First win away in Villa real

The team managed a convincing victory in Villa Real against Villarreal B with goals by Nino and Natalio.

CD Tenerife showed their real form this Sunday against Villarreal B in the Mini Estadi (0-2), with goals from Nino & Natalio. The first victory away form home this season. The lads in blue and white have now seen three games without a loss and without receiving a goal. No one has scored against Aragoneses since the Tenerifians visited Cordoba, in October. With these three points, CD Tenerife finally stopped being last and moved up the table to the edge of leaving the relegation positions.
CD Tenerife started strongly and in the second minute, David Prieto shot at goal with a header. The same movement came from the opposition minutes later with a chance from Falqué which went out without much danger. In the following minutes, the opposing team had control of the ball but all the chances were for CD Tenerife. First Natalio shot from a distance and later Mikel Alonso kicked a ball high over the goal inside the area.
The game continued as the ball moved from one end to the other creating danger in both goals The best chance for Villarreal B was by Falqué with a shot inside the area which Marc Bertrán managed to block.
In the following moments control wasn't so clear and CDT managed distant shots by Mikel y Nino, that weren't very dangerous for keeper Mariño. But in minute 44 Nino took advantage of a bad kick by a Villarreal B defender and took the ball into the area and shot into the net.
The second half started in the same style and in minute 49 Marc centred from the right, Nino too control of the ball inside the area, shot and hit the post. After this Villarreal too possession but CDT had several counter attacks and one of these led to two chances one by Nino and one by Natalio but Mariño managed to repel both.
Villarreal B continued to dominate although their attacks were centred from the wings or distant shots at goal that contained no danger for Sergio. The one person who created danger was Mikel Alonso, who took advantage of a pass from Melli to try to slide the ball but it didn't work out.
A little later in minute 75, Nino had a chance, straight in the mouth of the goal but he couldn't manage a second try when the first was repelled. The game went to sleep until in minute 85 Marc Bertrán took the ball to a shot at goal but it wasn't hard enough. A minute later Natalio had the chance to finish the game but again it didn't reac the goal.
But in extra time came the moment for CD Tenerife to make everything clear with a centre from Nino which Natalio made the most of and score to bring the final result to 0-2 and the first away victory of the season.
Game Notes
Mariño; Kiko Olivas, Mario, Carlos Tomás, Costa; Marcos Gullón, Iago Falqué (Airam, 76’), Marcos García (Gerard, 59’), Hernán Pérez;  Natxo Insa & Nicki.
Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, David Prieto, Luna, Beranger; Ricardo (Melli, 71’), Mikel Alonso, Omar (Kome, 87’), Juanlu (Antonio Hidalgo, 68’); Nino & Natalio.
Jorge Valdés Aller, from Castilla Leon. Yellow cards for local players Marcos García, Gullón & Natxo Insa, and for visitors Beranger, Natalio, Ricardo & Luna.
0-1: (44’) Nino. 0-2: (91’) Natalio.
Played in the Mini Estadi. In front of 1.500 spectators. Grounds in good condition on a cold afternoon.


Beranger comments on the team spirit

The CD Tenerife first team completed the weeks training with a last session this morning, Saturday, in the sports city in Castellon. They started at 11am Canarian time and concluded sixty minutes later.
After individual warm up, there was ball practice, followed by a game in half the field. Finally towards the end of the session, Julio Álvarez had muscle difficulties in his right leg, and couldn't complete the training.

Juanlu & Beranger were the players interviewed this Saturday after the morning training session in Castellon. The two CD Tenerife players both agreed that the game on Sunday against Villarreal B presents itself as a great opportunity for the team to show all the good things they have trained in the last few months.
“We are here with every intention to repeat and improve all the skills we have shown this year. We need to work hard as you always must to win away form home”, Juanlu Hens started to explain.
For the midfielder it is most important “to keep the ball under control as much as possible. This week we have been over this again and again we have trained hard but this has been the most important point”.
About their rival, he pointed out “They are a difficult team to beat and w will need to concentrate. Villarreal B are no easy option. We can make no mistakes. This second team are full of rapid players who know how to apply pressure. In attack they can count on important players. Our defense needs to be really solid”.
When asked about his performance to date, Juanlu has things clear “every player needs to give his all. Personally I feel good, with a desire to help the group”.

For his part, Gregory Beranger considered that “we are on a long path. We are improving, we have improved, above all at home. The next point is to win away and bring back three points to the island”.
“We have done things right and wrong, and we need to work hard to maintain the right line for more minutes. We are growing”, he added when he was asked about his impressions on the teams level to date.
In his personal ability the Frenchman noted that “In the last game I had more work, I suffered more. But the opposition also has a right to play. In a team you need to work together”.
“I fight day by day to reach my best fitness level, although the dynamics of the team doesn't help. Being at the bottom of the table is always hard and you see every mistake. We need time and to work hard to improve”, he explained.
“Our rival doesn't look like a second team. They are a team with expert players. We need to go out and give our all. With luck they will have a bad day and we will gain three points”, he finished.


Juan Carlos Mandiá and Melli spoke after the last training session of the week.

Juan Carlos Mandía, CD Tenerife trainer, gave his considered opinion this morning, Friday, in the press conference before the team set off for the game against Villarreal B next Sunday, "We hope the team will be good defensively and offensively and play well”.
When asked about Villarreal B, the blue and white rival, he explained that "they are young lads who are now accustomed to compete at this level, they understand the level and have trained from young to reach this goal. It will be complicated to beat them but we need to concentrate on our game”.

The coach from Galicia, in the same form, commented on the statement made by the Villarreal trainer “We shouldn't be affected. They say we are good but if you allow yourself to be distracted it is easy for your opponent to beat you. I hope that they will say we made them uncomfortable, that we fought hard and were aggressive, that the competition was good and we also played well. Just that they say we are good doesn't count for me”.

When asked about who would be playing next Sunday Juan Carlos Mandía said “I am not sure, this is a situation ever trainer wants. In any case the way the players are right now whoever I choose will be great for the game. Added to that several of our players can play in various positions”.

When the objective on Sunday's game was bought up, the blue and white trainer was clear: Since I was trainer every game we went out to win. Our plan is to win at home and away. We want to achieve as much as possible and gain three points in every game”.

“I have the feeling that we are going all out to win and that pleases me. Most important is that we don't get side tracked and concentrate on playing well. The most important thing is to play well”.

Juan Carlos Mandía finished by stating, "the players have taken a lot of blows during this season, considering this, I am sure that once we reach the level we are looking for in the team, we will win many more games. Right now I want them to concentrate on making the games more intense, that we play good football. I want finally to thank the fans for all they do for us. In the situation the team finds itself you couldn't ask for more. The players are giving their all in every game and any sign of appreciation is greatly received”.

The CD Tenerife defender is sure that the team is going to win next Sunday. In the press room in the Heliodoro, Melli said he saw the team as “strong” with their eye on this important game and considered that "we are working hard and the most important thing would be if the team was to win”.

Melli admitted that one of the objectives was to “improve day by day”. The blue and white defender praised the attitude of the group in "their work" and admitted that "any moment now we are going to get everything right. We need to be strong, keep control of the ball and the mister has left it clear how we need to play”.

When asked about their rival, Melli said that “they are a great team, they have lost of young players and I am sure they are going to make things difficult for us. We are going win and after the last results, we need to go all out for more. We are conscious that a lot rides on this game and we hope that on Sunday we will see our first away win.”.


Natalio: “If they don't score we have chance to gain three more points”

Natalio & Ricardo were the two players in the press room this Thursday. Both agreed that they were confident that the team could win ad gain the three points in play next Sunday against Villarreal B.
Natalio admitted that “We are optimistic” and recognized that “ we are very excited about Sundays game. The last win has motivated us and given us confidence in the way we are playing. With a new trainer we have new ideas”.
The blue and white player continued explaining that the group “are trying to do things better. There are good footballer and little by little we move towards our objective. We if we don't let in any goals we will have chances to bring home the three points. We continue to create chances and the goals are going to come”.
From Ricardo León, was the hope that “we need to make good on the last triumph with another win. It will be a difficult game but we are confident. We see that we have chances to play good football and we are highly motivated. Our rival is good and will try to make us uncomfortable. During the game we need to forget about the table and just play”.


Wednesday interviews

Dani Kome & Ezequiel Luna were the two players interviewed this Wednesday in the press room in the El Mundialito training grounds, where they discussed the state of different events in CD Tenerife.

The footballer from Cameroon started, referring the the mind set of the team, "we are more confident now. We are working well and lets see if we can come home after the weekend with three more points. It has been a long time since we won two games in a row”.

When asked about the next game against Villarreal B, Dani Kome commented, “everyone knows how b teams play. We need to be very concentrated from the first minute onwards. We are nearly out of the well at the bottom of the table and to make good on the last win we need to triumph again”, he added.

Lastly, the CD Tenerife player added about the path the team had followed so far this season, “To start with we were also trying but things didn't work out. We are working a lot and the best football always develops as the league is in flow” he concluded.

Ezequiel Luna, for his part, commented on his personal situation. “I am really keen and now I need to work hard to recover my position in the first eleven. I feel good in spite of the weeks at the beginning of the season when I didn't get to play. I am confident in the way we are playing and you can see this”.

In reference to the way to score three points in the Mini Estadi, the Argentine central defender commented that “we will need to defend well and make sure they are not comfortable on the field. It is important that we keep our goal empty again”.

Luna, as the finished, reaffirmed that “any central defender will try to play the best he can, you just need to look at my companions and this benefits the team. I try not to look too much at the table. I just need to concentrate on Villarreal B and our victory against them. We are playing well and little by little we will move up”, he finished.


Three-dimensional view of the shop

I can't stop myself from sharing. I was playing online and here is an almost 3D view of the shop


Agenda for the week 22 - 28 November 2010

The start of a new week's training for next weekends game but I am sure the team have a more positive outlook for the week.

Agenda for the week 22 - 28 November 2010

Monday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Wednesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday-HRLPress conference with Mandía
Friday-HRLList of players
Friday15.00Los RodeosTenerife Norte-Madrid (UX)
Friday--Bus Madrid-Castellón 
Friday-CastellónHotel NH Mindoro
Sunday16.00Mini EstadiVillarreal B-CD Tenerife
Sunday--Bus Castellón-Madrid 
Monday09.05MadridMadrid-Tenerife Norte (UX)


Second win of the season brings the points to 10

It may not have been an elegant game but three points are three points.

 CD Tenerife managed this Sunday their second victory this season. They beat AD Alcorcon 1-0. The goal was scored by Nino at the start of the second half. This goal serves to bring the team up to nine points. Mandía's group worked hard for this win.

CD Tenerife, in need of the points went out in the only way they could, from the beginning in search of a goal. This aggressive style of play permitted the team to break with the negativity that has hung around them like a cloak and beat AD Alcorcon. Chances were there from the beginning. Nino had a chance after the fifth minute then Ricardo centred a ball which Prieto headed towards the goal in the tenth minute. The players from Madrid also had their chances including a shot by Rubén Sanz, which Melli blocked with his chest (14’).

CD Tenerife, continued to try and were constantly dangerous from midfield towards the goal. Natalio, had a hard shot and the ball hit the post in the twenty sixth minute, in a play that deserved to be a goal. Mandía's boys were working hard. 

After the break, from a corner,  Sergio Mora, managed to find a ball that had escaped Sergio Aragoneses, but that too hit the post. CD Tenerife needed that push and the fans came through with their support the game moved up to a new level. Nino scored with a pass from Ricardo.(52’): 1-0.

Risking everything Juan Antonio Anquela, who didn't want to leave the island with nothing moved from defensive play to attacking in search of a draw. Borjacentred a ball in the area, with his head over Sergio but it hit the post.  CD Tenerife were left defending, trying to stop the visitors from equalizing.

The final minutes were infinite suffering for CD Tenerife. The lads from Madrid tightened their game in search of a goal. Mandía's eleven couldn't find their style of play or a second goal to sentence the game. Finally after tremendous suffering the win was whistled and the three points stayed in Tenerife. 



Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, David Prieto, Melli, Beranger; Ricardo, Mikel Alonso; Juanlu Hens (Antonio Hidalgo, 70’), Natalio (Kome, 83’), Julio Álvarez (Pablo Sicilia, 91’)  & Nino.

Manu Herrera; Nagore, Nino (David Sanz, 79’), Javi Hernández, Ángel Sánchez; Alberdi (Paco Montañés, 61’); Fernando Sales (Carlos Martínez, 69’), Sergio Mora, Rubén Sanz, Borja & Quini.

David Miranda Torres, From Catalyuna. Yellow cards for local players Mikel Alonso, Ricardo & Marc Beltrán; and for visitors Sergio Mora &  Nino.

1-0: (52’) Nino with a cross ball in front of the goal from a pass by Ricardo.

Thirteenth round of the Liga Adelante competition. Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the grass in good condition. Present were 15.234 spectators. Before the start of the game the C.D. Tenerife captain gave the AD Alcorcon players a wooden plaque with the team logo to commemorate the first time the two teams had played against each other.


Josmar calls for the fans help.

Josmar Zambrano & David Prieto were the two players to meet the press on Saturday. That were in the press room in the Heliodoro, after the day's training was finished. The CD Tenerife players talked of the importance of this weekends game against Alcorcon and asked once more for the support of the fans.

Zambrano started, he talked about how “always in the second division, it will be a difficult game. We are going to give everything on the field and hope we will keep the three points that we need. We want to escape the bottom of the table as fast as possible”.

The young forward also wanted to thank the fans for all the support the team have received in spite of their terrible position in the table: “The fans are with us. We hope to see many fans here in the stadium tomorrow and that they will support us as always. We know the situation is complicated, but we are a good team and can start to do better”.

Josmar was asked about his personal improvement over the last few months. How he felt about moving up into the first team, being given a chance to play and then starting for the team at home. To this he commented “I am really happy and very calm. I know I need to work hard every day to have the coach trust me and have confidence in me. I need to move little by little and appreciate the chances I have to play in the first eleven. I know too I still have a lot to learn”.

For his part, David Prieto talked in the first instance about the importance the fans have this season so far. “The role of the fans is admirable. We hope this week to play a great game to be able to go home on Sunday happy. We will need to work, fight and stick together. The whole team wants to play a good game and win a victory. We need to add points three by three2, stated the defender.

Prieto also advised that the newly ascended Alcorcón was a strong team: “They are playing very consistently. But I feel we need to centre ourselves on our game and play well. That way we will have more chances to win the game”.


Trainer interview

Juan Carlos Mandía continues to show in the press interviews that he has his ideas for the team very clear. The CD Tenerife trainer talked this Friday in the conference in the El Mundialito press room. He explained that in spite of the bad position in the league the team is completely omitted to playing well.

We knew this would be a difficult week but we are working extremely well. I hope this will show on Sunday in a good game”, he started telling the journalists.

When asked about this weeks rival he advised, “Alcorcón is on a winning streak. It will be difficult to beat them as any team in this category but I am very optimistic”.

Mandía used the conference to comment on his time here in Tenerifestating that “in the seven games I have been here, we haven't let a goal in twice. Thats not bad but we need to continue improving. To move up the table we need to to play well and be strong in defense. The players are doing everything they possibly can to turn back the tide . I am calm and confident that they can manage this. As we work I am happy with the attitude of the whole team and from here I want to inspire them to keep on working the way they are at present, so they can be the team that we all want”, he added.

Mandía has a clear work ethic that he feels CDT need to follow to escape the relegation positions. “We need to be ourselves. We want to be strong from free kicks, corners and be in control in defense. In general lines, play well”.
We still have a long way to go and we need to work hard but these changes do not come quickly”, he finished.


Aragoneses talks

Interviewed today in the El Mundalito training grounds were Sergio Aragoneses and Pablo Sicilia. Here is what they had to say.

Sergio Aragoneses was the first to talk about the upcoming league game on Sunday against Alcorcón. The goal keeper from Galicia commented that, “we need the three points. In last Saturdays game we were solid in defence but defensive could describe the whole team. Up front we need to find the opposition’s goal”.
Aragoneses admitted that within the group, “we need to help each other to get things going and move forward. This moment is not positive and that shows in our performance. If everyone just improved a bit then I am sure that we would start to play well”.
When asked about his fitness level the keeper explained that “ I have tried to recuperate as fast as possible to be able to play for the trainer. I need to take care and not move badly but I am almost totally recovered.
For his part Pablo Sicilia followed the same line as Sergio in the press room, “we are aware that the situation is hard and a victory would help us all. With the help of our fans I am sure we will win. That said any rival in the second division can be dangerous and Alcorcón has potential, but we are going to do our best to achieve this triumph”.
Now he has overcome his injury the player from Gran Canaria admitted that”when you don't play you feel really bad. Personally I feel better and better, I have a good feeling about things right now and now we will see. We are the first to have confidence in our ability and our chances. We believe in ourselves and are going to make chances now”.
Lastly when he was questioned about the training team he answered”I like how we train each day. There us intensity and the coach is always very attentive of the players”.


Round up

Tickets for Sunday's game go on sale tomorrow from 9am. They will be on sale in the stadium, in Puerto de la Cruz and in the Libreria Raquel y Carla in Los Cristianos.

Anyone who wants to make the trip with Armada Sur should contact the General as his buses are filling up. About 10 people came in the shop to book with him and everyone seems positive.

Ricardo has played 150 games with the first team in last Saturday's match against Huesca. He first played for the team in the 05/06 season starting at that time with the number 29.

CDT has never played against Alcorcon in the teams history in any league. So this weekends game will be a first.

98,000 people watched last Saturday's game in the El Alcoraz stadium another sign of the fans support even when things are bad.

It has been announced this week that the Murgas competition in the carnival will be held in the Heliodoro stadium with seats on the grass. The Santa Cruz town hall say they have some money put by for any repairs the grass may need.


Mandia interview after the Huesca game

Juan Carlos Mandía, trainer for CD Tenerife, gave his opinion after the game last night, he felt that,“the game was played in high temsion and it felt like the end of the season not the begining. We all want to win the points as many as possible as quickly as possible. We fought hard and were the team with the most chances. Huesca was an organised team who played well with good players. They made things hard for us”.

The coach from Galicia lamented that the Canarian group didn't achieve the aim of a win but "but we had numerous chances to score especially as we were playing away from home". Mandia then added that his team, "need to keep working hard as they are still in a difficult position”.

Mandía explained that here in El Alcoraz he saw “good things and we will keep seeing them. This is the path to follow. The players want to win, they fought hard. For an away game they generated lots of chances”.

When asked about the result, if he saw it as good, the CDT coach explained that, "In one or two minutes we can't do what needs to be done in 90. We always wanted to win and that is our mentality. we put on fresh people at the end but I am not sure that was significant. Our idea is always to attack but you need to be aware of your rival”.

Aboput how he saw the team and how they played , Mandía commented "the only thing that counts is we added a point to our total. I have a good feeling about some things but we need to improve others. We need to strengthen the things we did well and keep them going longer next week”.

Finally, the blue and white trainer admitted that the team always "has the intention to go all out for three points. The reality is such and the table shows the need for it. We are in a difficult moment and we need to work to improve it. We are trying every game to win and if we can't win at least to draw”.

Agenda for the week 15 - 21 November 2010

Agenda for the week 15 - 21 November 2010 
Monday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Wednesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday-El MundialitoRueda de prensa Juan Carlos Mandía
Saturday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Saturday-El MundialitoList of players
Sunday17.00HeliodoroCD Tenerife-AD Alcorcón


Draw in Huesca - Game notes

GeoTagged, [N42.14212, E0.41142]


Andrés; Marcos (Bauzá, 73’), Echadei, Corona, Molinero; Sastre, Gilmar Gómez, Helguera, Camacho; Roberto (Jokin, 69’) & Galán (Vega, 79’).

Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán (Melli, 68’), David Prieto, Luna, Beranger; Ricardo, Mikel Alonso, Juanlu (Hidalgo, 89’), Julio Álvarez (Omar, 89’); Natalio & Nino.

Martínez Munuera from Valencia. colegio valenciano. Yellow cards for local players Molinero, Sastre, Corona and for Onésimo; and for Cdt player Luna.


Played in the estadio Alcoraz de Huesca with 6.000 spectators. Ground with natural grass in good condition. Cold afternoon.


Journey Day

The team set off today on their journey to Huesca. The trip started with a bus journey to the airport, a plane to Madrid, the train to Huesca and a bus to the hotel. There were gripes on some of the forums that the players were not training enough this week but I personally can't see how anyone could have expected them to train today.
Players who were called to make the trip were; Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Bellvís, Hidalgo, Nino, Ricardo, Omar, Natalio, Beranger, Sergio Aragoneses, David Prieto, Juanlu Hens, Melli, Luna, Julio Álvarez, Míkel Alonso, Iriome, Dani Mederos y Josmar Zambrano. Although Sergio Aragoneses has not trained in full this week it is hoped he will be fit to play tomorrow afternoon. 

When interviewed before the trip Mikel Alonso stated that, "it is clear that tomorrows game is very important. We need to show intensity and play as well as we are able. Nobody likes to be in the lower end of the table". He went on to explain that he was "here for the team and the trainer, at his orders. It is good that there is a choice of players to play". When asked about himself he stated "I am not happy about the events this season neither indivdually or for the team because of the position we are in. Here we are a team and we are all unhappy. Lets see if we can start to gain the points we need to move up the table" he finished.


Wednesday interview with Antonio Hidalgo & Julio Alvarez

Antonio Hidalgo & Julio Álvarez were in the press room this week in the El Mundialito grounds. Both were clear in the thought that the team needs to concentrate on the next game against Huesca.

“Things haven't worked out so far but we need to look forward”, said Antonio Hidalgo he then remembered that “On Sunday they took the three points easily. There is still time and possibility to fix everything. If each of us puts a little more effort then the team will show how much better they can be”.

The blue and white midfielder admitted that “We need to keep adding three points to recover the good feelings. The players are conscious of the situation and have nothing to hide. This is the reality”.

When asked about the next rival, Hidalgo stated that "Huesca has 4 points more than us. The field is small and they like direct football. We know they will be a difficult rival and we are going to try to cut the points difference". When he was asked about his situation he said that "I am not getting to play but everyone needs to keep training as hard as possible until a new opportunity arises”.

For his part, Julio Álvarez coincided when he discussed the last game: "We are really fed up after a loss that didn't make sense. We need to look forward, but no further than the game against Huesca. We are playing for three important points”.

The Venezuelan mid-fielder admitted that against Nastic "the 0-1 was hard and left us really damaged. This is a really hard time for the players but the group is sticking together. Neither excuses nor lamentations count here. We need to demonstrate what we can achieve with three points. If we do things right the final result will more than likely be positive”.


Usually lucky in Huesca.

In six of the seven visits the team has played in Huesca the team has come home with points. Only when C D Tenerife was in the third division did they lose in the Alcoraz stadium.


CD Tenerife is visiting this Saturday one of its lucky stadiums. Only the first game played against Huesca in the third division resulted in a loss in the season 70-71 but that was in the San Jorge stadium. Since then they have achieved three wins and a further three draws.  
The most recent game in the season 08-09 in the second division ended in a 0-0 draw in spite of many chances to score. 

Iriome González who played on loan last season for Huesca commented yesterday that the stadium holds many good memories for him and that he was looking forward to visiting Huesca again. But he also stated that "We need to win and the Alcoraz is a difficult stadium. We will need to play full out to win there".

When asked about Sunday's game he said "It was a tough game and we made an effort but things didn't work out. The first half was under control but everything changed with the Nastic goal. We are all conscious that this was a good chance to move up the table and we have lost that opportunity, now there is nothing left but to continue working hard".

Pablo Sicilia also spoke of the next game in Huesca on Monday, he noted that "It will be complicated as it seems especially hard for us to add points away, but we need to do the right things in the game to be able to get a good result".