"Movido" weekend

The Spanish have a word "Movido" which leterally translates to mean with movement but can also mean change or excitment. This is how I would have described last weekend.
There were changes in the starting eleven, Kiko wasn't paying and Aridane was starting up front, but just the one forward. Abel from the youth squads was in mid-field for the first time and yet again the team had changed. Calderon has only played the same squad twice this season. They came out on the field and looked good but a lucky play Guerrero scored for Sporting B. CD Tenerife had various chances but the ball didn't go in. Then Juan Muñiz scored a second goal for Sporting B from a free kick. The blue and white players never gave up and tried continually until half time to score.
At half time Tenerife decided to through chance to the wind and took off Medina and Abel bringing on Kiko and Nico. This left Chechu on the right  with Kitoko as the only midfielder, the two giants up front  and Nico behind them. The goal wasn't far behind and with a Sporting defense mistake Aridane took his chance and put the ball in the net.
The draw came with a penalty against Nico which Perona converted into a goal. But Sporting found an chance and scored their third goal.
The game finished with the fans shouting "Caalderon quit" and shortly after the match Sports manager Pedro Cordero announced that thecaoch had been sacked.

There is talk about the new coach but nothing has been confirmed bythe club
Calderon said goodbye to the players this morning and the new coach is expected this afternoon or tomorrow.

Game Notes


Sergio Aragoneses; David Medina (Nico, 46’), Raúl Llorente, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino;  Abel (Ratón, 46’), Kitoko, Chechu, Ferrán Tacón (Perona, 64’); Víctor Bravo y Aridane Santana.

Raúl; Alberto, Orfila, Alain, Menéndez; Jara (Guille Pérez, 75’) Juan Muñiz, Barrera, Mendy; Guerrero (Mera, 86’) y Serrano (Carlinos, 55’).

Antonio Gordillo, del colegio Balear. Expulsó al entrenador visitante Manolo Sánchez. Amonestó por los locales a Tarantino, Sicilia y Ratón; y por los visitantes a Alain, Serrano, Raúl, Barrera, Carlinos, Guerrero, Menéndez y Muñiz.

0-1: (21’) Guerrero, tras un rebote. 0-2: (34’) Juan Muñiz, de falta. 1-2 (48’) Aridane, tras un rechace del larguero. 2-2: (77’) Perona, de penalti. 2-3: (83’) Guerrero, tras un rechace de Aragoneses.

Heliodoro. Terreno de juego en buenas condiciones. Mañana algo fría. Ante 8.352 espectadores. Minuto de silencio en memoria de Héctor Núñez, ex entrenador del CD Tenerife; y Adelardo de la Calle, ex vicepresidente blanquiazul.

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