Christmas cheer

Christmas is a quiet time for football in Spain. The teams break on the last Sunday before the 24th and usually are off until about the 28th. They then start to train and they play their first game in January. The first two games of the season are away although I hope to go to both. The first is in Alcala de Henares in the outskirts of Madrid and the second in Vecindario, Gran Canaria. This second is the first organised trip of the season and the first organised trip I have been on. We are going with the Zoneros who are one of the newer fan clubs although now one of the bigger groups.

I was at their christmas presentation where the littlest members were presented with kits from the club. This was a great even and I was honoured to be there. They were also at the same time presented with a plaque from the Irish Clan, theCDT´s latest peña (fan club) for the assistance given by the Zoneros last weekend in the collection of food and toys in the last game of the season.

There have been information in the papers that the club has found some solutions for some of their financial problems. The plot of land where the youth teams train in La Laguna is heavily mortgaged and with little income the club has had difficulties. This month "EL Dia" claims the island government will take over part of the mortgage and part of the land (the back plot). The front plot will be taken over by local businessmen which leaves the club with the main training area and access to their plot. And considerably less debts. More information will be available in the AGM held at the end of this week. President Miguel Concepcion has promised to talk after the meeting to the press.

Although there are still rumours about possible signings nothing has been confirmed and I think it may well be towards the end of the month of January before we hear anything. Someone talked to me that Omar might be coming back but I can't find any source for this.

The club website today has an article withan interview with two of the strongest voices in the dressing room, Sergio Aragoneses and Kiko Raton. Their comments included their hopes for the rest of the season, how they plan to play for everything, how loyal they feel to the team, the club and the fans. "It is incredible this year, 9,000 season ticket holders, how much that helps. At home we need to be invincible as we have been up to now.  and we need to create an special atmosphere for the 10 game that are left especially against our direct rivals".
They both hope to take the team back to professional football where it belongs for the fansto bring them some happiness, especally in times like these where football has a special part in peoples hearts.


CD Tenerife 2- 2 Marino de Luanco

I have a very positive nature and am sure everything will come right soon but the final result yesterday was a great pity. CD Tenerife looked really good yesterday in the first half. They had chances and made the most of them. Not sure about the beginning of the second half, but the team is still third and going into the winter break in play off positions is a good thing.
The fans were very fed up with the final result and there was twice a call for the coach Calderon to go. In his interview afterwards he stated, "We worked hard to secure our position but it didn't work out". when asked about the fans he commented that, "I am pleased that the fans come week after week. I have the management support and consequently will go on training".
 The players are off now until after xmas and they then start to train for the game against Alcala de Henares on the  8th of January. It will be interesting to see if we have new players by then.

CD TENERIFE                      2 (2)

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Sergio Rodríguez (Jonay, 65’), Kitoko, Ayoze; Zazo, David Medina (Ferrán Tacón, 63’), Chechu Flores (Marcos, 63’), Víctor Bravo; Perona &  Kiko Ratón.

Rafa Ponzo; Luis Cuenca, Alex, José Ángel, Castaño; Guaya, Sergio Prendes, Queipo (Carnero, 73’), Villanueva (Arias, 70’); Pablo & Titi (Prieto, 91’).

Valentín Pizarro, from Madrid. Yellow cards for local player V. Bravo and visitors Queipo  Rafa Ponzo.

1-0: (32’) Kiko Ratón, with a header. 2-0: (44’) Perona, after a kick away by 
the keeper 2-1: (51’) Pablo, with a short kick into the goal. 2-2: (78’) Arias, who put the ball in after he passed the keeper.
Played in the Heliodoro. With the grounds in good condition, on a sunny morning in front of 6.441 spectators. CD Tenerife gifted l Marino de Luanco memorial gift to celebrate their first visit here in the Heliodoro.


1000 apologies

I always liked the concept of 1000 apologies and right now it seems appropriate. This week has been chaotic and I haven´t managed to blog at all. After a period of negotiation we signed a rental contract with the club last week and are now renting the shop site they have underneath the club offices. We opened Monday  after two days sorting out the shop and on Sunday a visit to Gran Canaria to go to Primark. ( For home not for work).We are open Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.30 and 16.00 to 20.00, Saturday we are open all day until the weekend of the 6th and after that from 10.00 to 14.00.

I had picked last weekend to journey across the water as it was clear that the game in Oviedo wouldn't be televised, thinking it would be more or less quiet. You know what they say about the best laid plans!!!

The team had to lose a game at some point  and better now away against Oviedo who were destined to be strong even if they had a bad start than later when we have the run up to the end of the season. Listening on the radio they played well and were just unlucky with a great shot at goal. We are still fourth and the game against Marino del Luanco should be three points for us.

The sale of second round season tickets  seems to be going well and fans are coming through the shop looking for blue and white gifts for their loved ones.

The team break for the Holidays after the game and will be back after xmas. There is talk about a trip to Vecindario but I haven't yet seen anything confirmed. There seem to be various names in the pot for the  forward who might come and I will update the facebook page with the news articles as I read them.            

Have a great day and hope to see you in the stadium tomorrow.


Better played but only a draw

In one of the better games this season CD Tenerife only managed a draw. 0-0 was the starting and final result in a very balanced game.

CD Tenerife let Atlético de Madrid B (0-0) get away with a draw in a very balanced game. The blue and whites played a good first half and in the second half slightly let their guard down. In the first few minutes Víctor Bravo, Perona, Tacón & Chechu could have scored. The audience were awesome and with almost 9,000 people in the stadium it was the best audience in Segunda B and only two stadiums had better crowds in segunda. Las Plamas wasn't one of them. The first half was even and at the break the result was still 0-0. Calderón again chose to put Kitoko in central defence something we saw several games last year too. David Medina was therefore in midfield with Marcos. In the second half Atletico had more chances and Calderón made the fist changes offensively bringing on Kiko Ratón & Nico for Marcos & Chechu. In the last few minutes the opponents went all out for a win and Aragoneses (71’) saved the ball from a shot by Fer and shortly after, Pedro Martín (73’) put the ball over the bar. CD Tenerife kept on trying and Kiko Raton fought hard as the minutes passed. The score never changed and CD Tenerife has now played eight games at home without a loss, a position that it is a privilege to be in. There are only three games left of the fist round and next weekend the team are away to a side who are also fighting hard for a play off position.

 Game Notes

 CD TENERIFE                        0 (0)

 CD TENERIFE Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Jonay, Kitoko, Ayoze; David Medina (Tarantino, 86’), Marcos Rodríguez (Kiko Ratón, 61’), Chechu (Nico, 61’), Víctor Bravo; Ferrán Tacón & Perona.

ATLÉTICO DE MADRID B Iago; Regalón, César Ortiz, Míchel, Javi Cantero; Fer, Sergio Marcos, Omar Santana (Ndoye, 68’), Saúl (Luque, 74’); Noguera (Gerard, 84’) & Pedro Martín. REFEREE Iván González, from the Balearic islands. Yellow card for local player Víctor Bravo; and for visitors Fer & Omar Santana.



Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium with the ground in good condition on a cool morning with 8.920 spectators.

Agenda for the week 5 - 12 December 2011

The team will train twice in 

Asturias before the game 

against Oviedo.

Agenda for the week 5  - 12 December 2011
El Mundialito
Tuesday--Day off
Wednesday10.30El MundialitoTraining
Thursday-HeliodoroPress conference Antonio Calderón
Thursday-HeliodoroList of players
Friday07.15-Tenerife Norte-Madrid
Friday--Estancia Hotel Las Lomas


Money trail

There has been a lot of talk on line this week about the clubs finances. The accounts for the season 10/11 were released and they make for sad reading. There is no question if we had stayed in La Liga we would have been better off. But things are what they are. Without doubt the team can not afford to stay too long in Segunda B.

Figures released for the last season have been compared with the previous years in the press and the figures here are from the Zonablanquiazul website.
Television money was 14 million for the year in primera, 2,5 million last year and 70,000 this year for the season. There will be extra money should the club make the playoffs.
Season tickets
There was 6 million euros taken in season tickets in primera and 2,950,000€ last year. This years figures haven't been released but with nearly 5,000 less season ticket holders and a 30% reduction in cost it will be considerably less.
Stadium publicity
In primera was 1,1 million and segunda was 580,000€

The club has as an asset the land in Geneto which has been valued at 15.885.884 euros (not sure when) and the Cabildo has promised to buy this. They will be purchasing it but they have already given the club 4,2 million against the purchase which is what the club played the players with in June.
The debts total 38.269.956,45 euros, of which 21.476.935,52 need to be paid off before the 30 of June 2012 and the rest 16.793.020,93 is on longer term loans. In the short term loans there are 4,7 million which were due last June and have still not been replayed so perhaps there is room for manoeuvre.


Agenda for the week 28th November - 4th December 2011

Agenda for the week 28th November - 4th December  2011
Day off
Tuesday--Day off
Wednesday10.30El MundialitoTraining
Wednesday17.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday10.30El MundialitoTraining
Friday-El MundialitoPress conference with Antonio Calderón
Sunday12.00HeliodoroCD Tenerife-Atlético de Madrid B


Tenerife draw away again and Lugo's coach has sour grapes

Slowly and surely went the Turtle and the Hare ran too fast. Lets see if this is hopw the race to the end of two B works out for Tenerife. A draw away in Lugo was a good result marred only by Castilla's win against Athletico B.
The team started well yesterday and the promise which seems to hold was showing. Kitoko was in central defense which is not his natural position but he worked hard and was well paired with Ayoze. The team fought hard and looked competitive, showing that they are on the right path. Perona nearly scored after a play by Chechu and Zazo. Then Lugo scored and they seemed to grow and had several good chances but the blue and white players fought back finalising just before half time in a play by Victor Bravo with a pass to Perona which he put into the goal.
In the second half Lugo came out strong and controlled the ball but CD Tenerife aslo had chances including one from Kiko Raton after he came on the field. The island team were on a level with the team which up to last round had been leaders.
The game could have been a play off match and showed that CD Tenerife is on the right track.

Game notes

CD LUGO               1 (1)

CD TENERIFE        1 (1)

Diego Rivas; Aitor, Rubén García (Iván, 80’), Garrido, Manu; Luismi, Pita, Claudio Monti, Belfortti; Ismael (Berodia, 80’) & Belencoso.

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Jonay, Medina, Ayoze; Zazo (Tarantino, 58’), Marcos Rodríguez, Chechu (Kiko Ratón, 70’), Víctor Bravo (Nico, 84’); Ferrán Tacón & Perona.

Germán Cid Camacho, from Castilla Leon. A Yellow card for local players Berodia & Garrido; and for visitors Ayoze, Perona, Bravo, Marcos Rodríguez & Tacón.

1-0: (23’) Belencoso, with a header. 1-1: (40’) Perona,with a pass by Victor Bravo.

Played in the Anxo Carro stadium. The ground was in average condition, on a cold damp morning with 2,500 spectators of which approx 150 were from CD Tenerife.

 Calderon commented that he was pleased with the way the game had been played. The Lugo coach in a fit of sour grapes could only comment that one team went out to play and the other to stop the game. Perhaps no one had told him all is fair in love and war and certainly for the blue and white team this and every game is a battle to go back to professional football.

The next match is at home against Atl Madrid B on Sunday at 12.00


It's not great to be whistled at.

It is not unusual for me to blog two days in a row but I was interested in comments made by the players in the newspaper El Dia and wanted to translate them. 
In interviews after the game all three players interviewed commented that it was not great to be whistled at especially at home. 
The comments included:

Chechu - "We are pleased about the win, which is the most important thing but it isn't everything. When we reached the 2-0 unconsciously we moved back to hold the result and this is something we need to correct". He continued, " We need more control over the ball and if we manage this we will be able to make the most of our results and enjoy the games". He then commented that they need to keep working so they can, "play the whole 90 minutes as we did the first 45". When he was asked about the whistling in the stadium he answered; "The whistling makes me cross but that is how the fans show their unhappiness". He followed up by saying, "What we all want is to play well, and we go out to try to do this every week. The club has a lot of fans and the pressure is high but that pressure is also our advantage".  

Ferran Tacon - The author of the first goal talked about how the team needed to be more "stable". He then commented on how in the game against Rayo B they " always put  the same amount of effort but perhaps that was the only game where we played the same throughout". He then stated that, "It may well be nerves, we want to maintain the score. We played well in the first half and it was good to go ahead early and follow up with the second goal". 

David Medina - The central defender saw the difference in the first and second halves as "two games -  In the first half we were good, we managed to reach the goal area and score two goals, then there was the second half where we lost the ball and suffered". He finished, "We know what we are doing right and what is not so good and we hope to improve. There is still lots of league to play and with 28 points now we have room to manoeuvre".  


A tale of two halves

If there was ever a game of two halves it was yesterdays game. The first half  was great the team were together, played well and moved forward with two outstanding goals. The second especially by Perona was cool headed, he thought carefully before shooting and knocked the ball in goal.
The second half was different, the players came out and were either defending, relaxed or nervous depending on the point of view. Celta B then scored and this made everything worse.

The players are happy with the points that the club has now and 28 points after 14 games is in line for a play off position.

Game Notes

CD TENERIFE                 2 (2)


Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Jonay, Medina, Ayoze; Zazo, Marcos Rodríguez, Chechu (Nico, 78’), Víctor Bravo (Kitoko, 64’); Ferrán Tacón (Germán, 90’) & Perona.

Matías, Víctor Díaz, Churre, Maceiras (Pillado, 72’), Catú ; Capó (Juanma Torres, 84’), Marcos Torres, Levy, Jota, Jordan & Camochu (Albert, 46’).

Alberto Salazar, from Valencia. Red card for visitor Jordan (89’), after he received his second yellow card. Yellow cards for local players Víctor Bravo & David Medina.

1-0: (11’) Ferrán Tacón, in a one on one with the keeper. 2-0: (43’) Perona, from a pass by Ferrán Tacón. 2-1: (60’) Albert.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez stadium with the grounds in good condition on a sunny morning with  8.198 spectators. One minutes silence was held for Fernando Cova and Francisco Romero Cabrera "Romerito".

Agenda for the week 20 - 27 November 2011

Agenda for the week 20 - 27 November 2011
El Mundialito
Tuesday--Rest day
Wednesday10.30El MundialitoTraining
Friday10.30El MundialitoTraining
Friday-El MundialitoPress conference Antonio Calderón
Friday-El MundialitoList of players
Saturday08.00-Tenerife Sur-Santiago de Compostela (UX)
Saturday--Transfer from Santiago - Lugo
Saturday--Stay in Hotel Santiago
Sunday11.00Angel CarroCD Lugo-CD Tenerife
Sunday--Trasfer from Lugo-A Coruña
Sunday17.40-A Coruña-Madrid
Sunday19.50-Madrid-Tenerife Norte


Four points out of six

There has been talk in the last few weeks about how badly the team is playing. There is no doubt they do not have the elegance of teams like Aresnal or FC Barcelona but four points out of six evey 14 days is not to be dismissed. There is no doubt that the fans, the players and the club would prefer that the team won every game but this is not so easy. CD Tenerife has always struggled away. There was talk on the tenerife forum form Finn Cris that "The problem for me is that the middle guy in the upper midfield trio is almost wasted the way we play". And then about home games "the 'home fortress' aspect is even more significant this season as I image almost all other teams & players rarely get to play in front of close to 10.000 fans & play in a real stadium so they may well feel a bit intimidated out there giving CDT an even bigger advantage at home than normal". Both of these are valid points of view add to which I would say the travel is difficult especially this year where there is little gap between travel and playing. This works both ways and may well account partly for why we have done well at home.  I was calculating thare are 19 rounds at home and away. If we manage 4 points per fortnight this is 76 points a result which is not to be sneered at. 
Pedro Cordero has stated since the pre-season that he is looking for another forward and an attacking midfielder. Both of these if he finds tham should help the team especially towards the end of the season. It would be great to finish first but we need to bear in mind Lugo were first last season and didn't make the play offs. The group we are in seems to be the strongest which is not only an advantage now as we need to play well to reach the points we need but also we can't be matched against the teams in our group in the play off. 
Group 2 table

2Real Unión13724211423
3Bilbao Ath.12723191223
5Osasuna B13643201622

Group 3 table

1At. Baleares13931221030

Group 4 table

2Betis B13922271629
3B. Linense13913251528

Josmar has asked for a transfer, whether on loan or to change clubs he seems not to mind. I hope the player gets the chance to grow either here in Tenerife or perhaps a change of club on loan would be good experience.  And one of the other B team players hasn't been to training for a week as he claims he is depressed. I feel sorry for the B coach as it seems to have been an odd week.