Training again today and interviews with Mikel Alonso and David Prieto

The CD Tenerife first team went back to work this morning . Starting training at 11am in the Mundialito grounds, later than normal as the previous game was last night.
The members of the squad who played did recovery and there was more intensive training for those who hadn't played.
Marc Bertrán was in the gym away from the group. Sergio Aragoneses couldn't finish the session. Mikel Alonso trained normally although the last section he did specific recovery exercises. Josmar Zambrano, from the B team was also present. The next session is on Friday at 10am also in the El Mundialito after which will be the weekly press conference with Antonio Tapia.

Mikel Alonso is missed, the Basque midfielder has been unavailable for the last few games because of an unfortunate back injury. That said, he is working to be back as soon as possible under coach Antonio Tapia's orders and be able to help the group.
“I feel better every day. I am achieving more each day but I am still not altogether well. With the help of the medical team I hope to be back as soon as possible. I hope maybe for the game against Girona but if it not to be then soon”, explained the Tenerife player.
The player, who was interviewed in Thursday's press conference. Also talked about he last game, the draw against Granada: “The win escaped us and we feel deceived. For one thing or another we are losing important points. We know what our objective is in the second half of the season. We have these hopes and every day we work hard thinking only about those objectives”.
“we need results, the situation is difficult but no we need to maintain our confidence” he added.
David Prieto was also interviewed. For the left defender, the objective for the next few months I clear: “In the first half we got left behind and in the second we need to be good. We need to add points especially the three against Girona”.
When asked about the change of trainer, with Mandia leaving and Tapia arriving, Prieto said he believes, “every coach has his ideas and his style of working. We are trying to assimilate this as quickly as possible”.
Lastly, with reference to Wednesday’s game against Granada, the defender commented that “with the 2-1 we should have closed the game. We need to learn these things. We only think about the three points. We should build a good defence, the group should stick together and push for a win. We need to work well and be prepared. But above all we need to think we can win against Girona”.

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