Marc and Ricardo talk about the last chance for the team.

Marc Bertrán & Ricardo León attended the press today. The first to speak was the defender from Catalonia. “Our objective is the game against Huesca. We can't think of anything else. We know we need the three points. If we do we move towards our objective and everything will seem easier”.
“Here inside the squad we are convinced we can do this. We are going all out and fight to the end. I am here with the team training every day and I see what we can do”, added Bertran.
The blue and white captain also admitted that, “It hasn't been an easy season and everyone needs to provide more. We have our responsibilities and need to do many things well for a club as big as this one. We need to start again to lift things up”.
Lastly and in reference to the incidents on Sunday when the team arrived back at the stadium, Marc Bertrán pointed out that “this was no good for anyone. It was a performance that in no way represents the great values the fans have here in Tenerife. I hope that this doesn't happen again”.
Ricardo León, started with the thought you should turn the page. That this is a new week and you need to move onto the next game. “We need to keep concentrated and pay no attention to what is being said and concentrate on the next game”.
When asked about the reception the team had last Sunday the local player said, “It was unpleasant and hard. This is what happens when the club is bad. We haven’t been able to make the fans happy and we are responsible for the bad season. What we need to do is win once and for all and then look forward” he added.
Ricardo, on the same theme wouldn't throw in the towel. “This team has chances. The fans will support us there at the lions mouth. I am very hopeful we will manage to stay in this division. A win this Saturday is fundamental. I don't care how we do this. Achieving the three points will give us the will to go on” he concluded.

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