Interviews after the loss against Alcorcon.

David Amaral was positive when he talked about the commitment the players had on the field in spite of the loss suffered against Alcorcón this weekend. The CD Tenerife trainer talked about the specific mistakes which caused the group to lose in Santo Domingo.
Amaral started by explaining “it was hard. We tried to get everything and it isn't normal that games go that way. Specific errors deprived us of the points we so need”.
“The squad is demoralised. Today the lads gave everything. This was a hard blow but life goes on”. Added David Amaral, he continued “the team did everything they should but little mistakes made us lose. In football, when you least expect it things can turn around. If we break this run they this will lift their moral”.
Above all the act that made the 1-1, the island coach commented that “without hiding behind anything, more than the penalty what I want to complain about is the previous foul. I don't know if there was hand ball or not. But the penalty was called and there can be no objection”.
In his analysis of the game, David Amaral counted that, “ after the 1-2 they went all out . They forced us back and their shots at goal arrived after that when we made mistakes”.
When asked about the changing rooms after the loss this weekend, the coach from Arico signalled that “This was a hard blow as twice we were a goal up. Our rival achieved things when they were desperate. We could have finished the game and we didn't”.
Amaral recognised that the team was more solid against Alcorcón than against Huesca, something that “at home we are under more pressure but away we are more free. Against Alcorcón today we went out of the attack. The games were laid out differently. The run has to be stopped so we can start to work. There is nothing else but to pick up little by little, helping each other. The suffering and exhaustion in the group is high. We need to try to compete in a dignified manner”.
David Amaral doesn't want the team to throw in the towel: “We need to fight because we are professionals, because there are options and there may even be an administrative loophole”.
“We can't hope to win a number of games when we haven't yet won a game. Although mentally we are bad the only thing that counts is win so we can help” he concluded.
There are no excuses, the CD Tenerife players feel deceived after the loss on Sunday in Santo Domingo against Alcorcón.

Luna: “The things didn't go. We gave everything and could have won. We tried our hardest to stop their goals. Alcorcón at home is a great team, and today they demonstrated it as they have all season. We are very sad for how things are going. There are no words”.
Melli: “The team tried hard. We were up twice and we had the game under control. In spite of this work we lost the game. I didn't see the penalty that led to the 1-1. We have been the hole year making the same mistakes. A win here would have given us so much confidence. I think the game was planned well and we played it out. Now we need to move on to the next game. We will go on trying”.
Nino: “We are really bad but we need to go on. The games that are still to come need to be played with hard work and commitment. I am cross and when I am cross explanations are internal not external. I think that we are missing things, that some things aren't clear. The options that are left are complicated with only 8 games left. There is nothing more to do but think about the game against Villarreal”.
Antonio Hidalgo: “Football is punishing us. We played the first half well and we were dominating the game for most of the time. Twice we went ahead but all that work wasn't enough to give us a win. We need to keep believing that we can do this until there are no more chances”.

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