Nino asks for the fans help

Nino & David Prieto were the two players who attended the press. The forward from Almeria started talking about the arrival of David Amaral to the blue and white bench. “He knows the squad. He is demanding and wants to see the team one hundred percent committed. He is correcting things especially with the Saturday game in mind. We need to work together, be strong and stick together on the field”.
In reference to the vital game against SD Huesca, the Andalusian player pointed out that “The game on Saturday is very important for the team and we need to win. In everyone's mind there is the game against Huesca. We know it won't be easy but we need the three points”.
Nino also talked about the situation CD Tenerife finds itself. “everything we have lived through in the last months has been complicated. The situation is bad but we can get out from under here. We need to do this however we can. The only thin in our mind right now is Huesca”.
To finish the CD Tenerife forward spoke of the fans. “We know who we have in the stands. The fans are with the team and lets see if we can give them something in return”.
David Prieto, also started talking about David Amaral. “ He is a demanding trainer in every way, he is on top of the team. He tries to correct our errors and lets see if this helps us and will let us win the three points. These are decisions which the club takes. We need to adapt as soon as we can to his ideas”.
To finish the defender from Seville reminded that the next game against Huesca “is the most important game. We need to win. Then lets seeafter that. I am optimistic. We are united and were only thinking about the game”, he concluded.

The SD Huesca squad arrive on Friday in the north airport at 18.20 and will transfer to the Hotel Silken Atlantida where they will be staying.

The CD Tenerife B team won in La Palmera against San Isidro and this leaves them in second position. They won by 0-1 and this is their fifth consecutive victory.

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