Stock from Luanvi arrived

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As many of you know the Soy del Tete shop was waiting for the stock to arrive to open. It arrived this morning so everything is running smoothly.
The new casual wear is awesome and has very good prices.
Dont forget they are opening on Sunday with a party from 11.00 to 14.00.


5 training sessions before Elche on Sunday

Agenda for the week 25 - 31 de Octuber 2010
Monday 17.00 El Mundialito Training
Tuesday - - Day off
Wednesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Friday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Friday - El Mundialito Press conference with Juan Carlos Mandía
Saturday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Saturday - Heliodoro Player list
Sunday 17.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-Elche CF


2-2 Draw in Cordoba leaves the team with hope.

 After being 2-0 down with a dubious penalty and a lapse of concentration Club Deportivo came back to score two goals to equalise and bring back a point from Andalucia. Goals by Mikel Alonso and Natalio.

CÓRDOBA CF        2          (0)
CD TENERIFE        2          (0)
Raúl Navas; David de Coz, Fuentes, Alberto Aguilar, Tena; Usero, Luque, Flores, Arteaga (Callejón, 76’); Charles (Díaz de Cerio, 80’) & Pepe Díaz (Jonathan Sesma, 65’).
Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Beranger, Ezequiel Luna, David Prieto; Melli (Kome, 59’); Mikel Alonso, Ricardo; Juanlu Hens (Josmar Zambrano, 84’), Omar Ramos (Natalio, 59’); & Iriome.
José Ramón Piñero Crespo, from Asturias. Yellow cards for local players  Usero, Raúl Navas, Javi Flores & Pepe Díaz; Also for  our players Beranger, Iriome, Natalio, Josmar Zambrano & Omar Ramos.
1-0: (50’) Jorge Luque, from a penalty. 2-0: (59’) Charles. 2-1: (70’) Mikel Alonso. 2-2: (87’) Natalio.
Played in the Nuevo Arcángel stadium. Aproximately 10.500 spectadores. The president of CD Tenerife, Miguel Concepción and Nino were live in the stadium.


New shop in the South

Exciting news - There is a new shop in Playa Fañabe selling CD Tenerife items opening on the 31st of October. They are having an opening party from 11am to 2pm (before the game starts) and all are welcome. For your personalized invitation please email

The shop will be open from the 1st of November. Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 1pm and again from 4pm to 8 pm. They will be carrying the complete line of CD Tenerife items including shirts, the new casual wear, pijamas and bed wear.
The shop will be called Soy del Tete - Tenerife Fan shop. The first bit means - I am a tenerife fan.

Painted on the wall is a large copy of the CDT logo. Painted by Armada Sur's own Kirsty. As well as being a talented painter she combines her time teaching and designing websites.


Agenda for the week 18 - 24 October 2010

Agenda for the week 18 - 24  October 2010
Monday - - Day off
Tuesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Wednesday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Thursday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Friday Mañana - Training
Friday - - List of players
Friday - - Press conference Juan Carlos Mandía
Friday 12.25 Aeropuerto Los Rodeos Flight Tenerife Norte-Sevilla (UX)
Friday Tarde - Road trip to Córdoba
Friday Tarde NH Hesperia Córdoba Stay in Córdoba
Saturday 17.00 Nuevo Arcángel Córdoba CF-CD Tenerife
Sunday 12.40 (*) Aeropuerto San Pablo Sevilla-Tenerife Norte (UX)
Sunday 13.45 Aeropuerto Los Rodeos Arrival in Tenerife
(*) Mainland time

Interview with Mandia

Juan Carlos Mandiá, trainer with Club Deportivo Tenerife takes responsibility for the result in yesterday's game against Numancia. The game was at least equalised in the last ten minutes although he has now had three games with the club and still no win. "We have improved in some areas, but not enough to win a game. The players gave their all in every moment, you can't blame them at all. This is a difficult situation and we all need to keep pulling together. In general lines it was not a bad game".
As well he commented on the fans signalling that  "the people are fantastic, really good, especially as the team has had such bad results. When we were on the last run you really noticed their help”.

On the other side of the field the Frente Blanquiazul didn't appear in their stand during the first half of the match against Numancia.  This was a strike against the way the team are playing.and in the second half they were back in force although they took abuse from the fans around them.

Lastly as a result of the tension during the game, several times the Red Cross were called to help fans with anxiety attacks.


C D Tenerife 1 - 1 Numancia Game notes

Another point brings the total to 2 and still in last place. Slowly the team seems to look like something but a fair referee might just help. A hand ball in the Numancia penalty box wasn't punished and a last man attack on Iriome was just ignored.
The team struggles on and hopes to improve soon.

Game Notes


Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, David Prieto, Ezequiel Luna, Beranger; Ricardo, Mikel Alonso; Natalio (Iriome, 46’), Antonio Hidalgo (Julio Álvarez, 46’), Juanlu Hens (Omar, 66’) & Nino.

Edu Navarro; Javi Flaño, Jaio, Pavón, Dani López; Barquero, Nagore, Dimas (Mario, 80’); Mikel Álvaro (Cedric, 60’), Iñigo Vélez (Garmendia, 70’) & Ibrahima

Francisco Javier Ontanaya López, from the Castilla la Mancha region.
Sent off local player Julio Álvarez (88’), with two yellow cards. Yellow cards for local players  Natalio, Ezequiel Luna & Beranger; also for visitors, Iñigo Vélez & Edu Navarro.

0-1: (34’) Javi Flaño, from a cross ball. 1-1: (83’) Mikel,  with a header from a pass into the area.

Eigth round of the Liga Adelante, in the second division. Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the grounds in good condition.  16.110 spectators, were at the game which was held in the afternoon.At the start of the game one minutes silence was held for ex president of the Canarian Government, Adán Martín Menis.


Marc Bertran talks

Marc Bertrán y Carlos Bellvís were the players to talk to the press on Wednesday in the Mundalito press room.
Bertrán stated that everyone should remain calm now. "We shouldn't panic but we need to work harder as right now luck doesn't seem to be on our side. The team is ok,the best they can be all things considered. We need to work together and stick together". When asked about Numancia he commented,"They are a good team. They have a strong groupand I am sure they will be a difficult rival. The key is to find our own identity and play that way".
Carlos Bellvís, from his side, started talking about his chances of playing on the team again,"I am at the coaches orders. I have paid my punishment and I hope to have the chance to play". When asked about Numancia, he stated, "I have many friends playing there and they are a strong rival but we are at home and need the three points. We know we aren't playing well but we need to stick together and believe that we can win this", he concluded.


CD Tenerife loss in the Miniestadi - Barcelona B 3 - CD Tenerife 1

CD Tenerife needs to wait another week for their next chance for their first win this season after losing in the Miniestadi against  FC Barcelona B by 3-1. The team orchestrated by Juan Carlos Mandía played well but couldn't quite get it together.

CD TENERIFE            1 (0)


Oier Olazábal; Montoya, Sergi Gómez, Bartra, Abraham; Oriol Romeu, Carmona (Ilie, 71’), Sergi Roberto; Nolito, Jonathan Soriano (Rochina, 77’) & Tello (Víctor Vázquez, 61’).

Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Melli, Luna (Iriome, 85’), Beranger; Míkel Alonso, Ricardo; Kome (Omar Ramos, 61’), Natalio, Antonio Hidalgo (Josmar Zambrano, 78’); & Nino.

Santiago Jaime Latre, from Aragon.Yellow card for locals Carmona, Abraham; and for visitors Ricardo.

1-0: (8‘) Jonathan Soriano. 2-0: (38‘) Nolito. 2-1: (48‘) Míkel Alonso. 3-1: (68’) Carmona.

Played Miniestadi. Grounds were in perfect conditions. For them good entrance with  5.000 spectators. Warm evening. One minutes silenvce was held for ex Canarian government president, Adán Martín.

Agenda for the week 4 - 10 October 2010

Agenda for the week 4 - 10   October  2010
Day Time Place Activity
Monday Morning Heliodoro Training
Tuesday - - Descanso
Thursday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Friday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Friday - El Mundialito Press conference with Juan Carlos Mandía
Saturday 10.00 Heliodoro Training
Saturday - Heliodoro List of players
Sunday 17.00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-CD Numancia


Agenda for the week 27th September to 3rd of October 2010

The CD  Tenerife first team have six training sessions before they play  FC  Barcelona B in Catalonia. Wednesday will see a double session in the Mundialito training grounds, and the last two sessions will be once the team have arrived in Catalonia.

Agenda for the week 27 September to 3 de October

Day Time Place Activity
Monday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Tuesday - - Rest day
Wednesday 10.00 El Mundialito Training
Wednesday 17.30 El Mundialito Training
Thursday 17.30 Heliodoro Training
Thursday - Heliodoro Press conference with Juan Carlos Mandía
Thursday - Heliodoro List of players
Friday 11.55 Reina Sofía Tenerife Sur-BCN (UX)
Friday - Barcelona Hotel NH Constanza
Saturday - Barcelona Training
Sunday - Barcelona Training
Sunday 20.00 Mini Estadi FC Barcelona B-CD Tenerife
Monday 09.05 El Prat BCN-Tenerife Norte (UX)
Monday 11.25 Los Rodeos Arrival in Tenerife

First point C D Tenerife 1 - 1 Cartageña - Game notes

Perhaps finally the tide has turned. It may have been only one point but the players finally looked more like a team and less like a selection of men lost off a  sea wreck.
Chances were certainly available and with a little luck the team should have scored more goals.  Next week they play Barcelona B away and Barcelona rates CDT highly as it is in their top price range for seat prices.
Interesting to see 3 ex-Tenerife players in the opposing team (Longas, Toni Moral & Clavero.)

Game notes

tenerife 1
cartagena 1
CD Tenerife - Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Ezequiel Luna, Melli, Bellvís; Julio Álvarez, Ricardo, Mikel Alonso, Kome; Antonio Hidalgo & Nino.
In minute 63, Juanlu & Omar came on for Kome & Antonio Hidalgo. And in 65, Natalio replaced Mikel Alonso.
FC Cartagena - Casilla (3); Clavero (1), Txiki (1), Chus Herrero (1), Bothelo (1); Keko (2), Mariano Sánchez (1), Longás (2), Lafuente (1); Toni Moral (2) & Toché (1).
Subs -  56 Expósito (1)for Lafuente;  74, Julien de Souza (s.c.) relieved Longás and in 80, Riau (s.c.) for Keko.

Andrés Manuel Ceballos Silva (from Extremadura). (0) Made a war out of a clean game. He created a list of cards that was without reason or logic and was almost left alone on the field.
Local trainer  Juan Carlos Mandía (min. 42) was sent off for protesting  Chus Herrero (min. 85) for a foul on Julio Álvarez,and double yellow for Mariano Sánchez (min. 41) also double yellow for local player  Bellvís (min 84), with additional yellow cards for,  Ricardo, Hidalgo, Marc Bertrán y Luna, Clavero, Toni Moral, Txiqui & keeper Casilla. The penalty wasn't terribly likely.
0-1, min. 62: Toché, from a penalty. 1-1, min. 67: Nino, a great shot from a pass by Juanlu.
The sixth round of the  Liga Adelante second division, in the Rodríguez López with 16.145 spectators. On a very warm afternoon.


Mandia's first game

Mandiá was quoted as saying this week, that the players needed to  run themselves to death, be brave and calm.  Above all they needed not to let the other side score early. The trainer from Lugo also stated that the group should be generous, as this is needed when a team struggles.
When asked about Cartageña he commented "This is a complicated rival. They were strong last year and have reinforced their lines so this year they are more dangerous. That said we should know how to play them over the ninety minutes".

When asked about the team generally he said, "in the few days I have been here it is difficult to make a full assessment. We think they are good players and we are demanding everything of them. They need to make a big effort because at this level everything is very close and the team can still do well. I need them to give one hundred percent of themselves and I am looking for the best qualities in each player. We can win by playing the best we can. Although I have no ability to say anything to the fans right now if we just show we can make a great effort then I am sure they will be on our side. I want to forget about the five losses because what counts right now is what we do from today onwards”. He also mentioned how he had spent hours this week talking to the players. That he understood how they felt and hoped that things will come together as there is no pre-season for them together.
The game is on Sunday at 5pm in the Heliodoro and