First interview with Sebastián Dubarbier

Sebastián Dubarbier is now thinking as a blue and white. He confirmed an agreement between CD Tenerife, the player and his club FC Lorient, the CDT club website was in touch with the Argentine player. Dubarbier is excited to join the club and hopes to help Tenerife manage to stay in the second division. “I know they are a big team who are passing through a bad moment this season and it will be a good challenge”, he assured.
At his 24th year, Sebastián Dubarbier now knows what it is like to play in the champions league. This was in the 08/09 season, when wearing the CFR Cluj colours he played in six games against Chelsea, Roma & Girondins. The next season he played in the Europa League and was often in the first eleven, playing in seven games and scoring one goal. From Rumanian football he made the jump to the French league. To Lorient, where he has played a total of 18 league games scoring one goal. To this total you need to add his presence in the Argentine opening tournament, the Copa Libertadores, the Copa Sudamericana, the French and Rumanian cup matches and the Rumanian Super cup. All those add up to 134 professional games and 14 goals.
The path of Dubarbier is exemplary as is his desire to join the blue and white team as soon as possible and help CD Tenerife achieve their aims. “I know that I have arrived at a great team who as passing through a hard time but this is a challenge”. Declared the player. “It is an important team and here have played many great Argentine players who have always played well” he continued. “The language and the local customs are things that will help me as there is less assimilation”, he added. Dubarbier is keen to wear the blue and white strip . “I want to help”, he emphasised, “and I will put everything into playing well to help the team move up the table”. Also he has clear that from the first day he will be prepared to play in any position the technical team asks him. He stated that although, “I have nearly always played on the wing I have played on the left and also on the right”.
The possibility of playing in Spain was also a big factor in his visit. “It is an important league and more so if you play in a team like Tenerife”. Dubarbier travels to the island conscious that he is ceded until the 30th of June, only the paperwork needs to be completed and this as ever takes a while. With his football being his presentation, Sebastián Dubarbier plans to make the most of his opportunities here and he took the time to comment for the fans, “I am going to do everything to help the club move out of the position it finds itself in”. “I hope that everything goes well”, he concluded.

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