CD Tenerife 2- 2 Marino de Luanco

I have a very positive nature and am sure everything will come right soon but the final result yesterday was a great pity. CD Tenerife looked really good yesterday in the first half. They had chances and made the most of them. Not sure about the beginning of the second half, but the team is still third and going into the winter break in play off positions is a good thing.
The fans were very fed up with the final result and there was twice a call for the coach Calderon to go. In his interview afterwards he stated, "We worked hard to secure our position but it didn't work out". when asked about the fans he commented that, "I am pleased that the fans come week after week. I have the management support and consequently will go on training".
 The players are off now until after xmas and they then start to train for the game against Alcala de Henares on the  8th of January. It will be interesting to see if we have new players by then.

CD TENERIFE                      2 (2)

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Sergio Rodríguez (Jonay, 65’), Kitoko, Ayoze; Zazo, David Medina (Ferrán Tacón, 63’), Chechu Flores (Marcos, 63’), Víctor Bravo; Perona &  Kiko Ratón.

Rafa Ponzo; Luis Cuenca, Alex, José Ángel, Castaño; Guaya, Sergio Prendes, Queipo (Carnero, 73’), Villanueva (Arias, 70’); Pablo & Titi (Prieto, 91’).

Valentín Pizarro, from Madrid. Yellow cards for local player V. Bravo and visitors Queipo  Rafa Ponzo.

1-0: (32’) Kiko Ratón, with a header. 2-0: (44’) Perona, after a kick away by 
the keeper 2-1: (51’) Pablo, with a short kick into the goal. 2-2: (78’) Arias, who put the ball in after he passed the keeper.
Played in the Heliodoro. With the grounds in good condition, on a sunny morning in front of 6.441 spectators. CD Tenerife gifted l Marino de Luanco memorial gift to celebrate their first visit here in the Heliodoro.

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