Agenda for the week 31st January - 6th February 2011

The players have a day off then three days training before they fly to Madrid to transfer to Salamanca.

Agenda for the week 31st January -  1st February 2011
Rest day
El Mundialito
El Mundialito
Training closed doors 
Press conference Antonio Tapia
List of players
Los Rodeos
Tenerife Norte-Madrid (UX)
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Madrid-Tenerife Norte (UX)

A draw that felt like survival. Tapia and the players comments

The C D Tenerife players all coincided in the thought that although this was only a draw it left many positive thoughts. And that they need to continue working to reach their goals. Luis García, Marc Bertrán & Pablo Sicilia were the players who talked in the press area after the game in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.

Luis García: “If we analyse how the game went it feels OK. We were on the upward path and with the scoreboard at 1-3 we needed to go all out and the luck which was missing against las Palmas or Granada today looked down on us. Today was an important game. We would have been at three points away from outside the relegation zone if we had won”.
Marc Bertrán: “The game had in my opinion phases that were very different. We went out well and the team played at a great level. With the draw the game changed and in two plays they scored two goals and with one player less things ere complicated. The team ran and we worked all out , today we had that little piece of luck that we haven't had before. In this league draws count little and we hope to have a few wins as soon as possible”.
Pablo Sicilia: “I am happy as with one less and loosing we managed to fight back. This is something we can hold on to. At all time we wanted to win and we all plan to go on trying until we achieve our goal. The team is improving and there is faith. I am happy to have scored my second goal this season and at least it helped to save the team a point. We are trying our hardest in the training and the games and the moment will come that the negativity will change and we will gain points three by three”

Coach Antonio Tapia commented
“I have a bitter sweet feeling. We have seen some really good things and some really bad ones. Above all in defence where we gave the other side options. It is a shame but these can be fixed. We really need the points but the bottle is also half full and you need to see that we played well for most of the game, we will soon be gaining points”.
If there is anything that bothers Tenerife it is the statistics and about this the Mister had something to say, “We scored 5 goals at home and the last 2 games although the opposition has also scored five. We played moments of really good football and right now we need to give the team support”.
When the Andalucian was asked about the unfortunate play where Sergio Aragoneses was sent off and the influence it had over the game, he responded “it was not that important. To be left with 10 men alters your play but after that we scored to goals. I still think that the mental condition of the players is difficult as it is not normal with 1-1 on the board that the game changes. We are not reading the plays. Not in attack or defence”.
In spite of everything Tapia believes that there are many positive aspects that the team have to get out of the hole they are in “today we managed a draw in-extremis and although it could have been a win it serves to reinforce the team so they know they can get out of situations like this, above all it helps the defence. It is mistakes that bring us down”.
The blue and white trainer highlighted the phrase which the players had told him at the end of the game: “Mister, we will be OK if we play like this”.
The coach from Cordoba also commented of the new player Argentine Sebastián Dubarbier: “Sebastián played in a position that he isn't accustomed and he put himself into the game, even playing the corner form which we scored the 3-3. He has demonstrated that he is a player you can count on. In defence he did a magnificent job, in a position again he doesn't play. I liked the way he played very much”.
When asked about possible players arriving and some that might be here the trainer replied sharply “At this time I need to concentrate on our level of play. If we hadn't had these errors in defence and had won any valuation would be different. The players are are capable. Any player who comes is welcome, they will need to start work and think about the next game”.


Light at the end of a tunnel. A draw that seems like more.

This might have been the turning point the team looked good on Wednesday but today they fought back from being 1-3 down to a 3-3 draw and with a few minutes more who knows what they might have done. Next Saturday game is against Salamanca who haven't won a game in the last 8. Lets hope they don't improve.


Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, David Prieto, Pablo Sicilia, Bellvís (Luis García, 46’); Juanlu Hens (Dubarbier, 76’), Ricardo, Julio Álvarez, Kome (Natalio, 56’); Antonio Hidalgo & Nino.
Trainer: Antonio Tapia

Roberto Santamaría; Jose, Serra, Tortolero, Migue (Keko, 65’); Chechu (Ángel, 76’), Tébar, Dorca, Jandro; Kiko Ratón (Bautista, 67’) & Despotovic
Trainer: Raúl Agné

Antonio Israel Mariscal Sánchez, from Andalicia. red card and expulsion for local keeper, Sergio Aragoneses (46’), for touching the ball, with his hand, outside the area. Yellow cards for local players, David Prieto y Antonio Hidalgo, and for visitors, Jose y Ángel,

1-0: (13’) Pablo Sicilia with a header from a corner by Julio Álvarez. 1-1: (31’) Despotovic, 1-2: (41’) Despotovic, 1-3: (59’) Kilo Ratón 2-3: (61’) Nino shot a the the goal. 3-3: (92’) Nino, with a half turn, after a corner by Julio Álvarez.

Thius was the 22nd round of the Liga Adelanteplayed in the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the grass in good condition. Played on a cold evening with 14.148 spectators.


"I will play wherever the coach needs me" said Pablo Sicilia.

Pablo Sicilia & Sebastián Dubarbier both have clear that CD Tenerife has the potential for the squad to get out of the relegation positions they are occupying right now, last in the Liga Adelante. The player from Gran Canaria and the Argentine were the two players in the press room in the Mundialito on Saturday, after the last training session of the week.
Sicilia was asked if he thought he would play this weekend, about the constant change of position he has had in the last few games, moving from central defender to left back and also as a midfielder, “I have changed positions various times and I am pleased I have been able to do so. I will play wherever the coach needs me. The most important is whoever get to play, that they go all out for the game. We are convinced that the three points need to stay here”, he said about the questions.
The defender, one of the players in the present CD Tenerife who has played the most games has no doubt about the capacity of the squad: “We have the potential to move out of the bottom of the table and we need to demonstrate this on the field. We will give everything”.
“We need to stay calm and be confident in our possibilities, our work needs to be reflected with wins. We need to control the results especially when we are ahead on the scoreboard. As well we need to try not to let in goals. There has to come a day when we can achieve this again and I am sure Sunday will be that day” he added.
For his part, the recently arrived Sebastián Dubarbier also wanted to send an optimistic message, he commented that “we are waiting to do what the coach asks, to prove ourselves and win many games. I am happy to be here in CD Tenerife. I have come into an outstanding group and we will beat this situation”.
“If it is my turn to play, then I will with enthusiasm. It could be this Sunday. As the days here pass I fell better and better. I hope that soon I will be fully fit”, explained the Argentine.
Dubarbier is very clear that they path to follow is : “work with conviction, be positive and all pull the same way”. “This Sunday we play at home. We need to be strong in the Heliodoro and win, that’s the only option”, he finished.

Squad for Sunday incluuded 2 B players

Antonio Tapia announced today Saturday the list of players called up for tomorrows game CD Tenerife-Girona FC . The blue and white trainer named 20 players including two from the second team: Josmar Zambrano & Moreno.

The full list of the named players is : Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Aitor Núñez, Carlos Bellvís, Antonio Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo, Omar, Natalio, Sergio Aragoneses, Kome, David Prieto, Juanlu Hens, Julio Álvarez, Dubarbier, Mikel Alonso, Iriome, Josmar Zambrano & Moreno.
The training session today Saturday was the last one of the week, it didn't take place in the Heliodoro, as had been announced. It was in the El Mundialito, starting at 10 am. The morning was cold and rainy and as so it was decided prudent not to damage the grounds of the Heliodoro.
The session, initially due to be closed door, actually allowed the public to be there and the press. It started with a talk by the technical team and then took an hour.
After warm up the players played a match in the whole ground and then one in a reduced space followed by practice with still balls.
Three players from the second team, CD Tenerife B: Dani Mederos, Josmar Zambrano & Moreno were at the session. Marc Bertrán trained at the side of the rest of the players. Mikel Alonso & Sergio Aragoneses were also training apart from the team.


Friday interviews with Antonio Tapia & Marc Bertran.

Antonio Tapia knows that the way to improve the CD Tenerife play is to improve the quality of the first squad. Although he hasn't yet been here a week, the Andalucian trainer understands the difficulties but knows the way forward.

Tapia was with the press on Friday morning in the El Mundialito training grounds after the morning training session. The press conference was offered before the home game against Girona FC, the first game of the second half of the Liga Adelante.
CD Tenerife comes to this match with three missing in defence. Melli, Luna & Beranger will miss the game for accumulation of yellow cards. Although this doesn't seem to be a problem for Tapia: “It is an opportunity to see some of the players who were not on the pitch the other night. We need to take a positive lesson. Here all the players are important and I hope they all do well”.
The man in charge of the Tenerife team knows the “medicine” for CD Tenerife's illness: “We need to believe in what we are doing. Against Granada they tried. We are going to keep on working on all aspects of the game especially those things that didn't turn out quite right on Wednesday”.
“All of this group has demonstrated in stages of their football careers that they can do more. We are working to improve the level of their game and the results”, he added.
Tapia pointed out that there needs to be a point that makes the change possible for CD Tenerife: “We are in a complicated situation, but we are convinced that if we do things right and with the help of the fans, we can move forward”.
Antonio Tapia is convinced that CD Tenerife has the strength to leave these problems behind “The team can count on some great players and they are professionals. I came to give them a hand so they can recover the best version of themselves”.
When asked about Sunday's rival Tapia responded that “Girona's style is to play the ball. They play good football and have well known players at this level”.
In relation to possible signings, Tapia only commented that, “I have talked several times with the sports director and any questions you have about this matter should go to him, to Juanjo Lorenzo. The decisions taken will be agreed by all”.
The first CD Tenerife squad trained Friday morning in their penultimate session of the week.
At 10 am they were on the grass and trained for 60 minutes, after a talk by the technical team.
Marc Bertrán y Sergio Aragoneses worked separately from the group. Mikel Alonso completed the session and did extra work with the readaptator. Also present from CD Tenerife B were Josmar Zambrano, Dani Mederos & Moreno.
Tomorrow at 10am, in the Heliodoro, with the door shut will be the last training session. After there will be interviews with two of the players.
At the end of training practise on Friday, Marc Betrán was the player to be interviewed. The captain spoke to start with about his injury, “I hope to be able to play in the game on Sunday and in this way help the team. We will see how it goes. In the first half of the Granada game I had problems, but I managed to keep going. By the end, as a precaution, it was better I was changed off”.
The Catalonian understood that the group had shown a different style on Wednesday. “We received a goal and fought back. We need some time to accustom us to the new coach. Although so far everything has been positive”.
For Bertrán, the lesson from the present situation is clear: “We could have won the last three games. At times we were ahead on the score board. We are near to start to win again. I am convinced that things will come right. For the situation we find ourselves we need to win. And against Girona we have a game that is fundamental. Our rival is in a safe position in the table and if we do things right we will achieve the three points”.
“We need to take the first step of many. We are obliged to win”, he finished.


Training again today and interviews with Mikel Alonso and David Prieto

The CD Tenerife first team went back to work this morning . Starting training at 11am in the Mundialito grounds, later than normal as the previous game was last night.
The members of the squad who played did recovery and there was more intensive training for those who hadn't played.
Marc Bertrán was in the gym away from the group. Sergio Aragoneses couldn't finish the session. Mikel Alonso trained normally although the last section he did specific recovery exercises. Josmar Zambrano, from the B team was also present. The next session is on Friday at 10am also in the El Mundialito after which will be the weekly press conference with Antonio Tapia.

Mikel Alonso is missed, the Basque midfielder has been unavailable for the last few games because of an unfortunate back injury. That said, he is working to be back as soon as possible under coach Antonio Tapia's orders and be able to help the group.
“I feel better every day. I am achieving more each day but I am still not altogether well. With the help of the medical team I hope to be back as soon as possible. I hope maybe for the game against Girona but if it not to be then soon”, explained the Tenerife player.
The player, who was interviewed in Thursday's press conference. Also talked about he last game, the draw against Granada: “The win escaped us and we feel deceived. For one thing or another we are losing important points. We know what our objective is in the second half of the season. We have these hopes and every day we work hard thinking only about those objectives”.
“we need results, the situation is difficult but no we need to maintain our confidence” he added.
David Prieto was also interviewed. For the left defender, the objective for the next few months I clear: “In the first half we got left behind and in the second we need to be good. We need to add points especially the three against Girona”.
When asked about the change of trainer, with Mandia leaving and Tapia arriving, Prieto said he believes, “every coach has his ideas and his style of working. We are trying to assimilate this as quickly as possible”.
Lastly, with reference to Wednesday’s game against Granada, the defender commented that “with the 2-1 we should have closed the game. We need to learn these things. We only think about the three points. We should build a good defence, the group should stick together and push for a win. We need to work well and be prepared. But above all we need to think we can win against Girona”.

Thoughts from the players and the coach after the game against the game against Granada

The CD Tenerife players are having difficulty coming to terms with the loss on Wednesday against Granada CF. Antonio Hidalgo, Julio Álvarez & Gregory Beranger were the players interviewed after the game, in their talk they gave their impressions of the game and the sorrow they felt for another game to have escaped them and the feeling that once more they lacked luck.

Antonio: “The team was playing at a great level. But as has happened before it escaped us. We can see the victory so close but it resists. I felt very comfortable on the field. I worked well with Julio. It was important that we win, we are adding points to our total but very slowly. The referee without really affecting the game allowed many fouls. This in our situation is not helpful. But on Sunday we have another vital game and we will fight hard for this. We have shown tonight we can play well and the really sad things is having scored two goals we let victory escape us”.
Julio: “I was more comfortable tonight on the field and I think that could be seen. I managed to participate much more. My style of football is with passes and to play the ball. A player always plays better if he is comfortable. And I felt better tonight where I was but that said I will play wherever the coach puts me. In the play where I scored I had a feeling this was my chance. I am really sad that we only managed a draw. Our play with the ball was much better. This time we had 70 good minutes and only 20 minutes not so good. If we continue at this level we will save the team”.
Beranger: “I played because of outside circumstances. But a player always need to be ready to play. Today we managed the most difficult thing which was to turn the result around. Before the game we knew they were dangerous with a stopped ball. In the pause we knew we needed a third goal but it didn't come and then they scored and drew. There are 21 games left and that is time to turn this around. We need to look at our own play although we are affected by the results. Form tomorrow we need to think differently”
Then coach Antonio Tapia talked:
“There are positive factors, in the first half we after they scored we managed to turn the game around. In the second half, with one player more we had chances but the ball didn't go in the net. The team played their guts out but they are still affected by nerves and this leads to mistakes. There were positive things and things they need to improve”.
This was how clear speaking Antonio Tapia started his interview after his first game in the Heliodoro where the team drew against Granada CF. The Andalucian trainer, offered his analysis of the game and the circumstances surrounding the squad.
One of the first questions was why he had changed Melli in the first half and if this was to keep the team on their toes. “As we had one more on the field the idea was to open up with Beranger on the field with a left footed player in his natural position. The substitution wasn't because Melli was doing anything wrong”, he explained.
Then more in depth, the coach explained, “in the second half we came up on the wings and had seven shots at goal. We were missing accuracy and luck”.
“Today we were missing presence in the area. We have no break movements. We were missing the tiles to build a positive result. Though there are positive factors, like the way the fans continue to support the team. We are going to try to enthuse the lads so they can win some points in the next game”, he added.
Tapia understands that the groups in capable of improvement adding that, “we are going to work on some things, deep balls and more presence in the area”.
The new trainer was asked about the feeling of panic the team gave off towards the end of the match, something the Andalucian explained easily: “That is a thought process, the players don't rest properly. This was they don't recover and then they don't play so well”.
Another of the subjects covered by the press was they played who hadn't played in recent games leading Tapia to comment “Julio & Antonio didn't play against Las Palmas. Today they came out and scored. In the next game we will give others a chance”.
When asked about the rival, Antonio Tapia signalled that “They are a great team with a winning run, with great style and good shots at gaol, today they scored a gaol with their first chance. This is strong confidence. The other day they won with 10 men at home. They are a winning group. We need to congratulate them”.
Tapia was also asked about the possible arrival of more players to which he responded “Right now we need to move forwards with the players who are here, that said the squad is small. We are missing bodies in specific positions. The second half of the league will be long”.


Agenda for the week 24 - 30 January 2011

CD Tenerife has a busy last week in January. Tapia's squad play two games before the month is over. Granada to finish the first half od the season and Girona to open the second half.
Agenda for the week 24 - 30 January 2011
Monday16.30El MundialitoTraining
Tuesday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Wednesday10.00HeliodoroTraining with colsed doors
Wednesday20.30HeliodoroCD Tenerife-Granada CF
Thursday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday10.00El MundialitoTraining
Friday-El Mundialitopress conference with Antonio Tapia
Saturday10.00HeliodoroTraining with closed doors
Sunday10.00HeliodoroCD Tenerife-Girona CF

Pablo Sicilia may be the third player to reach 150 games with CDT this season

If there is one team who have affected player Pablo Sicilia in his professional career without doubt it is C. D. Tenerife. The blue and white defender is one game short of 150 games played in the league for the island team. In this way he is very close to the figures recently reached by Sergio Aragoneses & Ricardo.
The game this Wednesday against Granada CF might be for Pablo Sicilia his 150th game with the blue and white shirt on. The island defender arrived to play for the team in the season 2006/07 and since then has always played a high number of games each season. The statistics for these years speak for themselves: 38 games (06/07), 32 (07/08), 36 (08/09), 34 (09/10) & 9 (10/11).
After passing through the junior teams of Atlético de Madrid including some minutes in the first team, Pablo Sicilia accepted the offer to come to Tenerife and started his professional career. Before that he had played in the second B league and here he had the chance to make the step to the silver level of Spanish football.
He made his debut in Almería-CDTenerife which was a triumph for the Canarians with the result 0-1. Then there were another 148 more games of which 34 were in the BBVA League. In this year an unfortunate injury in the final of the Trofeo Teide he was unable to compete. Two weekends ago he started against Ponferrada and scored the only goal. And he also started in the derby last weekend, against UD Las Palmas.
This Wednesday he will be in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium for the game against Granada CF (20:30 ). If the new CD Tenerife, trainer Antonio Tapia, lets him play, Pablo Sicilia will have played 150 league games for the blue and whites. With this the objetive to add three vital points to their total and bring them loser to the safety positions in the table.

The CD Tenerife first squad trainer this morning in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López with closed doors.


The players talk positively about the game against Granada

Nino & Ricardo León were the players who talked to the press in Tuesday after training finished. 

The forward from Almeria was first, he commented on CD Tenerife as it stands today, “Now we are prepared for the game this Wednesday, which is the most important thing. The reality is that, we need to live with this and move the situation forward however we can”. He continued on this line stating “The team wants to compete and we have a good chance against Granada. There is an important game waiting for us in the Heliodoro. We need to give everything”. Nino, also, showed his confidence in the squad. “I can't explain the present situation and there is nothing to do but work and play the best e can. The team needs to let go some of the stress. Here we are all good players and we can achieve more. We need to work a lot, compete at our best and start winning again. In good time and bad ones the players are the protagonists”, he added. “We need to break the negative streak”, The CD Tenerife forward went on, “because we have one objective and nothing can be allowed to distract us”he reminded the media. To conclude, Nino confessed that, in spite if the situation which the team finds itself “I have never regretted what Tenerife has given me. Exactly the opposite, I will always be grateful to the club”. Ricardo León, for himself, started by valuing the importance of the game against Granada. “We need the three points this Wednesday as they are again very important. If we win we can look at the future in another way. They are three points that can bring us towards our objective. We have a new chance, and a big one1in our own grounds”. And the Canarian midfielder , “We need to lift up our heads and win some games. We are all very vexed. Here are good quality players. The squad is capable of getting out of this situation”, he ended. Juanlu Hens was the player interviewed on Tuesday afternoon. The CDT midfielder talked about the experience of the players in the recent happenings; the draw in the derby, Mandia's leaving and the arrival of Tapia. “We are in a complicated situation and decisions were taken which we need to abide by”, explained Juanlu. In relation to the sacking of Mandia, “The game against relation to the sacking of Mandia Granada is vital. The players need to take the blame for much of what has happened and we need to tighten up our game to get out of where we are. This is something we have said before, but more than ever we need to keep these three points”, he said about Wednesday's game. About the new coach, The player from Cordoba said “Antonio Tapia is a hard working trainer, well prepared and knows the second division perfectly. I hope that with his help and out effort, we will achieve results. We are working to assimilate his ideas as quickly as possible”. Juanlu also commented on the return of Toño Hernández to the technical team “he knows the squad, he is loyal to the club and surely he will liaise between the coach and everyone else”. The Andalucian midfielder understands to ascend “clear your mind, work as hard as you can and put in the effort. We all want to work and help. What is important is the group and winning this next game on Wednesday”.


Antonio Tapia presented as the new CDT coach.

Antonio Tapia was presented today at lunch time as the new trainer for CD Tenerife. This act took place in the press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, and the trainer from Cordoba was there with blue and white sports director, Juanjo Lorenzo.

The new coach for the island team, started, stating that, “It is a pleasure to be here in Tenerife, and I wish and hope that I will live up to your expectations both personally and in my sporting capacity, this is a great moment for me”.
In reference to the date of the next game against Granada and how close it is, Antonio Tapia confirmed that from this morning “the technical team and I are compiling information to make choices and be ready for the next encounter in the best possible form”.
The Andalucian trainer also talked about the blue and white squad. “I know them and I have also been in the dressing room of some of these players such as Juanlu, Melli & Antonio Hidalgo. The rest I have played against in a multitude of games in various levels. Added to that, I have seen some of the games this season”.
Following this thought Tapia continued with the words. “There is a good squad here which they have demonstrated in previous seasons, and we will meet the next two games in the best conditions we can and I am sure that with the help of everyone the team will move forwards. This team have done interesting things and we will make the most of them”.
Asked about how he will reactivate the team the new coach confessed that “We will need to work form different points: psychological, football, personal...... As soon as possible we will diagnose the situation we are in and from there take decisions to win games”.
Antonio Tapia also talked about the style the team will play “All trainers like that the team fulfils the desire of the fans, not just in the classification table but in styles of play. We will attempt to play the best we can. We will not spare the players forces. We will try to put our potential on the table and cover the expectations” he added.
Lastly the trainer, analysed the possibility of other players arriving this week. “The best is to leave Juanjo Lorenzo and his collaborators to do their job. They have plans and once I have completed my study of the team I will share my views of the needs of the squad. We are working together in the decisions we are going to take” he finished.

Players talk about the feeling the game was a loss not a draw.

The declarations from the players after the game against UD Las Palmas were about the deception they felt in having drawn. The 1-1 tasted like a loss and their players felt the scoreboard didn't show the way they had played.

Dubarbier: “It was a pity. But there is the whole second round to fix this. It was an up and down game, where a lot of it was near their goal. The goal they scored just before the end was a blow. Football is sometimes cruel. We need to change things. I have been a long time without playing, but I feel OK. The others told me the derby would be special. The atmosphere was great. I am a player who usually plays on the wing but if the coach wants me elsewhere I can do that. We need to be strong for home games”.
Melli: “This feels like a loss. It was an important game, that we needed to win and we let it go. In the second half we were the better team and this allowed us to relax. Then we were blown out of the water with their goal, with only five minutes to play there was no time to score another. Football can be like this and there is nothing you can do but was are all going home sad. We need to look to the next game and think only of the two home games that are coming up. The idea is to get closer to the teams that are out of relegation”.
Luna: “We are sad and fed up. You feel so out of control. I don't know what to say. I don't now what happened. We had the game under control and were playing well but in the last minute we lost it. We need to play harder for the whole 90 minutes. You can't think that everything is done as in any play the opposition can score a goal. Every player needs to take responsibility for his mistakes. We are all very fed up. The most to blame are the players who were on the field. Now we need to think about the next game. There are still many to play and I believe we will be OK”.


1-1 final result in the Derby

CD TENERIFE    1 (0)
UD LAS PALMAS    1 (0)
Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Melli, Ezequiel Luna, Beranger; Pablo Sicilia; Ricardo, Kome (Dubarbier, 58’), Natalio (Juanlu, 69’), Omar (Iriome, 84’) & Nino.
Barbosa; Aythami, Samuel, Pignol, Ruymán Hernández; David González (Jorge, 68’), Adrián “Pollo”; Armiche (Pedro Vega, 58’), Jonathan Viera, Quero & Javi Guerrero (Mauro Quiroga, 73’).
Mario Melero López, from Andalicia. Yellow cards for local players Ezequiel Luna, Beranger y Dubarbier; and for visitors Adrián “Pollo” y Pignol.
1-0: (51’) Melli with a header from a cormer by  Omar Ramos. 1-1: (87’) Mauro Quiroga with a shot in front of  Sergio Aragoneses.
21st round of the Liga Adelante, disputed in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the grass in good condition.  20.275 spectators on a warm morning. The CD Tenerife wore black armbands, in memory of ex- Tenerife player  Enrique Vicedoand ex- president José Antonio Oramas.


I know it will be a fight, says Luna

Antonio Hidalgo is one of the most experienced players in CD Tenerife when it comes to regional derbies. He talks about his experiences here for the derby against UD Las Palmas. The Catalonian who’s first hand how this sort of game brings passion. The mid fielder talks about the classic game in today’s press conference.
Hidalgo started by explaining that “we have a real desire to play. The week has been great and special for us. No one derby that I have played in has left me with the sensations like the CD Tenerife-UD Las Palmas game. I want to experience these sensations as right now nothing else counts but to win. We have to give the fans something to be happy about. I know they have been there since the first minute and the players are need to remember this”.
“This will be a great match with a hard fight. We need to maintain our calm. There is a lot to do. We need to reverse our situation and take the pride we all have inside us and use it in the moment of necessity. It is an even match but we can't forget that it is in the Heliodoro, with our people”, he added.
Antonio Hidalgo remembered with special happiness “the derby in 2004 and the drive the win gave us to move up”.
Although he is immersed in the atmosphere that a classic game brings, Hidalgo hasn't forgotten the bad moment the team finds itself in. “It really distresses me the situation we find ourselves in. I really feel this and work every day to try to help the group. I know we can move forward”.
Ezequiel Luna was also interviewed today. The Argentine defender talked about the derby and in the first place talked about the two derbies he lived through in the 08/09 season. “It was really special. I had the chance to play in both games and we won them. Las Palmas didn't score. Hopefully this Sunday we can repeat that. This isn't any ordinary game. There is so much in play and everyone involved needs to make the consummate effort. .If I get the chance to play, I will play my heart out but always with my head on to think what is best. Every player has his good and bad points and I know we need to concentrate. We need to be 200 percent there, watching everything”.
When asked about the arrival of compatriot Dubarbier, the defender stated that “Sebastián comes to add to the team. He is very talented and wants to add his grain of sand to CD Tenerife. We have to all pull together and above all right now but this is a classic with great feeling. It helps to know the whole island, our fans is behind us”.
Luna was asked if the bad moment that the team is going through will affect the match this weekend, he answered “when you get on the field, you forget the table. We will have to fight and it will be hard but at the end this Sunday the best team will win”.

The day before the derby

Juan Carlos Mandía has named all 21 players in the first squad for the derby tomorrow Sunday: Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Aitor Núñez, Carlos Bellvís, Antonio Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo, Omar, Sergio Aragoneses, Natalio, Gregory Beranger, Dani Kome, David Prieto, Juanlu Hens, Melli, Ezequiel Luna, Julio Álvarez, Sebastián Dubarbier, Mikel Alonso & Iriome.
The CD Tenerife trainer announced the squad this morning after the last training session for the week which too place in the Heliodoro and was with closed doors. The session too place from 10am and lasted one hour. The players will stay together in the Hotel Escuela opposite the stadium tonight from 9pm.

The CD Tenerife coach Juan Carlos Mandía, met the media on Friday in the last interview befor the derby this Sunday against Las Palmas. The man responsible for the blue and whites understands that the team need to make the fans happy and nothing is more than likely to make them content than a win in this classic game.
The Galician trainer started by explaining that “This has been a great week. We come to the game with a feeling that everything is going our way. What has most surprised me his how the people fell about the game. I think the perfect result, for the fans and the players will bring happiness. The supporters and players are making a tremendous effort for CD Tenerife and they deserve this prize”.
“It seems to me to be an extraordinarily, passionate game. Anything against the game I can't give a value. The club feels this game. It is emotional even for someone who isn't from here”, he added.
When asked about technical tactics which had been worked on for the weekend, Mandía said: “We want to have several options. It is clear we have alternatives. The players are very united and they need to take giant steps”.
“I believe that what is important is how we see the game. We need to continue to grow”, he finished.


Miguel Concepcion breakfasts with the press.

The president of CD Tenerife, Miguel Concepción, had breakfast with members of the local press and media. The meal took place in the Hotel NH Santa Cruz. This meal took place on the penultimate day before the derby and many of the themes discussed were about the game against UD Las Palmas on Sunday. The breakfast meeting lasted an hour. At the end of this, Miguel Concepción & Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of UD Las Palmas met in the reception of the Hotel NH Santa Cruz, both taking the time to wish each other luck in the up coming game. Here are some of the topics covered.

INTRODUCTION.- “On Sunday we will have a great experience. The Derby is a game we all await with hope. I wish that this will be the game where the fans will finally be compensated for all their faith. For this we need the squad to respond to the needs of the club. I am sure they will make the effort and show their potential. I believe this will be the game where we move up. In my five years as president we have never lost a Derby. I have seen three draws and three wins. Now I want to see the forth win”.
DERBY.- “These are special games, the ones where you live the competition. I don't think this will be a miserable game. I see it will be a more exciting game than usual. Here we are after a bad start and Las Palmas who started better aren't doing well right now. We hope this will be the game where we wake up” and “This is a game that will leave the loser hurt”.
TICKETS.- “We have 22.000 seats in the Heliodoro and UD approx 30.000 in their grounds. They therefore have the chance to be more generous than us. That said for this derby they asked for 500 tickets and we gave them. Then Viajes Halcón asked for 400 more tickets and these were given. The away fans are seated in the area on San Sebastián, where it meets Herradura. There will as always I am sure be other fans in the other stands, people who have organised their own trip. We gave Las Palmas the tickets they asked for. I understood they were happy”. “I think the stadium will be full this weekend. Right now there are very few tickets left to sell”. “ We have made an effort for the fans with the three and four game packs. The reason there were queues at the stadium was they can only buy 4 tickets each but that is the law”.
RAMÍREZ.- “I have read various declarations he has made about the ticket sales. He knows that our field has limited space. And in this sort of game security is very important. I also want to be assured that when we go to Gran Canaria that UD Las Palmas will fulfil their obligations”.
TELEVISION.- “This club signed a contract with Canal Satélite Digital. I know that the Canarian government have declared the derby is a general interest game, using a law which has now been disapproved. In this fight we are on the side of our client, who has special interest to show this game. If it is shown live that will damage their business. This wouldn't be good for future television rights sales. I also think that the game should be shown to all Canarians but then Television Canaria should negotiate with the holder of those rights2. “The way I see it today the game will not be shown on open television. Although I am not sure if a judicial sentence won't make some difference”.
PATHWAY.- “As any club president, I think we would like for a rival to give us an honour path into the last game, because this would mean we had won the league. Last summer that is what I said when someone asked me about the last game which we would play in Gran Canaria. I said it with no bad ideas although if I have offended some people I am sorry. I repeat I said it honestly. It was what I thought and I expressed that thought. I can now assure you there will be no honour path for my team”.
RESULTS.- “This will be a hard fought battle. The one who will win is the one with most chances. We will fight hard but it won't be easy. I wouldn't think of guessing the result. I know that UD will go all out for this match. But for my part, I am sure this is a game that will make the fans happy”.
NINO.- “I hope he will score on Sunday. He is our star player. I know that this year things aren't going the way he wanted them too”.
TEAM.- “I will ask the team to give the fans back all the love they have given us this year. I know that many of the fans have made sacrifices to be with us this year. And they deserve a victory. The support we have seen has no price, and can never be repaid”. “The players are all committed”.
RIVERO.- “I asked the Government president if he would be at the game this Sunday. I don't think you should miss the Canarian football party. But I can't finally say if he will be there or not”.

SIGNINGS.- “I spoke this morning to Sports director Juan José Lorenzo and we are hopeful to inform you in the next few hours of a signing of a midfielder. I hope for two or three more signings before the game against Girona”. “I understand that some players say no to CD Tenerife right now as we are last in the table. But our present classification in an accident. We are going up from there, our best reputation is that here the players get paid. It is also true that in the winter market players wait until the last minute to decide where they want to change too. We don't like this, we want to sign players as soon as possible. The negotiations are going well”. “We had no discussions with player Leo Borzani”. “If three new players arrive perhaps some player might go”. “The sports director is looking at players who might leave. All our players are important, but if some have no way to play or there is no space, then perhaps it would be better if they look for somewhere else to play”.
MANDÍA.- “I see him as very implicated and preoccupied. In football its clear that trainers need wins. I support him to the maximum but we need to see results”.
TEAM.- “Something went wrong. In August, we all thought that we had the second best squad at this level. Things didn't work out and we felt obliged to change the technical team. At this stage we feel the need to reinforce the squad”.
RELEGATION.- “It doesn't even pass through my thoughts. When I came to the club I was asked the same thing and I would preside over the club at any level. That said, my time is over after five years in the position. Right now is not a good time to change the administrative organisation. Right now how to help the team is the principal problem”.
FINANCE.- “We have done what we ought to have, the best we could. After five years here, I have achieved the things I set out to. Although perhaps there were other who could have done it better. For this reason I don't feel I should stay longer in the presidency. Perhaps it is time for someone else. But nether the less it is not easy to manage a club like CD Tenerife. You need to look at the suppliers and not leave the sports area alone unsupervised so results are achieved. I think there are many here who could take the club. I would like to finish but CD Tenerife will always have my support”.
BERTRÁN.- “The negotiations are in his representatives hands. We were told it was not the best time to discuss. This is what Santiago Llorente was told before he left the club. I don't know if in the future a time will come when we an all negotiate. I don't know if the layer has signed anywhere else. The player says no and I take his word, although if he decides to leave we would respect that”.
HELP.- Both Tenerife and Las Palmas are sponsored by the Canarian government. We are not negotiating any further aid. What is more it is not the moment for that”.


Pre - Derby round up.

Thursday Morning ticket sales for the Derby in the Heliodoro started. There was high demand. Hundreds of people waited for the office to open. The Popular stand behind the goal sold out within a couple of hours. There were 3000 tickets available and they are expected to sell out before Sunday. There were 1,150 packs sold between the three and four game ones.

Fuentealta, a company who are committed sponsors of CD Tenerife will be adding a little colour to the Derby. As a high interest game they will hand out more than 18,000 blue and white flags amongst the fans who are at the game to help increase the atmosphere at the game.

Dani Kome knows how it is to live the Canarian Derby. Two years ago he lived the triumphs against Las Palmas and as such knows the importance of these games. The Cameroon national player was in the press room on Wednesday. “We know there will be many fans in the stadium this Sundays game, there always are for a Derby. I hope history will repeat itself” the forward started. “It is a great opportunity for us. A triumph against Las Palmas, at home with our fans will serve to gain confidence”.
About the change of position on the field Dani explained that “I feel very well and hope to play this game, which is so special for the whole island. I am happy playing in the centre. If that is where the coach wanted me then great”.
“We are going to give everything and gift nothing this game. If we win the fans will have more confidence in us too and this will give the players wings. On Sunday we will play all out for the three points, so everyone can go home happy. A derby is like a final and we will play one hundred percent. There are no favourites, but I only think about going out to win” he concluded
For his part Pablo Sicilia knows how to live through a Derby. The player who is from Gran Canaria has experienced Derby's before, “It is very special. If you are Canarian probably more so. To play one, and more than that win one  is a great objective. With the possibility of winning the three points I wouldn't care who scores. There is no better gift we could give the fans than a win against Las Palmas”.
“I feel privileged. It is a dream to play in a classic game like this. It is awesome. Who ever is in the Heliodoro, will enjoy a very emotional day”, he added.
“The derby's are always remembered. The chance to be there is lovely. Bad runs don't exist when you meet your greatest rival. We are all ready to give the maximum for every minute of the game”, he finished.

Mikel Alonso also know what a CD Tenerife-UD Las Palmas game feels like. The blue and white midfielder understands the importance of Sunday's game and expressed himself this way. “The derbys are the games you feel the most. With maximum emotion. It is football at its maximum. We want to make our fans happy. I know that is a giant step. We need to tighten our game and do this for the fans. The are always there for us. We want to make this a great game. It is a Canarian football party. The players are trying their best”, said the Basque.
Mikel, who on Thursday trained part of the session on one side due to injury hopes not to miss the game: “I hope I will recover quickly to be able to join the squad as soon as possible. We need to wait and see. Then if need be I can force it. If I can I hope to play ”.
Thursday the squad trained in the Heliodoro. It was the first session there this week. They trained for and hour and 20 minutes. Cristian, Josmar Zambrano, Moreno, Bruno y Germán, were all there to train with the first team.
Tomorrow, Friday the squad will be again in the Mundalito from 10 am. Juan Carlos Mandía, the CDT trainer will have a press conference after the session.
12 players in the present squad have taken part in a Canarian Derby:Marc Bertrán, Ricardo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Antonio Hidalgo, Sergio Aragoneses, Iriome, Kome, Juanlu Hens, Ezequiel Luna, Luis García y Mikel Alonso. Marc Bertran has played more than any other player. He has had the chance to take part in 6 Canarian classic games. The result of which is positive. He has played in three victories and three draws.
Of the Canarian players Ricardo León y Pablo Sicilia have played on 5 different occasions against Unión Deportiva.
Local player Iriome González managed on his first game against Las Palmas to score two goals against them. Nino has also managed two goals but in different games.
Dani Kome, Juanlu Hens, Ezequiel Luna, Luis García & Mikel Alonso have always seem wins when they played.
Saturday night there will be a dinner for the club representatives including presidents Miguel Concepción for Tenerife and Miguel Ángel Ramírez for Gran Canaria and they will dine in the Restaurant Los Limoneros, in Guamasa.


Dates for round 22

22nd round of the Liga Adelante

Friday, 28th of January
20:00 Alcorcón-Albacete

Saturday, 29th of January
15:00 Recreativo-Elche
17:00 Cartagena-Xerez
17:00 Barcelona 'B'-Celta
17:00 Numancia-Rayo Vallecano
17:00 Córdoba-Salamanca
17:00 Nàstic-Las Palmas
17:00 Huesca-Ponferradina
17:00 Villarreal 'B'- Valladolid

Sunday, 30th January
11:00 Granada-Albacete
17:00 Tenerife-Girona

Fifth ref.
1st assistant
2nd assistant
Stadium representative

"I just hope I get the chance to play" said local player Omar Ramos

Carlos Bellvís & Omar Ramos were the two players who were interviewed in the press room in the Mundialito this Tuesday. Before the Canarian Derby next Sunday. The defender and midfielder were both sure that a victory would make the fans happy and because of this promised to work hard for the game.

The blue and white defender stated that, “the next game is very important for everyone. The Canarian players above all, they have told us of the rivalry at a CD Tenerife-UD La Palmas game. I know how important this is and we would like to win especially in our stadium”.

Bellvís admitted that he hopes “to make good the draw that we achieved in Ponferrada with three additional points. We need to think only about us and our game and go all out to win. We want to bring the fans some happiness. We are playing in the Heliodoro and think we can manage to win”.

For his part Omar Ramos also referred to the derby: “It is a very important game and if we win it will help to motivate us. We know what the game means to the island and the fans. It is different to any other game and we need to beat Las Palmas and go on winning games to move forward”.

The local player couldn't hide his hope to play: “I have the chance to live something that I have always seen from outside. It makes my hair stand on its end just to think about the derby. Lets see if I have the chance to live it this time on the field. Those who get to play need to do their very best as it is such a special game. We play in our stadium, our fans will be there and together we can go all out for the three points”.

Tickets for the game will go on sale from Thursday. CD Tenerife, have declared the game a “day of the Club” game and the cost of the tickets will be 55 euros (Tribuna), 40 euros (San Sebastián), 35 euros (Herradura) y 20 euros (Popular). There will not be more than 4 entrance tickets sold per fan
Tickets will be sold on Thursday and Friday in the sales office of the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, between 10.00 . 13.00 and 17.00 - 20.00.


Sebastián Dubarbier, "I just want to help"

Sebastián Dubarbier was presented on Monday afternoon as a new player for CD Tenerife. The Argentine mid fielder was accompanied by the clubs sports director, Juanjo Lorenzo, who seemed very happy with events. Tuesday Duba as he is called will start to train with his new colleagues.

Dubarbier (Buenos Aires, 19/02/1986) arrives in Tenerife from FC Lorient, in the French first division. The player has ample experience in European clubs, including games in the Champions league. Amongst his titles are: two leagues, two cups and two super cups in the Rumanian league all won with CFR Cluj.

The midfielder arrives as a ceded player until the end of the season in CD Tenerife “continuity. I want to play as much as possible and help the team get out of relegation. I like the island already, the people have been very friendly and I am looking forward to playing”, he explained.

When asked about where he usually plays, Dubarbier said that “I am a left winger and can help defensively. Physically I am in good condition and I will just need to gain speed for games, but this will come over the next few weeks”.

When asked about the club, the mid fielder admitted that “I have seen several videos, the group plays well and are a quality team. It is an honour to come here and be able to help. Now I need to wait patiently, to win the coaches confidence and go back to playing the way I was before”.

Lastly, Dubarbier referred to the classic game that will be played on Sunday in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López: “This is very critical, the fans are very excited, the stadium will be full and I hope to play a few minutes. Right now we need to gain as many points as possible”.

The CD Tenerife sports director, Juanjo Lorenzo, presented Sebastián Dubarbier,in the press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López as our latest new player “this is the first player to join us in the winter market. He is here to help the team and it was in Rumania where he first started to understand European football. We are excited that he is here and hope everything goes well for him”, he explained.
Lorenzo defined Dubarbier as a footballer “who stands out for the intensity of his play. He is not a pure winger but moves up and down. He will add to the squad and give the coach other options put out on the field”.

The blue and white sports director didn't deny the possibility that other player might come in the winter break. What he actually said was “we can't say he will be the only one. The market has financial needs and football ones like ours. In other times coming to CD Tenerife, would be a great chance but right now players are looking at our record”.

Juanjo Lorenzo admitted that “the situation isn't easy and the team know what is in play. I hope that tings will improve. When you look at the team you can see the effort but there haven't been the results. We are going to recover the level and hope it will be sooner rather than later”.

As well the sports director wanted to thank the fans for the level of support they had given the team: “It seems to me their behaviour is exemplary. Against Albacete they were outstanding, very patient and the only thing we can do is ask that they carry on supporting us. I have lived a very similar situation in Pamplona. Finally the team saved itself and they did that thanks to the fans”.

When asked about more players, Lorenzo stated that “the winter market is very different to the summer. You need to decide exactly what you need, but in the situation we find is almost impossible to to find the sort of player that you need. We are open to any possibility. There are 14 days left in the winter market and I am sure there will be chances for players up to the last moment. We need to remain calm as we will not just take any player”.