Ayoze, German and Bellvis interviewed before they travel to Granada

Bellvís, Ayoze & Germán were the three players who were interviewed on Friday in the press room of the Heliodoro.
The defender from Valencia talked first, starting by saying about his condition, “I hurt myself training some days ago. I couldn't finish the match against the ‘B’, but I now feel better. I hope by Sunday to be fit for the match”.
In reference to the state of the CD Tenerife team, Bellvís confessed that “I am hopeful to change this bad run. We are only thinking about playing well and trying to play the best we can. We need to play very well if we want to gain points in Granada”.
The blue and white ‘4’, spoke of his thanks to the coaches confidence, “I am please with the trust he has given me”, and commented lastly in the chances to win in Granada, “we will need to work together and make the most of the chances as they present themselves”.
Ayoze Placeres, then talked about being picked for the squad, “Lets see if we have the chance to play whilst we are there”. He talked about himself and the other youth player German who have both been picked for the first time. He continued, “whether we get the chance or not we are pleased, happy and excited to be going. The hope to play for the first team is always there. We are talking about the second division and for our home team. I feel really good to have been chosen”.
Germán Sáenz, to finish, pointed out that “we need to make the most of the chances and give everything. We have worked with the first team and know how hard the demands are physically so we will need to make force ourselves”.

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