CD Toledo v CD Tenerife 0-0

I love going to away games. The travel, being with other fans, arriving at the stadium and being there fan from home to support your team. Toledo was no different to other days. We travelled Saturday to Madrid and on Sunday morning took the train up to Toldeo. We were luck to meet Pedro Cordero in the way and he told us how he actually played a year there in the city and was looking forward to his brief visit.
We met up with other fans and went off for a drink. One of us had a hangover and needed croquetas for breakfast which was interesting. The rest of us had a drink and then headed up to the stadium.

The aways fans are at the end of the uncovered side, which was fine. Banners were laid out. and soon the match started. They played well in the first half with the team looking better than I have seen them this season.
We were robbed of a penalty through a hand ball in the second minute but the team just got on with playing. I loved seeing Ayoze play again. It is always special when we see local players in the team. Ruben Rosquete and German also came on but they didn't have that much time to make a difference.

CD TOLEDO    0 (0)

Saavedra; Javi Sánchez, Abel Buades (Fernández, 85’), Óscar, Carrillo, Ramírez, Aguirre (Alberto, 72’), Alonso, Encinas (Butra, 76’), Amores & Gómez.

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Sergio Rodríguez (Jonay, 61’), Medina, Ayoze; Zazo, Marcos Rodríguez, Chechu (Rubén Rosquete, 65’), Ferrán Tacón; Perona & Víctor Bravo (Germán, 88’).

Alonso Vizuete, del colegio Andaluz. Amonestó por los locales a Amores y Butra; y por los visitantes a Víctor Bravo.


Played in the Salto del Caballo stadium. With the ground in average condition. On a cold morning with approx 1,200 specattorsThere was a minutes silence for Fernando Cova &  Francisco Romero Cabrera, “Romerito”. There were about 50 CD Tenerife fans in the stands with banners from the fan clubs Peña Armada Sur & Peña Perona.

Quotes from the players include:
Perona: "The team played well and we were unlucky not to score. The group is coming together. It isn't easy to play against a rival such as Toledo who knows how to defend. We are showing how well we can play we were just unlucky not to score. As to the hand ball at the start of the game, well the referee didn't whislte it and thats that".
Sergio Rodriguez: " I have pulled something. I hope it isn't bad. It could be because I haven't played much up to now. The game was hard and that sometimes makes a difference. Still I am happy how the game worked out. We need to go on working hard and it is a pity we couldn't score a goal and make a diference to the result".
Zazo: "I am happy with the result, they were a complicated rival and we gave everything. We will make this point count on Sunday against Celta B. We still need something more and we need to make the most of our chances. The game was very similar to the one in La Roda and San Sebastian de los Reyes. We had good chances to the end of the match but it wasn't to be".
 Ayoze: "We need to make the most of this point by winning this Sunday. Adding to our total is always important. Away from home it is almost impossible that a referee will call a penalty but we missed some good chances . We need to keep working. I personally plan to work hard and make things difficult for the coach so he has to pick me to play".

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