David Amaral's first Friday interview calls to the fans.

David Amaral made his first press conference as CDT trainer on the eve of the game against SD Huesca. He started by saying that the team “is very hopeful. We need to try to make the least errors possible and see if we can win the game”.
“We are working in our own fashion”, stated the CD Tenerife coach. “The margin of error is minimal and what we are about to attempt isn't easy. The players are suffering tremendously. No one wants to see themselves in this situation. Every time there is a change, every thing looks different. Lets see if they have recharged their batteries”.
In reference to the next rival, Amaral commented that “Huesca is a complicated team for anyone above all when they are away. You need to know how to control this sort of situation and there is nothing we can do but try to recover as soon as possible”, he added.
The Tenerife trainer who comes from Arico sent a message to the blue and white fans. “We hope to see this through with the help of everyone. Please don't fail us. We need to convert the Heliodoro into a pressure cooker. I know that the fans value the effort the players put in”.
When asked how he evaluated the first few days as blue and white coach, David Amaral pointed out “It isn't the whipping post or anything like that. You need to talk and convince the players that it is possible. They are more animated but that little bit extra is there now”.
To finish, the coach talked about the group, “ When you talk about the defence, you don't just look at the last four and the keeper. The saviour is the group. The intention is that they play well. In this group no one has stepped back and that is good.” he finished.
The whole squad has been called up for tomorrows game, whether to keep them together or to keep who will be playing a secret.

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