Four points out of six

There has been talk in the last few weeks about how badly the team is playing. There is no doubt they do not have the elegance of teams like Aresnal or FC Barcelona but four points out of six evey 14 days is not to be dismissed. There is no doubt that the fans, the players and the club would prefer that the team won every game but this is not so easy. CD Tenerife has always struggled away. There was talk on the tenerife forum form Finn Cris that "The problem for me is that the middle guy in the upper midfield trio is almost wasted the way we play". And then about home games "the 'home fortress' aspect is even more significant this season as I image almost all other teams & players rarely get to play in front of close to 10.000 fans & play in a real stadium so they may well feel a bit intimidated out there giving CDT an even bigger advantage at home than normal". Both of these are valid points of view add to which I would say the travel is difficult especially this year where there is little gap between travel and playing. This works both ways and may well account partly for why we have done well at home.  I was calculating thare are 19 rounds at home and away. If we manage 4 points per fortnight this is 76 points a result which is not to be sneered at. 
Pedro Cordero has stated since the pre-season that he is looking for another forward and an attacking midfielder. Both of these if he finds tham should help the team especially towards the end of the season. It would be great to finish first but we need to bear in mind Lugo were first last season and didn't make the play offs. The group we are in seems to be the strongest which is not only an advantage now as we need to play well to reach the points we need but also we can't be matched against the teams in our group in the play off. 
Group 2 table

2Real Unión13724211423
3Bilbao Ath.12723191223
5Osasuna B13643201622

Group 3 table

1At. Baleares13931221030

Group 4 table

2Betis B13922271629
3B. Linense13913251528

Josmar has asked for a transfer, whether on loan or to change clubs he seems not to mind. I hope the player gets the chance to grow either here in Tenerife or perhaps a change of club on loan would be good experience.  And one of the other B team players hasn't been to training for a week as he claims he is depressed. I feel sorry for the B coach as it seems to have been an odd week. 

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