It's not great to be whistled at.

It is not unusual for me to blog two days in a row but I was interested in comments made by the players in the newspaper El Dia and wanted to translate them. 
In interviews after the game all three players interviewed commented that it was not great to be whistled at especially at home. 
The comments included:

Chechu - "We are pleased about the win, which is the most important thing but it isn't everything. When we reached the 2-0 unconsciously we moved back to hold the result and this is something we need to correct". He continued, " We need more control over the ball and if we manage this we will be able to make the most of our results and enjoy the games". He then commented that they need to keep working so they can, "play the whole 90 minutes as we did the first 45". When he was asked about the whistling in the stadium he answered; "The whistling makes me cross but that is how the fans show their unhappiness". He followed up by saying, "What we all want is to play well, and we go out to try to do this every week. The club has a lot of fans and the pressure is high but that pressure is also our advantage".  

Ferran Tacon - The author of the first goal talked about how the team needed to be more "stable". He then commented on how in the game against Rayo B they " always put  the same amount of effort but perhaps that was the only game where we played the same throughout". He then stated that, "It may well be nerves, we want to maintain the score. We played well in the first half and it was good to go ahead early and follow up with the second goal". 

David Medina - The central defender saw the difference in the first and second halves as "two games -  In the first half we were good, we managed to reach the goal area and score two goals, then there was the second half where we lost the ball and suffered". He finished, "We know what we are doing right and what is not so good and we hope to improve. There is still lots of league to play and with 28 points now we have room to manoeuvre".  

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