First session cheers from the fans.

David Amaral led his first training session for CD Tenerife today, Wednesday. The local coach stepped once more on the grass in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López as chief trainer for a session which lasted and hour and a half.
Before it started, both Antonio Tapia and Antonio “Toño” Hernández said goodbye to the players. Afterwards the sports director for the club, Juanjo Lorenzo, presented the new training team, formed of David Amaral & Quique Medina, to the whole squad so they could take part in the workout which then took place on the grass in the HRL.
When they came on the pitch, both David Amaral and Quique Medina were received with applause by the many fans who were at the session.
With reference to the actual training the team warmed up, and followed this with exercise with the ball. After some rounds with the ball and some tactical practise, and the training was then finished with a game in reduced space.
Dani Kome trained at the edge of the group and Omar Ramos & Antonio Hidalgo completed most of the session with their colleges.
The squad will train again tomorrow, Thursday, from 10am, in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.

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