Money trail

There has been a lot of talk on line this week about the clubs finances. The accounts for the season 10/11 were released and they make for sad reading. There is no question if we had stayed in La Liga we would have been better off. But things are what they are. Without doubt the team can not afford to stay too long in Segunda B.

Figures released for the last season have been compared with the previous years in the press and the figures here are from the Zonablanquiazul website.
Television money was 14 million for the year in primera, 2,5 million last year and 70,000 this year for the season. There will be extra money should the club make the playoffs.
Season tickets
There was 6 million euros taken in season tickets in primera and 2,950,000€ last year. This years figures haven't been released but with nearly 5,000 less season ticket holders and a 30% reduction in cost it will be considerably less.
Stadium publicity
In primera was 1,1 million and segunda was 580,000€

The club has as an asset the land in Geneto which has been valued at 15.885.884 euros (not sure when) and the Cabildo has promised to buy this. They will be purchasing it but they have already given the club 4,2 million against the purchase which is what the club played the players with in June.
The debts total 38.269.956,45 euros, of which 21.476.935,52 need to be paid off before the 30 of June 2012 and the rest 16.793.020,93 is on longer term loans. In the short term loans there are 4,7 million which were due last June and have still not been replayed so perhaps there is room for manoeuvre.

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