Juanlu and Pablo talk about their hopes for the weekend.

Juanlu Hens & Pablo Sicilia were the two players who talked to the press on Sunday. The two CD Tenerife players attended the media at the end of the training which took place in Tarragona before the journey home started. Both footballers insisted on that there was still hope although the situation is difficult.
Juanlu started by resuming the feelings after the game on Saturday in the Nou Estadi: "The point fells like little. The victory would have permitted us to be nearer Nástic. Now we are back to playing at home and the possibilities are still there we need to be optimistic”.
"In the first half we worked really well, but the goal in the 44th minute was a blow. The second half was more coming and going”, he added.
The player from Cordoba said the team wouldn't throw in the towel, "We need to go on thinking and pushing our rivals. We need results. We have broken that long run of losses and now we need to do things well to beat Huesca”.
"We need to be mentally strong. In odd moments our rivals score against us but we need to get up and go on. We need to lessen the difference between our rivals and win in the Heliodoro” explained the Andalucian player.
"We are always working to be available for the trainer” he finished when asked about his return to the first eleven.
On his side Pablo Sicilia was the player who commented that “we started well, competing to the maximum. We went forward on the score board and just before the break they equalised. Finally with one player less things were hard”.
"With the sending off their game tightened. We tried and tried to score. We worked hard all game right to the end but it wasn't to be. Hopefully this weekend we will start to add points three by three” added the player from Gran Canaria.
Still, the defender insisted on pointing out the positive bits of the game: “I am left with the first half, where the team was outstanding and went all out for a triumph”.
"We didn't lose, we kept the distance and we need to win at home so we can see things differently. Every time there are less games left to make mistakes. The numbers are there, but we mustn't think long term. We need to go out and win against Huesca no more”, he pointed out the options for the team.
"We need to go all out, my companions and I will go out to the end”, he concluded.

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