Miguel Concepcion breakfasts with the press.

The president of CD Tenerife, Miguel Concepción, had breakfast with members of the local press and media. The meal took place in the Hotel NH Santa Cruz. This meal took place on the penultimate day before the derby and many of the themes discussed were about the game against UD Las Palmas on Sunday. The breakfast meeting lasted an hour. At the end of this, Miguel Concepción & Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of UD Las Palmas met in the reception of the Hotel NH Santa Cruz, both taking the time to wish each other luck in the up coming game. Here are some of the topics covered.

INTRODUCTION.- “On Sunday we will have a great experience. The Derby is a game we all await with hope. I wish that this will be the game where the fans will finally be compensated for all their faith. For this we need the squad to respond to the needs of the club. I am sure they will make the effort and show their potential. I believe this will be the game where we move up. In my five years as president we have never lost a Derby. I have seen three draws and three wins. Now I want to see the forth win”.
DERBY.- “These are special games, the ones where you live the competition. I don't think this will be a miserable game. I see it will be a more exciting game than usual. Here we are after a bad start and Las Palmas who started better aren't doing well right now. We hope this will be the game where we wake up” and “This is a game that will leave the loser hurt”.
TICKETS.- “We have 22.000 seats in the Heliodoro and UD approx 30.000 in their grounds. They therefore have the chance to be more generous than us. That said for this derby they asked for 500 tickets and we gave them. Then Viajes Halcón asked for 400 more tickets and these were given. The away fans are seated in the area on San Sebastián, where it meets Herradura. There will as always I am sure be other fans in the other stands, people who have organised their own trip. We gave Las Palmas the tickets they asked for. I understood they were happy”. “I think the stadium will be full this weekend. Right now there are very few tickets left to sell”. “ We have made an effort for the fans with the three and four game packs. The reason there were queues at the stadium was they can only buy 4 tickets each but that is the law”.
RAMÍREZ.- “I have read various declarations he has made about the ticket sales. He knows that our field has limited space. And in this sort of game security is very important. I also want to be assured that when we go to Gran Canaria that UD Las Palmas will fulfil their obligations”.
TELEVISION.- “This club signed a contract with Canal Satélite Digital. I know that the Canarian government have declared the derby is a general interest game, using a law which has now been disapproved. In this fight we are on the side of our client, who has special interest to show this game. If it is shown live that will damage their business. This wouldn't be good for future television rights sales. I also think that the game should be shown to all Canarians but then Television Canaria should negotiate with the holder of those rights2. “The way I see it today the game will not be shown on open television. Although I am not sure if a judicial sentence won't make some difference”.
PATHWAY.- “As any club president, I think we would like for a rival to give us an honour path into the last game, because this would mean we had won the league. Last summer that is what I said when someone asked me about the last game which we would play in Gran Canaria. I said it with no bad ideas although if I have offended some people I am sorry. I repeat I said it honestly. It was what I thought and I expressed that thought. I can now assure you there will be no honour path for my team”.
RESULTS.- “This will be a hard fought battle. The one who will win is the one with most chances. We will fight hard but it won't be easy. I wouldn't think of guessing the result. I know that UD will go all out for this match. But for my part, I am sure this is a game that will make the fans happy”.
NINO.- “I hope he will score on Sunday. He is our star player. I know that this year things aren't going the way he wanted them too”.
TEAM.- “I will ask the team to give the fans back all the love they have given us this year. I know that many of the fans have made sacrifices to be with us this year. And they deserve a victory. The support we have seen has no price, and can never be repaid”. “The players are all committed”.
RIVERO.- “I asked the Government president if he would be at the game this Sunday. I don't think you should miss the Canarian football party. But I can't finally say if he will be there or not”.

SIGNINGS.- “I spoke this morning to Sports director Juan José Lorenzo and we are hopeful to inform you in the next few hours of a signing of a midfielder. I hope for two or three more signings before the game against Girona”. “I understand that some players say no to CD Tenerife right now as we are last in the table. But our present classification in an accident. We are going up from there, our best reputation is that here the players get paid. It is also true that in the winter market players wait until the last minute to decide where they want to change too. We don't like this, we want to sign players as soon as possible. The negotiations are going well”. “We had no discussions with player Leo Borzani”. “If three new players arrive perhaps some player might go”. “The sports director is looking at players who might leave. All our players are important, but if some have no way to play or there is no space, then perhaps it would be better if they look for somewhere else to play”.
MANDÍA.- “I see him as very implicated and preoccupied. In football its clear that trainers need wins. I support him to the maximum but we need to see results”.
TEAM.- “Something went wrong. In August, we all thought that we had the second best squad at this level. Things didn't work out and we felt obliged to change the technical team. At this stage we feel the need to reinforce the squad”.
RELEGATION.- “It doesn't even pass through my thoughts. When I came to the club I was asked the same thing and I would preside over the club at any level. That said, my time is over after five years in the position. Right now is not a good time to change the administrative organisation. Right now how to help the team is the principal problem”.
FINANCE.- “We have done what we ought to have, the best we could. After five years here, I have achieved the things I set out to. Although perhaps there were other who could have done it better. For this reason I don't feel I should stay longer in the presidency. Perhaps it is time for someone else. But nether the less it is not easy to manage a club like CD Tenerife. You need to look at the suppliers and not leave the sports area alone unsupervised so results are achieved. I think there are many here who could take the club. I would like to finish but CD Tenerife will always have my support”.
BERTRÁN.- “The negotiations are in his representatives hands. We were told it was not the best time to discuss. This is what Santiago Llorente was told before he left the club. I don't know if in the future a time will come when we an all negotiate. I don't know if the layer has signed anywhere else. The player says no and I take his word, although if he decides to leave we would respect that”.
HELP.- Both Tenerife and Las Palmas are sponsored by the Canarian government. We are not negotiating any further aid. What is more it is not the moment for that”.

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