Amaral stated “We need to be brave and try to get to our rivals goal area".

David Amaral in his usual trainers interview on Friday's started by commenting on the state of mind of the players. “The squad is better now, though the loss on Saturday was a blow. We need to look forward as there are few games left”.
When asked about the next rival, the coach form Arico answered that, “Alcorcon is a team who have made the most of their chances. It will surely be a difficult game. They are a team who are sure of their style. They are a tight knit group and they are having a good season”.
When asked if there will be changes in the game plan, Amaral assured that “we need to try other things. We are going to work hard and we need to be careful with counter attacks. Certainly we need to adapt to the game quickly”.
He continued of the same theme saying, “We need to be brave and try to get to our rivals goal area. We can't make the same mistakes that we made against Huesca. W need to do more things better”.
David Amaral, to conclude reminded that “every game there is less time and we need to win game after game but most important we need to stop losing and break the run. We need to hold onto the game and win” he finished.

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