"The new trainer is demanding", said keeper Sergio Aragoneses.

Antonio Hidalgo was one of the players who talked to the press in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López on Wednesday. He analysed the upcoming game for the blue and whites. The mid fielder felt that the new coach didn't make for “a good moment. But results are what count right now. We have a fundamental game on Saturday and we need the fans”.
The CD Tenerife player also had some words about the new coach “David Amaral knows the club well and is tremendously positive. With a new coach, there are always new choices for every one. We know that things are difficult, but with the help of everyone we hope we can improve. David (Amaral) is very experienced as a coach and knows how it is to train in this club. He puts all his heart into everything.
When asked about his physical state, Antonio Hidalgo explained that “I think I will be fit for the game on Saturday. You need to be careful with muscle injuries, but I will do my best to be fit”.
The second player interviewed was Sergio Aragoneses, who talked about the game against Huesca:”We have nothing else to do but give our best and win the three points this Saturday to keep us alive and look to get out of relegation”.
The keeper, one of the captains of the first team, commented on the new trainer: “He is going to try to help us, make us think we have the chance to move up and that we need to be brave. I trained with him some years ago and know that he is very demanding when it comes to work. We have a new trainer and the idea is this change will produce a result”.

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