastly, Antoino Tapia explained that “the team has to be concentrated on the game against Nástic, in how they play so they have chances to win. We have things to correct and in we have worked on this all week. This Saturday is a great final and winning would give an enormous step forward”.
The squad was named as: Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Bellvís, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo, Igor, Omar Ramos, Natalio, Sergio Aragoneses, David Prieto, Jualu Hens, Ezequiel Luna, Julio Álvarez, Kitoko, Dubarbier, Mikel Alonso & Iriome.

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