A draw that felt like survival. Tapia and the players comments

The C D Tenerife players all coincided in the thought that although this was only a draw it left many positive thoughts. And that they need to continue working to reach their goals. Luis García, Marc Bertrán & Pablo Sicilia were the players who talked in the press area after the game in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.

Luis García: “If we analyse how the game went it feels OK. We were on the upward path and with the scoreboard at 1-3 we needed to go all out and the luck which was missing against las Palmas or Granada today looked down on us. Today was an important game. We would have been at three points away from outside the relegation zone if we had won”.
Marc Bertrán: “The game had in my opinion phases that were very different. We went out well and the team played at a great level. With the draw the game changed and in two plays they scored two goals and with one player less things ere complicated. The team ran and we worked all out , today we had that little piece of luck that we haven't had before. In this league draws count little and we hope to have a few wins as soon as possible”.
Pablo Sicilia: “I am happy as with one less and loosing we managed to fight back. This is something we can hold on to. At all time we wanted to win and we all plan to go on trying until we achieve our goal. The team is improving and there is faith. I am happy to have scored my second goal this season and at least it helped to save the team a point. We are trying our hardest in the training and the games and the moment will come that the negativity will change and we will gain points three by three”

Coach Antonio Tapia commented
“I have a bitter sweet feeling. We have seen some really good things and some really bad ones. Above all in defence where we gave the other side options. It is a shame but these can be fixed. We really need the points but the bottle is also half full and you need to see that we played well for most of the game, we will soon be gaining points”.
If there is anything that bothers Tenerife it is the statistics and about this the Mister had something to say, “We scored 5 goals at home and the last 2 games although the opposition has also scored five. We played moments of really good football and right now we need to give the team support”.
When the Andalucian was asked about the unfortunate play where Sergio Aragoneses was sent off and the influence it had over the game, he responded “it was not that important. To be left with 10 men alters your play but after that we scored to goals. I still think that the mental condition of the players is difficult as it is not normal with 1-1 on the board that the game changes. We are not reading the plays. Not in attack or defence”.
In spite of everything Tapia believes that there are many positive aspects that the team have to get out of the hole they are in “today we managed a draw in-extremis and although it could have been a win it serves to reinforce the team so they know they can get out of situations like this, above all it helps the defence. It is mistakes that bring us down”.
The blue and white trainer highlighted the phrase which the players had told him at the end of the game: “Mister, we will be OK if we play like this”.
The coach from Cordoba also commented of the new player Argentine Sebastián Dubarbier: “Sebastián played in a position that he isn't accustomed and he put himself into the game, even playing the corner form which we scored the 3-3. He has demonstrated that he is a player you can count on. In defence he did a magnificent job, in a position again he doesn't play. I liked the way he played very much”.
When asked about possible players arriving and some that might be here the trainer replied sharply “At this time I need to concentrate on our level of play. If we hadn't had these errors in defence and had won any valuation would be different. The players are are capable. Any player who comes is welcome, they will need to start work and think about the next game”.

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