The day before the derby

Juan Carlos Mandía has named all 21 players in the first squad for the derby tomorrow Sunday: Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Aitor Núñez, Carlos Bellvís, Antonio Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo, Omar, Sergio Aragoneses, Natalio, Gregory Beranger, Dani Kome, David Prieto, Juanlu Hens, Melli, Ezequiel Luna, Julio Álvarez, Sebastián Dubarbier, Mikel Alonso & Iriome.
The CD Tenerife trainer announced the squad this morning after the last training session for the week which too place in the Heliodoro and was with closed doors. The session too place from 10am and lasted one hour. The players will stay together in the Hotel Escuela opposite the stadium tonight from 9pm.

The CD Tenerife coach Juan Carlos Mandía, met the media on Friday in the last interview befor the derby this Sunday against Las Palmas. The man responsible for the blue and whites understands that the team need to make the fans happy and nothing is more than likely to make them content than a win in this classic game.
The Galician trainer started by explaining that “This has been a great week. We come to the game with a feeling that everything is going our way. What has most surprised me his how the people fell about the game. I think the perfect result, for the fans and the players will bring happiness. The supporters and players are making a tremendous effort for CD Tenerife and they deserve this prize”.
“It seems to me to be an extraordinarily, passionate game. Anything against the game I can't give a value. The club feels this game. It is emotional even for someone who isn't from here”, he added.
When asked about technical tactics which had been worked on for the weekend, Mandía said: “We want to have several options. It is clear we have alternatives. The players are very united and they need to take giant steps”.
“I believe that what is important is how we see the game. We need to continue to grow”, he finished.

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