Start of the rest of the season

The holidays are always a quiet time. But now things are starting to move again. The team have signed two new players Adriane from Gran Canaria via Leganes and Raul Llorente. The first is a big forward and the second is a left back.
There is talk on the mainland that the club has received an offer for Marcos Rodriguez from second division team Cartageña, but this hasn't been confirmed by the club.

Luna has rescinded his contract and is now playing in Ecuador. His final comments when interviewed were, " I have a clear mind, I have always tried my best. I have seen everything here, I have played and sat on the bench, I have gone up and come down a league and Itake with me the best of those times and will forget the rest".

The team plays tomorrow in Alcala de Henares at 11am Canarian time and is not televised. They are in the middle of the table and an away win would be great. The team hasn't won away for four months so it must be our turn. We will be putting out updates on facebook and on twitter for those who want to keep up with what is going on.

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