Players talk about the feeling the game was a loss not a draw.

The declarations from the players after the game against UD Las Palmas were about the deception they felt in having drawn. The 1-1 tasted like a loss and their players felt the scoreboard didn't show the way they had played.

Dubarbier: “It was a pity. But there is the whole second round to fix this. It was an up and down game, where a lot of it was near their goal. The goal they scored just before the end was a blow. Football is sometimes cruel. We need to change things. I have been a long time without playing, but I feel OK. The others told me the derby would be special. The atmosphere was great. I am a player who usually plays on the wing but if the coach wants me elsewhere I can do that. We need to be strong for home games”.
Melli: “This feels like a loss. It was an important game, that we needed to win and we let it go. In the second half we were the better team and this allowed us to relax. Then we were blown out of the water with their goal, with only five minutes to play there was no time to score another. Football can be like this and there is nothing you can do but was are all going home sad. We need to look to the next game and think only of the two home games that are coming up. The idea is to get closer to the teams that are out of relegation”.
Luna: “We are sad and fed up. You feel so out of control. I don't know what to say. I don't now what happened. We had the game under control and were playing well but in the last minute we lost it. We need to play harder for the whole 90 minutes. You can't think that everything is done as in any play the opposition can score a goal. Every player needs to take responsibility for his mistakes. We are all very fed up. The most to blame are the players who were on the field. Now we need to think about the next game. There are still many to play and I believe we will be OK”.

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