Ricardo Leon, hopes the fans keep the faith.

CD Tenerife visit Santo Domingo this Sunday, where they meet Alcorcón. For Ricardo León, the match this weekend is the right one to add the three points that would reactivate the team. The local player hopes to bring home some happiness for the fans.
“We need this win like we need to eat. We must get these three points. We are going all out for a win and are sure we have chances” explained Ricardo. “We feel capable. We know that we are in a very complicated situation but under no circumstances will we throw in the towel”, he added.
When asked about the arrival of the new local trainer the midfielder from the north of the island said that “David Amaral is a very demanding trainer. We are working very hard and we need to continue like this to be able to compete in the same way”.
When asked about AD Alcorcon, the next rival, Ricardo León explained, “in their grounds they are tough. I am sure we will be under a lot of pressure and we will need to move the ball quickly and accurately. We are very aware of all that is going on. The most important thing right now is to win”.
“The fans have helped us all season, in spite if the bad results. We hope they keep the faith, as they have to now, We are going to give everything every game to try to get out of this difficult situation”, he concluded.

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