Before the last away game in the first half

CD Tenerife plays this Sunday the last away game of the first half of the league against Ponferrada. There are three home games to be played before the cycle is completed. The group under Juan Carlos Mandía journey to León today Saturday and they are prepared for everything. The finished their weekly training today Saturday with an hour and a half session the the HRL with closed doors.
After the session Mandía offered the list of 18 player who will travel to Ponferrada: Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Carlos Bellvís, Antonio Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo, Omar, Sergio Aragoneses, Natalio, Dani Kome, David Prieto, Juanlu Hens, Melli, Julio Álvarez, Mikel Alonso, Iriome &Josmar Zambrano.
Players Beranger & Aitor Núñez, we left out for technical decisions. Josmar Zambrano occupies the position left vacant by defender Ezequiel Luna.

This Saturday in the press room of the Heliodoro the two players who were interviewed were Sergio Aragoneses & Mikel Alonso. Two of the most experienced players in CD Tenerife. Both the Galician and the Basque player were agreed in the importance of the game on Sunday in Ponferrada.
“There is no option but to gain points three by three. We are going to Ponferrada and our only thought is to win. What has happened up to now has to be left behind. We need to think positively”, started the keeper.
“There is dedication and we are prepared to sacrifice but perhaps we are missing other things. We have tried everything in every game but for what ever reason we haven’t managed many victories. The team need to work as a group. We all need to defend and all need to attack”, he added as he was asked what had led the CD Tenerife to the situation they find themselves.
“We hope that in the next few weeks that we will be a turning point in CD Tenerife for this season”, he commented, sending a message to the fans. When asked about the arrival of Sebastián Dubarbier, the first winter signing, Aragoneses stated that “new people bring air fresh air and this is positive”.

For his self, Mikel Alonso started by stating that this Sunday, “is important. Right now we need the points. As well we play a direct rival. It is an urgent game and because of this the result is consuming. We can't continue at the the bottom of the table sunk there”.
When questioned about the bad position in the the classification table and whether the team preferred to play at home in the Heliodoro or away, the midfielder noted that, “Right now it is all the same at home or away because all the points added to the total count the same. Every point is gold. This is what we have been saying the whole league, but week by week our necessity is greater. A victory would be very important. But if I had to choose where to play it would always be in our stadium.”.
Alonso thanked the fans for the warm support the players had received in spite of the situation they team found themselves in the last few months, “The fans have always been at the teams side. Looking at where we are the stadium has been very busy. It is normal that there have been criticisms”.
About Ponferradina he said that “they haven't many points and are in a difficult position. They fight, their game is direct and at home they push hard. They have their own weapons. But if we know how to move the ball we will have our chances”.
“Tenerife is the most important. The rivals game is less important. The group needs to move the situation forward, look that things go right for us. I see the team well, there are no ugly faces, we want to work and are anxious that the weekend game will be here” he concluded.

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