Iriome and Marc want to concentrate on what is left of the league

Iriome González talked on Wednesday in the press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The local player talked about the next league game and said, “we need to play a good game which would allow us to add three points to our total. We all need to row in the same direction”.
The blue and white midfielder admitted that the group “is working hard, with a desire that we can reverse the situation although we know its hard. We need to hope the maths works out but we need the three points. It will be hard as Granada is at the top of the table”.
The player from Tenerife continued “We can't just give up and we need to fight to change things. The higher up the table we end up the better and if it could be outside the relegation zone even better”.
Lastly, Iriome González showed his happiness that “I have the chance to play in the starting eleven. Every day I am working to play in the starting eleven. Right now I have the chance to play and I am hoping to make the most of these chances”.
The defender Marc Bertrán promised to fight to the end. The captain of CD Tenerife considered this Wednesday in the press conference, “We know that this is complicated but we are going to fight mathematically there are still chances. We have several objectives and the most important it to end as high as e can in the table”.
The footballer than referred to the fact he didn't play last round, “I have taken this on board. Decisions like this are ones the coach takes and you have to accept them. I am working hard every day and I hope I can help the team”.
When asked about the league, Marc Bertrán said that “we all feel really bad and understand that the fans are unhappy. We need to accept their criticism and fight to get out of the position we are in”.
When asked about his future the player from Catalonia responded, “As I have said many time my only reality right now is CD Tenerife and I will be here working hard until the end of the season”.

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