Cristo Ramón, is the second youngest local player to debut with CD Tenerife

Cristo Ramón, is the second youngest local player to debut with CD Tenerife

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President of CD Tenerife, Miguel Concepción, talked on radio Bota Heliodoro yesterday stating he wanted to leave the team in the highest level, that Alvaro Cervera makes players into somthing special and that there are negotiations with Alfaro.

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Hugo Álvarez will train today Wednesday with the rest of his team mates having passed the medical in Santa Cruz yesterday

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Although I generally don't write about other teams the signing of Las Palmas yesterday of Culio left something to be desired.
His comment was..“ Tenerife wanted me, they were the first to call me. When Las Palmas called I knew that was the place for me. Las Palmas really wanted me, there is no comparision with what we have and what Tenerife has, He finished by stating "We are going up" 

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Olympic goal causes 1-0 loss

Olympic goal causes 1-0 loss
Great goal by Pablo Infante caused CD Tenerife to lose the match last night in spite of playing well

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Diego Ifran is expected to be out several weeks after an injury in last nights match

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The Mister spoke of how he felt the result was good in spite of the result.

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A mistake by Jacobo led to a 1-0 loss

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CD Tenerife returns to the site of their first sucess last season

CD Tenerife starts their season this time in Ponferrada the scene of their reactivation last season

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As is tradition every season about this time CD Tenerife will visit the Cathedral in Candelaria to make their traditional offering to the Virgin of Candelaria on Thursday after training at 13.00


With 11 days to go until the first home match of the season CD Tenerife has passed 8,000 season ticket holders

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Almost all the new players have had pre-season minutes although some have played very little, only Ruso Garcia hasn't played at all

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Possible Central defender

Tenerife, Leganés & Lugo are in the race for Leonel Galeano, a central defender who last season was playing for Rayo Vallecano, according to Infofichajes.com. At 23 years old it looked like he was set to return to Independiente de Avellaneda but now he might be coming here.

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Today is the last day that season ticket holders have to maintain their seasts in the stadium. Tomorrow there seasts will be liberated and for this you need to make an appointment on the club website

Alvaro Cervera announced yesterday that Suso, Moyano y Ricardo will not be playing tonight against Elche CF. There is a chance the Ruso will have minutes and this will be a chance to see him play. 
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This should be the last pre season match tonight or not depending on the meetings the LFP hold tomorrow. The Copa Emmasa is bing held in the Heliodoro Rodriguez stadium tonight at 20.30. Although not televised Radio el dia will be commentating.

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Best place to grow

Although he is sad to go as he feels the warmth of his team mates, Alexander Mesa, Nano stated he knows this year will be a good experience . There were other offers but this was the one which offered him everything. 

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Guarrotxena hopes the team will be more ambitious and agressive having seen the game against Las Palmas
which he was able to play a few minutes. 

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The squad are preparing for their final pre season match against Elche CF and trained Friday for 85 minutes. They will train again today Saturday at 10.30

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AFE the footballers association have complained that the decision to suspend the second division was made without consulting them and that this is unreasonable.
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Guarrotxena played his first minutes for CD Tenerife

 Elche CF will be the last rival to play Club Deportivo Tenerife before the start of the  Segunda División. This Sunday at 20.30 horas, in the  Rodríguez López, there will be a new edition of the  Trofeo Santa Cruz- II Copa Emmasa.


Álvaro Cervera, after the loss against Las Palmas last night stated that "we knew after the first game that it would be very hard to turn the competition around. We wanted to see a match that was as even as possible and from that I am much more satisfied than I was last week".


The blue and white team lost against Las Palmas with the identical result from the first leg. The playing difference was less but the behaviour of referee Hernández Hernández, helped the local players.


Iker Guarrotxena the Basque player was on the grass playing from minute 53 in the Gran Canaria stadium. He substituted Jairo, Cervera bought him on with the hope to shorten the goal gap and hoped he would score after two games without doing so.