Juan Carlos Mandiá Lorenzo - new trainer

CD Tenerife & Juan Carlos Mandiá Lorenzo have reached an agreement. The trainer from Galicia will be here for the rest of the season 10/11 responsible for the first team. Mandiá will arrive tonight in the north airport at 19.15 from Madrid with Antonio Puche y Enrique Sanz, his assistants. The trainer from Lugo started his career in the youth divisions of Real Madrid, followed by CD Logroñés, Hércules CF, Real Madrid Castilla y Rácing de Santander, this last team whilst they were in the first division. The new trainer will be presented tomorrow


Xerez 2 - CD Tenerife 0

   This was the worst result possible. The result the club, the players and the management were all hoping to avoid. The result that will take this year into the club records for the worst possile start ever.
Next week is another chance to start again. A home game against a smaller team.

xerez 2
CD tenerife 0

Xerez  DeportivoLledó (1), J.L. Redondo (2), Lombán (1), Moreno (1), Mendoza (1), Cordero (3), Barber (1), Pablo Redondo (1), Capi (2), José Mari (2) & Mario Bermejo (2).
Also played: Raúl Llorente (1), who came on for Capi (71'), Héctor Font (1) for Pablo Redondo (77') & Óscar Díaz (1) for José Mari (84').
CD Tenerife: Aragoneses, Bertrán, Melli, Pablo Sicilia, Beranger, Mikel Alonso, Ricardo, Hidalgo, Natalio, Kome & Nino.
Also played:  Juanlu entró por Hidalgo (51'); Omar por Kome (51') e Iriome por Natalio (68').
REFEREE: Julio Amoedo Chas (1), from the Madrid school of refs., assisted by Enrique José Ramos Ferreiros & Roberto Vázquez Alvite. Yellow cards for  Bertrán (9'), Natalio (19'), Mendoza (25'), Capi (45'), Aragoneses (62'), Iriome (77'), Héctor Font (86') y Nino (92').
GOALS 1-0 (20'): José Mari headed in the net a centre by  Redondo.2-0 (27'): Cordero culmina de tiro cruzado una pared con Bermejo.
Fifth round in the Liga Adelante, played in the Chapín stadium in front of 10.766 espectadores. The island players wore their third green strip. The match was offered by Gol Televisión & Canal Plus Liga.  Antonio Padrón, club manager Juan Amador and sports director Santiago Llorente were there to represent the club. Alejandro Alfaro was in the stadium to watch the game by his ex-collegues.


The week of the long knives

The team are on their way to Xerez via Sevilla but the week has been a struggle. From last Saturdays crushing loss against Celta de Vigo, Gonzalo Arconada's sacking on Monday after allowing him to train the team Monday morning, two days training with second team coach Alfredo Merino, to the trip of all eighteen available players today for tomorrows match.
Their last training session will be this afternoon at 5pm in the Instalaciones Deportivas Montecastillo. The players present are Luis García, Sergio Aragoneses, Marc Bertrán, Aitor Núñez, Carlos Bellvís, Pablo Sicilia, Gregory Beranger, Melli, Ezequiel Luna, Antonio Hidalgo, Ricardo León, Omar Ramos, Juanlu Hens, Mikel Alonso, Iriome, Nino, Natalio & Dani Kome.

When interviewed on Wednesday afternoon after training Alfredo Merino trainer of the CDT second team who haven't been beaten this season stated,he hoped the team would score their first points in the Chapin stadium.

“In principal we need to start this new stage with pride. It is a real honour to be the CD Tenerife coach. If we can score the three points then things will look different. With a change of trainer a group can be reactivated and here is no different. I see the players with a need to prove themselves”, he started.“I don't have a magic wand. I am worried about the players not only as players but as people. To tell you now about tactics seems surreal. The players seem happy and keen to play. Finally the players are the ones who are responsible on the field. We need to talk about us, our first rival is us. They need to get out there and show what great players they are. Everyone here believes in them. I want to see deeds not words”, Merino added.
“I am here in CD Tenerife to help where I can. Right now that is the first team and I hope we are going to score their first three points. I need to be realistic my work here could finish on Sunday or Monday or next week. But what I see is that I am here to help the club to the best of my abilities where they see fit.perhaps we have looked too much to the end of the season and not we need to centre on how we will get there week by week. The players are human and make mistakes too.”, the trainer explained.
“Logically there will be changes, to put out Saturday's team again wouldn't be right. The players need to fight for their places. We need to look for each players good points not the weakness of our oposition”, he finished.
What I see is a man with a difficult job, he needs to motivate 18 players who have seen no win since the season start. Players whose coach blamed them for playing badly even when it was not just their fault. A job that has no clear dates and could end at any moment. This job he also needs to share with the job of training the second team who are on a good run and it is to be hoped this can be maintained. I wish him the very best of luck and three points tomorrow night for all of us.

Marc Bertrán, CD Tenerife defender and captain, said on Thursday in an interview in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium “For us the most important thing is to score points. We hope this change will reactivate the team. We want to play a good game, that things go well and achieve our first points. Which at this date in the competition is really important.”.

The blue and white club shop is now selling shirts for 5 and 10 euros until Saturday lunchtime. This sounds like the Luanvi outfits will be available from Monday onwards.

Before he left the island ex-trainer Gonzalo Arconada said some very negative things about one of his assistant coaches Toño. A man who has been with the team as a player and later over the last several years as assistant coach. He accused him of being a sneak and a title-tattle having said the day before he would not be the one to throw S**t. Not a elegant way to end your career here in Tenerife.


Strange times

In times of crisis it is easy to be confused. We sat on the 28th of August in front of our televisions excited to see Tenerife start against Girona. We expected to win, we were candidates for the highest positions in the twenty available. We could compete with the best and expected to have to fight Betis. And here we are 20 days later having taken part in some of the worst history the club has ever seen. The fans are blown away by the events. There has been only deception disgust and discredit. When a team falls from great heights like this it is normal to doubt everything and everybody. In consequence it is hard to know what are the good points. Did Arconada destroy a great team or once we have a new trainer will new problems surface? This is the question.
The answer will only be proved with the passing of time. Arconada needs to go, this is evident, perhaps the only thing everyone is agreed on. With his sacking, late -because the terrible scenes in the stadium on Saturday could have been missed and three points saved-, opens the only hope for a way forward. The club needs to find the right coach, a man who will give the players values, who helps the players play to the best of their abilities and helps them hide their difficulties (the absence of a defensive midfielder has been shown), and who can lead the squad into being a functioning group. It needs to be done. And if then we don't go up we can talk......
Certainly Arconada, part failure, part victim of "post" Oltraism, shouldn't have trained today. This was just another unnecessary cruelty.

Translated from El Dia Newspaper


Bye bye Gonzalo Arconada .

As it had been predicted by the newspapaers and forums yesterday Gonzalo Arconada has been sacked as the trainer of the first team with his assistants Ramón Eizmendi y Sergi Pérez.
The club has stated they apreciated the threes work and professionalism during their time with the club and hope they will have personal and professional luck in the future. 
As a tempoary measure until a new trainer arrives Alfredo Merino,coach of the second team will coach the first team assisted by Antonio Hernández ‘Toño’.

Agenda for the week 20 - 26 September 2010

Hopefully there will be a wind of change this week. Finally I am not sure if a change of trainer will help but if this is not available hopefully the players will work towards a better result.


Agenda for the week 20 - 26   September  2010

Monday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Tuesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Wednesday-HeliodoroPress conference with Gonzalo Arconada
Wednesday-HeliodoroList of players for the game Xerez CD-CD Tenerife
ThursdayMorning-Journey to Sevilla
ThursdayMid-day-Trip by bus to Jerez
ThursdayAfternoonNH JerezStay in Xerez
Friday20.00ChapínXerez CD-CD Tenerife
SaturdayMorning-Trip by bus to Sevilla
SaturdayMid-day San Pablo AirportFlight Sevilla-Tenerife


4th league loss this season

 The fans had hoped this would be the game which turned the season around. Their displeasure could be heard or not. The Frente Blanquiazul started the game with a silent protest with both not singing and sitting down. Towards the end of the game when the loss was clear there were calls to the president for a solution, for Arconada to go and then finally the stadium called for Oltra.

Game notes
0 - CD Tenerife: Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Melli, Pablo Sicilia, Beranger; Juanlu (Iriome, min. 63), Ricardo, Antonio Hidalgo (Mikel Alonso, min. 46), Omar (Kome, min. 46); Natalio & Nino.
2 - RC Celta de Vigo: Falcón; Hugo Mallo, Catalá, Jonathan Villa, Roberto Lago; Alex López, López Garai, Bustos, De Lucas (Joan Tomás, min. 78); Trashoras (Papadopoulos, min. 71) & David Rodríguez (Michu, min. 84).
Goals: 0-1, min. 13: Trashorras, from a penalty. 0-2, min. 25: Catalá.
Referee: Pedro Jesús Pérez Montero (Form Andalucia). Yellow cards for local players Juanlu, Melli, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Beranguer y Marc Bertrán, and for visitors Hugo Mallo y Roberto Lago.
Incidents: The game was played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium infront of 14.370 spectators.

Not really a final

Although all week the press has discussed that the game today is a final for trainer Gonzalo Arconada Echarri, both the club president and the technical manager have stated they have full confidence in him. The players have all commented in the last days that they uinderstand the fans are angry but they hope there will be support at the game.
Tickets will be onsale all day for the game against Celta de Vigo this afternoon at 5pm and I hope this evening to have good news for you.


Photo of the stadium

Usually photos of the stadium are form ground view or inside. This on is taken form the mountains behind the city by Antonio Tajuelo


Interviews with the players after the loss against Rayo Vallecano

In interviews after the game yesterday several players made comments. They included the following:

Iriome González.- “If you know the second division then you can't say we were thrashed as a team can dominate for 80 minutes and still receive a gol. Rayo Vallecano were the team who had mastery of the ball for parts of the game but we had better control and it is a pity with only a few minutes to go before the end they scored a goall”
Juanlu Hens.- “Attack was hard but in defense we had most things under control. One of the things we have struggled with is  the still ball. In a single attack they managed to score their goal. I think the players tried hard and fought.  Rayo is a tough team at home and they didn't leave us much space. We need to stop this bad run and start thinking about the next home game. We want the first three points and to leave all this behind”.
Melli.- “This time the team was different, we managed to compete. The result is bad but today we were better in mid-field and now all we can do is start to think about the next game. If we play the way we did then few points will pass us by.  Our comitment is endless. If you look at their goal it was from a dead ball and with luck they managed to score. We had the game under control but were unlucky that we didn''t score”.


Agenda for the week 13 - 19 September 2010

The CD Tenerife squad will have 5 training sessions before Saturdays game against Celta de Vigo.

Agenda for the week 13 - 19 September 2010
Day Time Place Activity
Monday - - Rest day
Tuesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Tuesday 18.00 El Mundialito Training
Wednesday 17.00 Heliodoro Training
Thursday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Friday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Friday - El Mundialito Press conference with  Gonzalo Arconada
Friday - El Mundialito List of players for squad
Saturday 17.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-RC Celta de Vigo


Painful loss against Rayo Vallecano

 A direct fight into Madrid gave 200 CD Tenerife fans the chance to see their team away in Vallecas in the south end of the city. In a filled enthuastic stadium the fans watched their team play for a draw and the plan nearly worked. With only 4 minutes to go Rayo Vallecano player Juli scored a late goal and there ended Tenerife's hopes for the day. The next game is at home against Celta de Vigo. The players and the club need the fans to be there and support them in what is turning out to be a bad start to a hopeful season.

Game notes

RAYO VALLECANO: Cobeño; Coke, Casado, Amaya, Arribas; Movilla, Rafa García, Armenteros, Borja García (Delibasic, min 70); Trejo (Provencio, min 89) & Aganzo (Juli, min. 70).

CD TENERIFE: Sergio Aragoneses; Juanlu Hens, Beranger, Pablo Sicilia, Melli; Antonio Hidalgo (Mikel Alonso, min. 76), Ricardo, Julio Álvarez; Iriome (Bellvís, min. 70) Omar Ramos (Natalio, min. 87); & Nino.

REFEREE: Alfonso Pino Zamorano, from Calstiil la Mancha. yellow cards for local players Amaya; and for visitors Omar Ramos, Melli y Pablo Sicilia.

GOAL: 1-0: min. 86, Juli.

INCIDENTS: This was a game in the third round of the Liga Adelante. Played in the Teresa Rivero stadium. With approximately 7.000 spectators present. CD Tenerife club president, Miguel Concepción, was preasent for the game. CD Tenerife used for the first time their third green  and black strip.


Travelling day

The squad has arrived in Madrid ready for the match tomorrow against Rayo Vallecano at 5pm Canarian time in the Teresa Rivero stadium. They will train this evening in the Las Rozas training ground. These are the grounds where the national team train. The squad who was only missing Prieto who had a red card last week and Josmar who is due to play for the second team this weekend. The team left Tenerife North this morning at 9am.

Gonzalo Arconada bought with him 19 players: Luis
García, Marc Bertrán, Bellvís, Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo,
Omar, Natalio, Beranger, Aragoneses, Kome, Juanlu, Melli, Iriome,
Mikel Alonso, Julio Álvarez, Luna y Aitor Núñez. Hopefully the teams luck will change this weekend. Although they have only beaten Rayo on three occasions in their history.


Radio interview for Radio El Dia with Miguel Concepción,

Club president Miguel Concepción, was interviewed this morning by Radio El Día by  José Moreno, on the morning show l “El día por delante”.(The day in front of us)

During the interview the maximum authority of the blue and white team stated that he was convinced that the team are going to change and that positive results will come soon. He insisted that there is no discussion about trainer, Gonzalo Arconada.
Miguel Concepción, in a long interview showed his optimistic side and reiterated his confidence in the players and trainers. At the same time he again mentioned that fact that the team needs to be  grateful for the continued assistance from the Caja Canarias bank especially the Bank president, Álvaro Arvelo.
Sports department.- “We hope that from Saturday in the game against Rayo Vallecano the team start to play the way we are all expecting. We have built a squad that is exciting and haven't skimped on the budget. We need to recover our hopes and aims. We are concerned but not worried”.
Changes.- “The trainer knows what needs to be changed and I am convinced that he will manage this and we will see a team worthy of the category and the fans will not longer be unhappy. As for last season, we have made the changes we felt necessary to the squad. We are sure they will make the effort and manage to go back up again.  This season is different to last year and now we need to look forwards. This is not the moment to question the trainer, we have no doubts about him. With a good game and a win in Rayo
Vallecano  everything will change and things will look different. We need to have patience and confidence in the team. There is no debate about the trainer”.

Confidence.- "I have no doubts that the team will continue to improve. I am convinced that the next game on Saturday will be different. Both the squad and the training team have our complete confidence. We are sure that the team will be fighting at the top of the table. Shortly we will see the team we all await and I am sure they will start against a good team like Rayo Vallecano (Saturday 17.00 - TV Canaria)”.

Fans.- “I am pleased to announce that the campaign for season tickets have been good this year. We called for the fans to support the team and more than 13,500 came forward to buy or renew their season tickets”.
Junior teams.- “Our youth squads are very important to us. The most recent example is the increased contract of Josmar Zambrano, instead of bringing a player in from outside”.
Marc Bertrán.- “Soon we will start to negotiate and we hope he will extend his contract and will stay with us several seasons more.”.
Continuity.- “This is not the moment to decide whether I will stay or not. What I would say is that it doesn't depend on a result or a season. Challenges have to be met and the more difficult they are the more I like them”.
Financial solidarity.- “the club is stable, with the clear objective to go back up to the first division. We need to lower the debts to be able to buy better players. The debt is about 20 million it has been reduced again a little but it is certain that in the first division it is easier to reduce as there is more income”.
CajaCanarias.- “Our relationship with the bank is outstanding. The survival project for the club would have been impossible without them and their president, Álvaro Arvelo. They are our main sponsor”.
Promotion entity.- “If it is for the good of the club the two will be fused. We are at present producing a study to see the advantages. These will then be considered by both sets of shareholders. The Sports city (Ciudad Deportiva) is an asset for the club. But possibly we will move all our activity to the Taco mountain ”.


Agenda for the week 6 - 12 September 2010

Agenda for the week 6 - 12 September 2010
Monday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Tuesdays--Day off 
Wednesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Thursday-El MundialitoPress conference with Arconada
Thursday-El MundialitoList of players for the squad
Friday10.20Aeropuerto Tenerife NorteTenerife Norte-Madrid (UX)
Friday-Hotel NH EurobuildingStay in Madrid
Saturday17.00Teresa Rivero Rayo Vallecano-CD Tenerife
Sunday07.25Aeropuerto Madrid BarajasMadrid-Tenerife Norte (UX)
Sunday09.15Aeropuerto Tenerife NorteArrival in Tenerife

CD Tenerife 1 - UD Salamanca 2

This wasn't how it was meant to be. The start of the season. The first home game. Everyone was there with maximum enthusiasm. The zoneros had a giant Tifo with "together we can make it back to the first division". The Frente Blanquiazul had hold-ups signs with the number of season ticket holders for the last years. The final figures haven't been anounced but at Saturday lunchtime over 13,000 season tickets had been sold. Thursday new sales start again for anyone who still needs a season ticket.
There in the stadium the fans awaited their heros and it seemed to start well with Natalio scoring his first goal for the team putting the score at 1-0. But it wasn't to be. Salamanca scored two goals and here we have the worst start to the league since 59/60


CD Tenerife: Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Melli, David Prieto, Beranger; Ricardo León (Mikel Alonso, m 65), Antonio Hidalgo; Juanlu Hens (Julio Álvarez, m 55), Omar Ramos; Natalio (Pablo Sicilia, m 72) & Nino.

UD Salamanca: Biel Ribas; Anaitz Arbilla, Goiko, Moratón, Zamora; Endika Bordas, Miguel García (Héctor Yuste, m 65); Perico, Brian Sarmiento (Quique Martín, m 84); Juanjo & Marcos Márquez (Kike López, m 68).

REFEREE:  Juan Martínez Manuera from the Valencian school of referees. Sent off Cd Tenerife defender David Prieto, for two yellow cards, the second for a foul on Kike López at the edge of the goal area (m 25 y 70). Yellow cards for visitors Miguel García, Brian Sarmiento, José Moratón & Perico.

GOALS: 1-0, m 31: shot by Nino, saved by the keeper then out to Natalio who then scored with a kick into the goal. 1-1, m 56: foal shot by Brian Sarmiento  from the right to Moratón who headed it in. 1-2, m 89: after a series of attempts from a shot by Quique Martín, Perico headed the ball to the post  & Kike López kicked the ball in the net. 

INCIDENTS: played in the Heliodoro Stadium, with 16,442 spectators. Grounds in good condition. Warm evening. Not televised.


Out of the kings cup Elche CF 4 - CD Tenerife 1

 The players in the cup were not the same players as the ones on Saturdays game against Girona. The result though was the same 4-0. The team will I am sure be glad to come home after their week away on the Spanish mainland.
The players return to Tenerife today and start training for the game against Salamanca tomorrow. 


Jaime; Carpio, Ripa, Etxeita, Samuel; Quero (Mantecón, 60'), Palanca, Wakaso (Xumetra, 85'), Acciari, Generelo (Linares, 67'); & Perera.

Aragoneses; Aitor Núñez, Bellvís, Luna, Pablo Sicilia; Iriome (Josmar, 80'), Julio Álvarez, Ricardo (Hidalgo, 65'), Mikel; Kome (Omar, 74') & Nino.

Mariscal Sánchez, from the referees of  Andalcia. Sent off visitor Luna (83'), after 2 yellow cards. Yello cards for local players Ripa & Palanca; and for the visitors Ricardo & Pablo Sicilia.
1-0, minuto 3, Perera. 2-0: min 12, Wakaso. 2-1: min 23, Nino. 3-1: min. 74, Linares. 4-1: min 77, Perera.

Played in the Estadio Martínez Valero. Grounds were in good condition. Warm evening. With  5.435 spectators present.

 The club has a section on their new upgaraded website where you can be informed what is going on in the game minute by minute Check out last nights game here.