Win for CD Tenerife and a blow in the war against Drugs.

CD Tenerife participated Tuesday afternoon/evening in the sixth annual event “A goal against Drugs”, an initiative which has been run by UD Orotava. This is not the first time CD Tenerife has taken part. The team managed by David Amaral won the match 0-4.
During the first 45 minutes, it was CD Tenerife who had possession of the ball against Orotava who in spite of the fact they played well against a superior adversary were 0-3 down at half time.
CD Tenerife managed the first goal after 21 minutes when Juanlu Hens centred a ball and Natalio, who was stool on the goal line pushed it in the net. UD Orotava continued but CD Tenerife maintained the the majority of the possession. The local players had a shot at goal but Luis Garcia saved the ball.
CD Tenerife added to their score twice more the first with a shot by Igor after a great play by youth player Josmar Zambrano and then with a shot by Germán which left the score at 0-3 at half time.
The second half was more balanced, with the players having changed over. CD Tenerife achieved their last goal when Saúl headed in a foul in the 49th minute.

In the last minutes the was less toughly fought and it looked as if the blue and white players would score another one but it wasn't to be and the game finished with the 0-4.
UD OROTAVA       0        (0)
CD TENERIFE        4          (3)
Ricardo; Óscar, Alejandro, Edgard, Borja; Germán, Balsera, Pablo, Roberto Yánes; Tana & Alberto. Also playing were, Alejandro II, Eduardo, Sergio Pérez, Dani, Airam Trujillo, Ignacio, Adán, Pocha, Fabi, Airam Escobar & Cristo Javier.
Luis García; Aitor Núñez, Beranger, David Prieto, Ayoze; Mikel Alonso, Juanlu Hens, Josmar Zambrano, Igor; Natalio & Germán. Also playing were: Dani Mederos, Moreno, Bruno, Jesús, Alejandro, Omar Ramos, Jorge, Saúl, Sandro & Juan Ramón.
Moisés Pérez Mota, from the North of the island. With no cards.
0-1: (21’) Natalio. 0-2: (41’) Igor. 0-3: (44’) Germán. 0-4: (49’) Saúl.
The game was played in the Estadio Los Cuartos. The grounds were in good condition with approx 2000 spectators on a warm evening. The players came out on the pitch with a sign which said “Ganemos a la droga” which means we will win against drugs. Both teams were accompanied by a youth team Alevín A de la UD Orotava who have recently competed in the Mundialito de Portugal.
Present at the game were members of the Deportes del Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Dámaso Arteaga, for the town hall Villa de La Orotava, Isaac Valencia & Francisco Linares y Juan Dóniz, respectivamente

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