When a draw feels like we lost.

Funny day yesterday, on the back of a 0-4 win in Alcala de Henares 500 CD Tenerife fans journeyed to Gran Canaria to the town of Vecindario. One of the smallest teams in the 2B league they are on the east coast of the island. The ferry companies decided they couldn't delay the ships so 90% of the visitors went by plane. All day from where we sat in  the Comercial centre Atlantida we coud see fans arrive and spend their hard earned money in the little town. As the game time came closer the Tenerife fans walked together singing towards the grounds only to be met by jeers from UD Las Palmas supporters. Not sure why they were there if it wasn't to provoke.
The police were not to be seen but still the blue and white fans continued onto the football field.
There was no trouble at the grounds I saw, although I have seen some comments on twitter that the police felt the needed to create a path between the blue & whites and the yellow fans by hitting the Chicharreros with their batons.
The game started with the Tenerife fans in one corner together singing, a banner was produced by the Zoneros, one of the bigger fan groups saying "Pablo Sicilia was an outstanding Canarion" (From Gran Canaria not the Canaries) and there were around the edge of the corner represenative banners from thefan clubs; Armada Sur, Frente Blanquiazul, Irish Clan and Zoneros.

The game was hard fought with neither side having many shots at goal, when right at the end there was a foul against a blue and white player in the box and the linesman called penalty. A goal!!!! Perona scored but the euphoria was short lived as five minutes later from a corner Vecindario scored.
A point to the total and a journey home. The faces on the fans in the airport said it all, but those same loyal fans will be in the stands on Sunday supporting the side at 12.00 against Sporting B.
They sang yesterday as they often do:
     It is really easy to support a winning tean
being a CDT fans is better

It is a pleasure to be a CD Tenerife fan, it brings friednship, loyalty and a love of the game I would never have known without the team but it can also be hard. See you Sunday in the Heliodoro

Game notes

CD TENERIFE       1 (0) 

Santi Lampón; Simón, Roberto, Amado, Pollo; Badayco, Rubén Coméndez (Moisés, 80’), Poncho (Maikel, 75’), Yeray Ortega; Yeray López & Futre.

Sergio Aragoneses; David Medina, Llorente, Tarantino, Pablo Sicilia; Marcos, Kitoko, Chechu (Perona, 70’), Ferrán Tacón; Víctor Bravo (Zazo, 89’) & Kiko Ratón (Aridane, 60’).

Rubén Eiriz, from Galicia. Yellow cards for local players Simón, Moisés y Roberto; and for visitors Marcos, Víctor Bravo, Sicilia & Medina.

0-1: (87’) Perona, from a penalty. 1-1: (93’) Aragoneses, in his own goal.

Played in the Municipal grounds in Vecindario. On Astroturf in good condition. On a warm afternoon. With 1.200 spectators of which aprox. 500 were visitors. The blue and white  president Miguel Concepcion was present at the game.

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