Tenerife draw away again and Lugo's coach has sour grapes

Slowly and surely went the Turtle and the Hare ran too fast. Lets see if this is hopw the race to the end of two B works out for Tenerife. A draw away in Lugo was a good result marred only by Castilla's win against Athletico B.
The team started well yesterday and the promise which seems to hold was showing. Kitoko was in central defense which is not his natural position but he worked hard and was well paired with Ayoze. The team fought hard and looked competitive, showing that they are on the right path. Perona nearly scored after a play by Chechu and Zazo. Then Lugo scored and they seemed to grow and had several good chances but the blue and white players fought back finalising just before half time in a play by Victor Bravo with a pass to Perona which he put into the goal.
In the second half Lugo came out strong and controlled the ball but CD Tenerife aslo had chances including one from Kiko Raton after he came on the field. The island team were on a level with the team which up to last round had been leaders.
The game could have been a play off match and showed that CD Tenerife is on the right track.

Game notes

CD LUGO               1 (1)

CD TENERIFE        1 (1)

Diego Rivas; Aitor, Rubén García (Iván, 80’), Garrido, Manu; Luismi, Pita, Claudio Monti, Belfortti; Ismael (Berodia, 80’) & Belencoso.

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Jonay, Medina, Ayoze; Zazo (Tarantino, 58’), Marcos Rodríguez, Chechu (Kiko Ratón, 70’), Víctor Bravo (Nico, 84’); Ferrán Tacón & Perona.

Germán Cid Camacho, from Castilla Leon. A Yellow card for local players Berodia & Garrido; and for visitors Ayoze, Perona, Bravo, Marcos Rodríguez & Tacón.

1-0: (23’) Belencoso, with a header. 1-1: (40’) Perona,with a pass by Victor Bravo.

Played in the Anxo Carro stadium. The ground was in average condition, on a cold damp morning with 2,500 spectators of which approx 150 were from CD Tenerife.

 Calderon commented that he was pleased with the way the game had been played. The Lugo coach in a fit of sour grapes could only comment that one team went out to play and the other to stop the game. Perhaps no one had told him all is fair in love and war and certainly for the blue and white team this and every game is a battle to go back to professional football.

The next match is at home against Atl Madrid B on Sunday at 12.00

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