"We deserved to win". Interviews after Sundays game against Ponferradina.

The players for CD Tenerife were notably sad for the missed chance in El Toralín, where they blue and white team could only manage a one all draw against SD Ponferradina. That said they were happy with they way they played and are now looking forward to they derby against UD Las Palmas next Sunday.

- Pablo Sicilia: “We had chances to take they three points home, we worked hard and deserved to win. It is a pity to go back with the one point. In many parts of the game we dominated, we had two shots at goal and it seemed as if the ball didn't want to go in. What was best was how the team worked together. We were better than our rival. I am pleased about they goal, it is my first this season. We need now to think about the derby, to enthuse the fans so they fill the Heliodoro and that they support us more then ever. So we can improve this now. I think we played well and that is good, we had chances, lets see if we win this next game”.
- Míkel Alonso: “In the first half we dominated the game and managed to score the 0-1. In the second half they took charge and though we had a few chances they managed to score and therefore we were left with a draw.. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Perhaps we let them take too much initiative and without any great play with direct kicks they reached our goal. Today we played a different style and that is important to the team. We worked completely differently. This coming week will still be a great week. The up coming game is one that every one lives with intensity and we are all looking forward to preparing for the match”.
- Carlos Bellvís: “It was like a jug of cold water when they managed to score that goal. They were lucky to score it. The one point is bittersweet because we played well. I was comfortable for the time I played and I think the new system will suit us. Lets see what happens if I can go on and if I get the chance to play in the derby I would be very happy”.
- Dani Kome: “I believe we deserved the three points, looking at how the game went and for the chances both teams had. It was a pity but we need to keep working and think about the next game. The mister told me he would need me at the beginning of the week in that position and I think I helped the team, above all in the first half. Now, with the situation we need the three points in every game. You learn form your errors and hope not to repeat them in the future games. The next game is a very important one for the fans and I believe the game could give us wings. On Sunday we will give everything. We are in relegation and we need to get out of here”.

Juan Carlos Mandía was interviewed in the press room in the El Toralin stadium after the game last night Sunday, against SD Ponferradina.
The Galician coach for the blue and whites, initally stated that “This is a difficult ground, in control of the game, when you have the score so close then it is never easy. We wanted to dominate the ball, but our rival had something to say too. When you play against a team who can control the ball and the situation it is not easy”.
In reference to the missed chances in the second half, mandia pointed out, “ We had various shots that hit the post and other chances. They too, but for that we have our keeper. We wanted to attack and keep on doing damage but we were not alone on the field. Our rival was out there too”.
Mandía also talked about the second half. “The team didn't relax or let things go. But perhaps they were missing the touch to play the ball. We would have liked to do more buy it isn't that easy”.
The trainer also explained the change of system. “We need to go from game to game seeing how we need to play and to what format. Whether we play with 4 or 5 defenders, I don't see much difference”.
To conclude, Juan Carlos Mandía confessed that “We are not here to think about great tings in a distant future. This point leaves me with a bad feeling. Unfortunately a win wasn't to be but if we look in the future they e have at least a point more”.

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