Christmas cheer

Christmas is a quiet time for football in Spain. The teams break on the last Sunday before the 24th and usually are off until about the 28th. They then start to train and they play their first game in January. The first two games of the season are away although I hope to go to both. The first is in Alcala de Henares in the outskirts of Madrid and the second in Vecindario, Gran Canaria. This second is the first organised trip of the season and the first organised trip I have been on. We are going with the Zoneros who are one of the newer fan clubs although now one of the bigger groups.

I was at their christmas presentation where the littlest members were presented with kits from the club. This was a great even and I was honoured to be there. They were also at the same time presented with a plaque from the Irish Clan, theCDT´s latest peña (fan club) for the assistance given by the Zoneros last weekend in the collection of food and toys in the last game of the season.

There have been information in the papers that the club has found some solutions for some of their financial problems. The plot of land where the youth teams train in La Laguna is heavily mortgaged and with little income the club has had difficulties. This month "EL Dia" claims the island government will take over part of the mortgage and part of the land (the back plot). The front plot will be taken over by local businessmen which leaves the club with the main training area and access to their plot. And considerably less debts. More information will be available in the AGM held at the end of this week. President Miguel Concepcion has promised to talk after the meeting to the press.

Although there are still rumours about possible signings nothing has been confirmed and I think it may well be towards the end of the month of January before we hear anything. Someone talked to me that Omar might be coming back but I can't find any source for this.

The club website today has an article withan interview with two of the strongest voices in the dressing room, Sergio Aragoneses and Kiko Raton. Their comments included their hopes for the rest of the season, how they plan to play for everything, how loyal they feel to the team, the club and the fans. "It is incredible this year, 9,000 season ticket holders, how much that helps. At home we need to be invincible as we have been up to now.  and we need to create an special atmosphere for the 10 game that are left especially against our direct rivals".
They both hope to take the team back to professional football where it belongs for the fansto bring them some happiness, especally in times like these where football has a special part in peoples hearts.

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