Thoughts from the players and the coach after the game against the game against Granada

The CD Tenerife players are having difficulty coming to terms with the loss on Wednesday against Granada CF. Antonio Hidalgo, Julio Álvarez & Gregory Beranger were the players interviewed after the game, in their talk they gave their impressions of the game and the sorrow they felt for another game to have escaped them and the feeling that once more they lacked luck.

Antonio: “The team was playing at a great level. But as has happened before it escaped us. We can see the victory so close but it resists. I felt very comfortable on the field. I worked well with Julio. It was important that we win, we are adding points to our total but very slowly. The referee without really affecting the game allowed many fouls. This in our situation is not helpful. But on Sunday we have another vital game and we will fight hard for this. We have shown tonight we can play well and the really sad things is having scored two goals we let victory escape us”.
Julio: “I was more comfortable tonight on the field and I think that could be seen. I managed to participate much more. My style of football is with passes and to play the ball. A player always plays better if he is comfortable. And I felt better tonight where I was but that said I will play wherever the coach puts me. In the play where I scored I had a feeling this was my chance. I am really sad that we only managed a draw. Our play with the ball was much better. This time we had 70 good minutes and only 20 minutes not so good. If we continue at this level we will save the team”.
Beranger: “I played because of outside circumstances. But a player always need to be ready to play. Today we managed the most difficult thing which was to turn the result around. Before the game we knew they were dangerous with a stopped ball. In the pause we knew we needed a third goal but it didn't come and then they scored and drew. There are 21 games left and that is time to turn this around. We need to look at our own play although we are affected by the results. Form tomorrow we need to think differently”
Then coach Antonio Tapia talked:
“There are positive factors, in the first half we after they scored we managed to turn the game around. In the second half, with one player more we had chances but the ball didn't go in the net. The team played their guts out but they are still affected by nerves and this leads to mistakes. There were positive things and things they need to improve”.
This was how clear speaking Antonio Tapia started his interview after his first game in the Heliodoro where the team drew against Granada CF. The Andalucian trainer, offered his analysis of the game and the circumstances surrounding the squad.
One of the first questions was why he had changed Melli in the first half and if this was to keep the team on their toes. “As we had one more on the field the idea was to open up with Beranger on the field with a left footed player in his natural position. The substitution wasn't because Melli was doing anything wrong”, he explained.
Then more in depth, the coach explained, “in the second half we came up on the wings and had seven shots at goal. We were missing accuracy and luck”.
“Today we were missing presence in the area. We have no break movements. We were missing the tiles to build a positive result. Though there are positive factors, like the way the fans continue to support the team. We are going to try to enthuse the lads so they can win some points in the next game”, he added.
Tapia understands that the groups in capable of improvement adding that, “we are going to work on some things, deep balls and more presence in the area”.
The new trainer was asked about the feeling of panic the team gave off towards the end of the match, something the Andalucian explained easily: “That is a thought process, the players don't rest properly. This was they don't recover and then they don't play so well”.
Another of the subjects covered by the press was they played who hadn't played in recent games leading Tapia to comment “Julio & Antonio didn't play against Las Palmas. Today they came out and scored. In the next game we will give others a chance”.
When asked about the rival, Antonio Tapia signalled that “They are a great team with a winning run, with great style and good shots at gaol, today they scored a gaol with their first chance. This is strong confidence. The other day they won with 10 men at home. They are a winning group. We need to congratulate them”.
Tapia was also asked about the possible arrival of more players to which he responded “Right now we need to move forwards with the players who are here, that said the squad is small. We are missing bodies in specific positions. The second half of the league will be long”.

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